@RickWri06994219 The public was plenty enlightened. It arose from a singular event: the APA (Psychiatric) stepping forth ahead of an already-developing national discussion and shutting it down, the way Bill Barr stepped in in front of a very damning Mueller report and made it toothless.
@RickWri06994219 It did this by:
1. Spreading rumors that those who spoke up were “unethical” (through public campaigns only, since investigations would surely prove this wrong);
2. Convincing the media that they would get sued;
3. Earning favor with the government and reaping financial rewards.
@RickWri06994219 You may recall the people’s campaign to get people to read the special counsel’s report, actors enacting it, etc. You do not stop pathologically malignant individuals this way: the attorney general should have been called out, impeachment begun (on him as well as the president).
@RickWri06994219 We thought the APA was just misinterpreting science and ethics. But pathological malignancy had infected a psychiatric association also: like those who sold their stocks with inside knowledge of the coronavirus, the APA ran with its inside knowledge and reaped profits.
@RickWri06994219 I know this would diminish your faith in the psychiatric community, but I tell you there were plenty of protests, resignations (even of a high-ranking officer), interventions by scholars and distinguished fellows, and inquiries from the ethics committee itself—all within the APA.

• • •

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16 Sep
The president could enter a “psychotic spiral,” as narcissism expert Dr. Craig Malkin has noted, but I gauge delusion outside a clinical context through the social psychology or public health perspective. Delusions are “transmitted” more rapidly to a population than simple lies.
This does not let him off the hook for criminal responsibility. He observes how effective his symptoms are (his “gut”) and mobilizes them to get what he wants, not caring about consequences. He decides he does not have to change his behavior because he can “get away” with it.
This is at least criminal negligence, but could verge on murder in the case of the pandemic based on motives (this does require a personal interview). Since the law does not give allowance for lack of empathy or conscience, a clearing for murder conviction is not implausible.
Read 4 tweets
13 Sep
Immediate responses, and limit setting, are key to psychological management, for a president as well as the public, so that fair elections can happen. Doing nothing under fatalism that he will not be held accountable will ensure that he is not held accountable!
Here are some examples:
1. Nancy Pelosi could hold televised hearings on the evidence that has come out of his lying; indictment is not the point—televised hearings are.
2. Anthony Fauci could team up with other scientists to establish firmly what the scientific guidelines are.
We can make recommendations, from behind the scenes, on how to frame/justify these hearings and to do them so as to have a PSYCHOLOGICAL effect on containing the president and lessening his hold on his followers.
Read 6 tweets
2 Sep
Yet another major journalist had ALL my extensive quotes taken out of his article, until the article itself barely says anything. This is from the “liberal” mainstream media: censorship is a “red alert” sign of autocracy.
It is not just “editing”: why else would 100% of my quotes or major interviews be killed from a half-dozen major outlets? Why would about 200 op-eds collectively from us be 100% rejected from ALL major newspapers, even as they publish frivolous ones by health professionals?
100% for 2.5 years is a bit much, would you not say, to be coincidence? And this includes the most respected members of the field, some of legendary renown. And the ONLY full op-ed that was published ONCE is one that says the president is “just a jerk” and not serious.
Read 4 tweets
1 Sep
Yes, this kind of presentation is very familiar to us. Yes, it is a presentation we often see only in the hospital. Yes, he met criteria for hospitalization long ago. But we were told that mental health laws do not apply to the president.
Just as we were told that a sitting president cannot be indicted, cannot be subpoenaed, and cannot even be charged, even if his criminality threatened national security. We are essentially being told that no law applies to the president, and that the president is above the law.
We were told only Constitutional measures applied to the president, not lesser laws (imagine doing this for a heart attack?). But then we were told the 25th Amendment does not apply because of political barriers, not medical ones. So now the Constitution does not apply, either.
Read 4 tweets
30 Aug
He consistently shows right-sided circumduction gait. As with his mental condition, we cannot say for certain what is the cause, but we can say it is abnormal and should be assumed serious until proven otherwise.
A stroke would be the most worrisome cause. If it were just one stroke, his gait would grow better, but it seems to be growing worse. He made such a big deal of his opponent suffering pneumonia and then recovering, but his signs are extremely serious ones with a poor prognosis.
The abnormal gait has been observable at least since his November 2019 visit to Walter Reed. His near-fall earlier, right-sided weakness when holding a cup, and slurred speech are also relevant in raising concerns.
Read 4 tweets
28 Aug
I neglected to translate this last night: “Your vote will decide whether we protect law abiding Americans, or whether we give free reign to my violence, agitation, and criminality to threaten citizens into submission.”
“This election will decide whether we will defend the American way of life, or whether we allow my radical motions to completely dismantle and destroy it.”
“At the Republican National Convention, I and my party repeatedly assailed America as a land of racial, economic, and social injustice. So you ask me a very simple question: How can the Republican Party lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country?”
Read 7 tweets

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