You know I thought about it a lot, and I think that if I had the opportunity to transition as a teen (or at least understood that it was a valid path to take), I would have definitely transitioned as a teen.
My life would have been probably better (tho we will never know, and we
have a tendency to idealize things like that), but I would have probably detransitioned in my 20 with the GC stuff going on. I would have regretted it probably, as I wouldn't have been experienced as a woman.
All of those actions would have been a reaction to environmental
factors (GC giving a community you can't have when you're a straight-looking guy and/or don't feel very connected to mainstream gay groups).
Whether I would have retransitioned later is unclear, but I would have hated my life as a woman, because I wouldn't have been able to
express my masculinity as I can today, nor have the relationships I can have today, would also have hated having period all of my live ngl. I would have probably blamed it on patriarchy, I would have been stuck in an aversion to loss process that is very known to the human brain
This is why I don't trust detransitioner talking about their experiences. I could have had the same ideas, saying "I transitioned because my life back then was tumultuous, it was a way to escape, it was because I was ostracized, it was because that."
But had I been stealth
I would have probably not been ostracized as much as I was, and would have been able to form normal relationships with my male peers, as I dearly wished to so much as a teen. I'm heart broken thinking about the girl that I was, that couldn't form relationships that she wanted,
because guys would look at her and think "that's a weird lady who behaves like a guy over there".
Those reasons detransitioners talk about have nothing scientific about them. They're post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacies made by looking in the past to draw conclusions. As we all do
(this is also why I don't claim to know the reasons why I transitioned). As much as I am concerned about the fact that a lot of young female teen want to transition today, and would like to understand the cause (in a scientific manner, no "this is due to misogyny" shit), I don't
think them transitioning is due to anything else than them deciding that this is the right path for them.
And it's not because they end up regretting, that it was effectively a bad path for them. Nor do I think they would have had the same experience had they transitioned later
(as explained at the beginning of my tweets).
It's, in the end, no more scientific than a gay person saying they became a homosexual because they were raped as a kid, or thinking they want to live as a straight person despite having "homosexual feelings".
TRA and GC created
unnecessary harm, both in their own ways. I don't think trans people are entitled shit, and I don't think choosing to live in some "unnatural" (appeal to nature fallacy) way is bad. They're both authoritarian groups that try to control people's (female and male) lives.

• • •

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