A Dystopia Story...

Great Grandad, what were you doing when when parliament was silenced, where were you when democracy died?
What did you do when an apocalypse was manufactured that resulted in the starvation of 2/3rds of the global population, but unlike WW1 and WW2 it left all the infrastructure intact for the elite to take ownership of?
You see Great Grandfather, in my one day a week of education away from the work camp, I have been learning about the "cold that cost your freedom".

Is it true that in England a dictator took power, completely destroyed the CJS, the NHS and most other support services?
That he deliberately encouraged civil unrest and then put in curfews and then kept imprisoning people at home?

Great Grandad what did you do when all this was going on?
What did you do when the 0.1% elite eliminated the middle classes and forced everyone else onto minimum wage or subsistence level communist handouts?
Oh, you see young one, you probably wouldn't understand now but in those last days of freedom and democracy before global communism (all hail our wonderful leader), in those days it was all about "Netflix and Chill".
PS: I am not advocating any criminality or civil disobedience.

I also wouldn't dream of denying the seriousness of #covid19 (after all according to the NHS at least 1,300 people have died from this without additional comorbidities),
I certainly wouldn't doubt the importance of wearing a mask and of keeping an anti-social distance.

My post is of course just a fictional reflection on the last breaths of democracy, in a parallel universe which is not the UK in 2020.
Image from The Hunger Games, some might say we are not far from this scenario with the unimaginable wealth divide which is widening at an unprecedented rate.

It certainly seems apparent that this is what that small super-rich & safe minority want as their preferred outcome.

• • •

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29 Sep

What do Hidden Heroes do?

Today is #HiddenHeroes day, recognising and thanking the work of those people in our prisons and probation services who are determined to help other people to turn their lives around and make positive changes.



The best and most appropriate thing I can say, is to re-post the dedication from my book "If criminals can change then so should society and our prisons."




To those who believe that people can change for the better and who practically help them to do it.

This book is dedicated to all those dedicated and diligent people working in or around the prison service, who believe in positive change and rehabilitation.
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18 Sep

Employing the Best Applicant.

Recruiters & HR professionals, ask yourself whether you are hiring based on who deserves a job, or who is most talented to do the job?


#InclusiveRecruitment Image

Being the most or least deserving (in your opinion) does not in any way correlate with ability, experience or motivation to work.

If you are thinking consciously or subconsciously about who is most deserving, then you are doing your organisation a massive disservice. Image

Commercial realities dictate that hiring should be done on merit – who is most talented to do the job.

That being the case, you must access the widest talent pool possible. Image
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14 Sep
@eileen_sansom Some psychologists say that sex offenders are suffering from a sickness.
When considering the perpetrators of these acts, it can be difficult for most people to differentiate between sick and evil. Perhaps such evil is a sickness; I am not qualified to say.
@eileen_sansom If it is a sickness as suggested, then I do not understand why cures haven’t been explored further as they are for any other sickness of mind or body.
There are medications that have been proven to work and treat such sicknesses by reducing libido and eliminating urges.
@eileen_sansom If we are agreeing to label these crimes as symptoms of an illness, then the ‘sufferers’ should be allowed the choice to voluntarily take such medication (as they
would for a range of mental illnesses).

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13 Sep
The words ‘Tough Justice’ are an oxymoron.

The scales of justice are meant to be measured and balanced, neither lenient nor tough.

Revenge and Retribution are not justice.

Sweeping reforms designed to catch child killers and terrorists (and sold to the public as such) generally catch lesser offenders, as was the case with the devastating IPP sentence.

From the same person who misled MPs, akin to fraud thetimes.co.uk/article/justic…
...and who in the past was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Bar Standards Board lawgazette.co.uk/practice/buckl…

I do not see any restrictions applying to him after his ‘offences’.

#FewerVictims #SaveUKJustice
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10 Sep
In 2007 a young prison (and care) leaver, said to me, "I just want to be happy now, I just want my girlfriend & our little boy to be happy."

At the time, I didn't understand the importance of happiness as a goal, from my perspective it seemed a little unambitious or simplistic. Image
I now realise that, although it does indeed sound simple, happiness is definitely a worthwhile goal in itself.

It is right to seek happiness for yourself and for your loved ones.

It is not healthy to make your own needs a low priority or to follow a path someone else decides.
Happiness is the optimum state for overall wellbeing and health.

When we are happy, we are infinitely more productive and a virtuous circle begins.

More Happiness = More Productivity =
More Positive Outcomes = More Happiness

#Happiness Image
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21 Aug
@HMIPrisonsnews “There is now a real risk of psychological decline among prisoners, which needs to be addressed urgently, so that prisoners, children & detainees do not suffer long-term damage to their mental health....
..& wellbeing, & prisons can fulfil their rehabilitative goals.”

Rehabilitation & reform is a statutory purpose of sentencing, a legal requirement.

Unconscionable for @POAnatchair @POAUnion to be shouting for inhumane restrictions to continue.

Despite this, The Howard League and The Prison Reform Trust abandoned the Judicial Review.


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