This is going to be long. Its time to bring all of my thoughts about Covid and the governments response to it, into one thread. Because separately they may seem conflicting. So bear with me. I write this as a human being, a mum, a relative of older/sick people I love and as a GP.
1. Covid is real, it does exist, it does kill some people without doubt. It is more contagious than common flu and much more multi-system. So it is scary and needs to be tackled, somehow. That said, how we have tackled it in my opinion is silly and. has achieved nothing in 6m.
2. We have suppressed the virus for sure by NOT LIVING. But suppressing the virus does not kill it or send it away. It does just that; suppresses it. And so, it follows, that as soon as you start living, the virus does its thing and starts spreading. Inevitable.
3. So what was the plan? To get a vaccine? Allegedly. But also not to overwhelm the NHS. I have two thoughts here. This was not about humans, it was about PR. The UK govt did not want pictures of people lying on NHS hospital floors. (nor do I, but from a human perspective).
4. Vaccines; I don't believe we will get one. And if we do get one, I will not be having it ( I am pro vaccines) but because a rushed vaccine will not meet my safety criteria, its no. Swine flu was rushed out and a % of people get narcolepsy. This is fact…
5. Masks; I do believe that we, adults only, should wear masks. I have worn one when in shops from the outset. Its easy, and it is proven to stop viral spread. I am not going to go down this rabbit hole again but I think its a simple and easy way to minimise spread while we can.
6. Lockdown; Lunacy. We have managed to kick this can down the road and we are now at the same point we were at in late feb/early march before the lockdown that has ruined the economy and will see us/our kids paying for this for decades. More importantly, it has caused the death
7. of 100k's of people, not from Covid but from not being treated for their new and existing disease, from which they would not have died. I predicted this, i was vilified by doctors and non doctors alike for 'being happy for people to die'. In actuality we were killing people.
8. We made decisions that condemned care home residents to a death that in many cases was before time. And now the NHS is closed. They are telling you its open and its your fault; it isn't and it isn't.…
9. And now the simplest things cannot be achieved; ear syringing, work up at fertility clinic, blood tests. And yet there are very few people in hospital with covid so why? Because they new that as soon as people 'mingled' the virus would be back?…
10. So, not wanting to be one of those people who just moan and moan and do nothing, what would I have done? Its simple. I would have properly shielded the vulnerable, properly. Paid them a good wage so that they did not have to worry about food, warmth and roof. Not £94/week.
11. I would have kept the kids in school so as not to wreck their futures and their mental health. I would have let the non vulnerable who have a minuscule risk of dying from a covid infection, carry on as normal to develop herd immunity.
12. This way, we would have protected the mental health of the nation, the education of our kids & the economy. & yes, the economy is important. If we want health & other services in the future we need an economy, tax receipts, people leaving their homes and going into work/towns
13. Not be facing a never ending circle of infection/suppression so that in the end we are so worn down & desperate that we will accept any ole vaccine. Meanwhile people working from home will lose their jobs are they are outsourced to India and more damage is done.
14. We cannot suppress this virus & return to normal life without herd immunity; its what the body does, learns to recognise & fight infection. And don't be scared further by the 'antibodies don't last long', we have T cells. They will do their job; remember the virus and kill it
15. We need to fight back against this. It is a slow erosion of our civil rights, and i am not a known agitator, i have always been very law abiding/supporter. But this has pushed me too far. The media and govt have done a brilliant job of terrifying everyone into submission.
16. Yes there is a very small proportion of people who get long term effects of Covid, I may be one, who knows? But it is a small proportion of a very small proportion of people. There are lots of fats about this disease that we are not getting, or not very loudly.
17. We need herd immunity and we need it now.

• • •

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