thinking about the uni party I went to where everyone did the bdsm test and what that would look like for wangxian/the mdzs crew and uh…
like WY has his head on Huaisang’s lap and his feet wedged under LZ’s leg and LZ is just waiting. NHS is almost finished and then it will be WY’s go
LZ pretty sure he knows what wei ying's will say. He doesn’t want to assume. He’s being telling himself he doesn’t want to assume for the last half an hour. It hasn’t stuck yet.
“Switch. Experimentalist. Sadist.” Huaisang sounds bored, and WY makes a little twitching noise in his lap, and lifts up his hands for the phone.
He holds it up above his face, and LZ hopes Huaisang’s reflexes are fast, because WY’s hands are drink-loose, clumsy and surer of their grip then they should be.
It would not be the first party Wei Ying has ended with a black eye, but Lan Zhan would at least like him to finish the quiz first.
Most people aren’t actually watching wy. Watching someone click buttons on a screen isn’t all that interesting. Most people are having their own conversations, making their own moves. Lan Zhan is not most people.
He cannot see the screen. He can’t even really see Wei Ying’s face. It doesn’t stop him watching every little movement he makes. The slight, considering hum as he thinks an answer through. His toes wriggle under LZ’s leg, and he fights the urge to hold them still.
“OK, think I’m done!” Wei Ying says. Huaisang pats Wei Ying’s hair, and tilts the screen so that he can read them out. He laughs before he does, and makes meaningful eye contact with LZ over wy’s head. LZ wishes fervently for death.
In the corner, Jiang Cheng puts his hands performatively over his ears. Good. Lan Zhan does not want him hearing this either.
“Brat.” Huaisang says. “99% brat, in fact, well done Wei Ying.” Wei Ying mock-pouts, but he claps his hands together above his stomach, a little gleeful. Lan Zhan cannot breathe.
“Sub,” Huaisang rolls his eyes, “wow, what a shock. And rope bunny.” Wei Ying blushes at “sub”, but his face screws up at “rope bunny”.
“Like…” he makes rabbit ears with his fingers and from across the room Wen Qing sighs, heavily. Heavily enough that Jiang Cheng actually takes his hands from his ears for a moment, watching her face.
“No,” Huaisang says. “Not –“ he types something into Wei Ying’s phone, and shows him.

“Oh.” Wei Ying says. “Oh. Right. Well. That makes sense, I suppose.” He’s frowning at the screen, reaches up to take the phone back. Zooms in. Hums, thoughtfully.
Lan Zhan is really starting to resent the presence of everybody else in the room. Especially Huaisang, who was pretending to be drunk when he suggested this, and is now too gleeful to pretend to be anything else.
“Dom.” He reads, as expressionless as he can manage. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Wei Ying sit up, slowly. It is an impressive display of core strength.
“Brat tamer. Rigger.” He is avoiding making eye contact with anyone. That can’t be unusual, can it? Wen Ning didn’t stop blushing for a full fifteen minutes after his results.
“Rigger, like…” Lan Zhan doesn’t need to look that Wei Ying is miming climbing the rigging.

“Rigger like likes tying people up.” Wen Qing says, voice knowing.


When Lan Zhan looks up, finally, Wei Ying is staring directly at him. His eyes are very dark.
“Hey, Lan Zhan? Do you think I could talk to you about something? Outside?”

Across the room, Jiang Cheng is now prone, his face buried in the floor. Wen Qing is rubbing his back, laughing. Lan Zhan glares at Huaisang, who shrugs, and raises his eyebrows guilelessly.
“You may.” Lan Zhan stands up. After some thought, he picks up his coat. He does not think they will be returning.

~~~the end
(i think if i write any more of this i will start to seriously wonder why i didn't just... actually write it but lmk if you enjoyed!)

• • •

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