#JulianAssange hearings Part 2 - Day 5 (Thread)

Court is scheduled to sit from 10:00 am.

The COVID-19 test came back negative. (Friday saw no hearings due to the possibility of an outbreak in court and Thursday also saw only admin hearings)

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There have been difficulties in getting Mr #Assange a mask, Mark Summers QC tells court. Judge tells security that he must have the opportunity to use a mask at every proceeding "if he so chooses". Mr Assange is wearing a mask currently.
Eric Lewis, Chairman of @ReprieveUS , the defence expert witness due to give testimony now, has not appeared via video link. The Court is trying to secure the connection with him.
Eric Lewis has connected.
Eric Lewis begins by stating that he was not a member of the justice department don’t have inside information speaking as an experienced observer… no publisher has ever been successfully prosecuted for publishing nat sec info “ever”.
“We begin with that background then look at news articles which in my view have a great deal of credibility and corroboration [that make clear the DOJ view that there was an impediment to prosecuting that would be overwhelming that was referred to as being the NYT problem]”
The decision to charge Mr Assange with 18 offences (including 17 under the Espionage Act) is in the view of Mr Eric Lewis “An abuse of the criminal law enforcement power”.
Mr Leiws says that Mr Assange, if convicted, is "likely to sentence to imprisonment that will go on for the rest of his life."

"Best case secenario somewhere between 20 years if everything goes brilliantly to – 175 years"
Mr Lewis thinks it is "quite likely that SAMS will be applied pre-and post convictions."
Mr James Lewis QC is now cross-examining Mr Eric Lewis. He has asked him if he is being paid for his testimony and they are discussing his obligations as as an expert.
Link to be severed for 15 minutes. James Lewis QC wishes to discuss the matter of the guilliten "I can't control Mr Lewis, Madam you are not controling Mr Lewis", we get a speech I have done one and a quarter. "I am feeling stressed becasue I will not be able to do justice to my

in the way that Mr Lewis is giving evidence. I wish to be released from that. Judge: I intend to proceed in that way. You have asked for 4 hours and you have used thus far in 30 minutes.
Can I say in relation to controling the witness. It is not the obligation of the court to control the witness. It is a matter of fairness. It is only fair to allow the witness to answer and in some instances you have asked open questions.
Mr Lewis QC is very frustrated but the Judge says that is precisely why he was asked to give indictation as to how long he thought he would be in advance.
Conversation has returned to SAMs, prison conditions, ability to meet with family and lawyer and Mr Assange's mental health.
Joe Brack (@EfPress), who volunteers with the #JulianAssange Defence Cmmittee (@JA_Defence), explains why he is staked-out across from the Old Bailey amid Mr #Assange's extradition hearings.

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Court has risen following a technical issue. Sounds from a news website started to blast through the video it wasn't clear where that was coming from.
John Rees (@JohnWRees), of WikiLeaks official Don't Extradite Assange Campaign (@DEAcampaign), explains his view of the "damning" evidence presented during the first half of the day of expert witness Eric Lewis regarding prison conditions in US nat sec cases.

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Court is having technical issues and many participants viewing via video link have been dropped from the connection (including myself and someone from WikiLeaks official DEA campaign).
I've gotten back in & noted the issue in the chat. Other journos have also commented in the video chat that they had similar problems. The concern is that some people are being denied access back into the system. When I named a journalist I know who has been bumped I was told:
"Any participants not able to connect will need to follow the guidance, no further comment will be provided here regarding other participants"
Eric Lewis, expert witness based in the US, is desparately trying to get the court to hear him. Those of us in the online video observation room can hear him perfectly but the court can't hear him at all.
John Rees also told @SputnikInt that the court heard arguments that even in the "best case" scenario, if Mr Assange is convicted he could face around two decades in prison.
Online video link room in which I am based (there are at least 2) has now been disconnected by the tech people saying they hope to reconnect us shortly once the tech issues are sorted. Ironically, Mr Eric Lewis' sound was coming far clearer for us now than any time during the AM
We've been reconnected and then disconnected from the live feed again whilst this issues continue to be resolved. It is now a little over an hour since the court was meant to reconvene after lunch.
*Court will be adjourned till 10am tomorrow morning as a result of the tech issues!*

Ed Fitzgerald QC can be heard requesting the judge's assistance in accessing their client. She has repeated that she can't really help in that regard other than making general comments in court.
Ex-diplomat Craig Murray and veteran human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce speak outside the Old Bailey, following the conclusion of today's hearings in the case of Julian Assange. Image
Espionage Charges Against #Assange 'An Abuse of the Criminal Law Enforcement Power': Defence Expert

My final piece on today's #JulianAssange hearings

Ex-diplomat and whistleblower Craig Murray gives his view of two notable developments during today's extradition hearing including what he terms "attempt to humiliate" defence expert Eric Lewis, by the prosecution.

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1 Oct
#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 18 (Thread)

Final Day?

via @SputnikInt

(Like the last two days I shall be attending today's hearings from inside the Old Bailey via the press annex. This case may end up finishing one day earlier than scheduled)
Summers QC: Madam we are on the last leg. There are 4 things that need to be done today
-Hamit statement
-Discussion & negotiation overnight into this morning. "The ship is approaching the shore but is yet to birth"
-Ms Pierce’s 5 statements working those
.... -Mr Tigar’s statement requires further discussion
-Also in pipeline a short update on Spanish proceedings that has been prepared and needs to be served and reviewed
-There will be during the course of today a very short statement that puts into evidentiary...
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#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 17 (Thread)

Court is commencing now at 10:00 BST

via @SputnikInt

(Now that I am on the court list I shall be attending via the press annex, though I'll still be watching via video link :)
Statements will be read during the first part of today. Testimony of a Mr Worthington is expected during the second part (as I understand it)
First statement that was read is from investigative journalist Patrick Cockburn. He explains the significance of WikiLeaks publications, noting the release of war logs confirming civilian deaths and other casualties that were suspected by journalists.
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29 Sep
#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 16 (Thread)

Court is commencing now at 10:00 BST

via @SputnikInt

(Today I have entered court to see if the experience in the press annex is any different from viewing via video link.)
Maureen Baird, is the next witness to testify. We are awaiting the arrival of the defendant Julian Assange.
Maureen’s experience in federal corrections began in 1989 as a case manager with the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons where she worked for 28 years. In 2009, Maureen was appointed to the position of Warden at Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury, Connecticut
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28 Sep
#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 15 (Thread)

Court is commencing now at 10:00 BST

(Witness Yancey Ellis' video connection is being sorted out)

via @SputnikInt
The judge has arrived. The first thing to be dealt with will be an application from the Press Association for disclosure of each of the medical reports submitted to the court by the parties.
Fitzgerald QC says he hasn't been able to take representations from his client but judge says she's going to find in his favour anyway, save for Dr Humphries who's edited statement was read out.

The judge is now rendering her decision.
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25 Sep
#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 14 (Thread)

Court is due to sit at 10:00 BST

(Another chilly Friday morning)

via @SputnikInt
John Shipton and Stella Morris' Mum arrive at the Old Bailey.
Craig Murray arrives not too soon thereafter.
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24 Sep
#JulianAssange extradition hearings Part 2 - Day 13 (Thread)

Court is due to sit at 12:00 BST

Medical testimony is expected to continue, w/ govt. & defence witnesses expected to be called.

via @SputnikInt
Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks ambassador, arrives at the Old Bailey.
Dr Nigel Blackwood Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist with the NHS & Reader at forensic psychiatry at Kings College, has been sworn in. He is being examined by the prosecution.
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