Isaiah 35. Short intro. 3 years ago I took my daughters to Italy on frequent flier miles. I’d traveled 2 Friday-Saturdays a month most of their lives. Wanted to invest the miles back in them through the trip of a lifetime. Saved up for years & we 3 talked that trip up for years.
By the pure grace of God who seemed intent on blessing 3 flawed but thankful women who loved each other madly, the trip not only lived up to our long expectations. It shamelessly exceeded them. 10 days of joy & laughter. And pasta. So much pasta that I dreamed of tortilla chips.
By Day 6, I just wanted to use my teeth to eat but I digress. On to Scripture. You will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful chapter in Isaiah than 35. It speaks of a day to come when the desert will bloom wildly and rejoice with singing over the glory & splendor of the Lord.
One thing I love about 35 is how Jesus must’ve loved it. He could recite it by heart, of course, & did so in part in Mt 11. “Then the eyes of the blind will be opened, the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then the lame will leap like a deer & the tongue of the mute will sing for joy.
Further in 35. “For water will gush in the wilderness & streams in the desert... A road will be there & a way; it will be called the Holy Way.... and the redeemed of the Lord will return & come to Zion with singing, crowned with unending joy.” Stay with me just a little longer.
“Joy and gladness will overtake them & sorrow & sighing will flee.” Can you imagine?? In these tumultuous, demoralizing days filled with constant uncertainties, could anything sound better?? But what difference does that make today? Isaiah would say every difference on earth. ->
In v.3 the prophet breaks out with this: “Strengthen the weak hands & make firm the feeble knees. Say to those who have an anxious heart, ‘Be strong; fear not! Behold, your God will come…He will come & save you.” Unshakable confidence toward our THEN lends us courage in our NOW.
Back to the story of our Italy trip. It would not have been nearly so much fun to surprise my daughters. Part of the outrageous joy was the anticipation. The planning. We read about it. Talked incessantly about it. Looked at pictures. We have an unimaginable trip coming, Saints.
A place that’ll be our new home. A trip paid for in full by Jesus. It’s an oddity that we spend most of our time in discipleship talking about a place we’ll only spend a vapor in time & so little about where we’ll be always. It’s going to be so good. We’re going to be so happy.
The redeemed will be crowned with unending joy & joy & gladness will overtake us & sorrow & sighing will flee. And oh how we will feast! And we will get to use our teeth. Tortilla chips from the Fry Daddy of all Fry Daddies.

Steady those shaking knees, Saints! Gonna be fabulous.

• • •

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17 Sep
The juxtaposition of God’s immensity & tenderness in Is 40 is breathtaking. Your God “who has measured the waters in the hollows of His hand” & “marked off the heavens with the span of His hand” protects His flock like a shepherd, carrying His lambs “in the fold of His garment.”
“Do you not know? Have you not heard?” (Is 40:28)

Oh yeah, many of us have heard 1000X what follows those questions but right about now we may be just exactly exhausted, undone & desperate enough to let them sink all the way from our heads to our hearts then to our actual feet:
“The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the whole earth. He never becomes faint or weary; there is no limit to His understanding.
He gives strength to the


& strengthens the


Youths may become faint & weary, & young men stumble & fall,

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16 Sep
In the Hezekiah saga of Isaiah in my AM reading. Reflecting today on the poetry - and more generally speaking - the art, prose, music and poignant beauty that only emerge when a pen is dipped in the deep inkwell of pain and suffering. How many songs would never have been written?
Isaiah 38 records the poem Hezekiah wrote in the wake of his illness when the Lord had told him to set his house in order because he’d soon die. He wept bitterly & pled for God to change the outcome and God granted him 15 more years. The song he wrote visits the depths & heights.
A few lines…

“In the prime of my life… I am deprived of the rest of my years…I have rolled up my life like a weaver; [God] cuts me off from the loom… I moan like a dove. My eyes grow weak looking upward. Lord, I am oppressed; support me. What can I say? He has spoken to me.
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5 Sep
Isaiah 16 this AM. Verses 9-10 reminded me of something I learned & dearly loved while writing Chasing Vines. The people of God (by the direction & delight of God) rejoiced exuberantly, loudly—shouting & singing & stomping—as they harvested the fruit of their co-labors with God.
You see, there’s nothing wrong with—indeed everything right with—rejoicing over fruitfulness. We’re meant to shout & sing & celebrate when God blesses the work of our hands. But what was different in their culture is that their celebrations had no celebrities. It was God & group.
Our culture prizes individualism and independence as the highest of values & these values are virtually as treasured among us in our believing world as they are in the outside world. We don’t know God’s thoughts on these strangest of days for the church. But I wonder if He has...
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3 Sep
Challenging some willing souls to memorize Ephesians 2. Why?
1) It’s clear gospel. A masterpiece penned so beautifully-dare I say rhythmically-that parts read like poetry.
2) We’re losing our ability to concentrate in this avalanche of chaos. If we don’t push back, it’ll bury us.
Few of us saw all this upheaval & isolation lasting this long. We were understandably consumed by it & we submerged ourselves in it. But this chaos isn’t going to end soon. Yes, must be informed but that’s not what’s happening here. We’re being CONformed to this unhinged culture.
If we have the same fears,
the same fights,
the same hate,
the same misery,
the same side-taking,
the same near-sightedness, madness, chaos and the same banner-waving over mere humans who cannot save,
where on earth is our witness?
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31 Aug
A few verses from my AM Scripture reading in Isaiah 8:

“For this is what the Lord said to me with great power to keep me from going the way of this people:

Do not call everything a conspiracy these people say is a conspiracy.

Do not fear what they fear; do not be terrified->
“You are to regard only the Lord of Armies as holy. Only He should be feared; only He should be held in awe.” (vv11-13)

“Go to God’s instruction and testimony!” (v20)
I don’t care what side of the political aisle, what side of a pulpit, what side of a movement or what side of a family it is on. Finding then fanning the flame of people’s fears THEN presenting as the deliverer from those fears is the most effective manipulation tactic on earth.
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21 Aug
Sometimes in my morning devotions, as I jot down notes or intercessions in my journal, I’m caught by the sight of the aging hand holding the pen & tears fill my eyes. I started this practice at 18. The Lord has carried me so long. Younger servant, God will be so faithful to you.
Live it out with Him. The whole thing. The beautiful & the disastrous. The worst decisions I’d make were after 18, of course, but, because it was the way I met with God to start each day, I just kept on. And He never forsook me. Always walked me to repentance. Always restored me.
Jesus has only gotten dearer to me. That’s the thing I want to say to you. He will only get dearer to you. You fear you will lose interest in the gospel. In the Bible. You don’t know how on earth you’ll keep your fervor for the rest of your life. But, you see, that’s the miracle.
Read 6 tweets

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