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14 Sep, 20 tweets, 10 min read
09/13/2020 Account I occasionally decode for comms with frogs reaching proper speed comm with cell phone control.
Pepe comms, and the sequence makes it a bit more clear the point.
The post just before it 4 second video of a baby dancing in headphones.

So new media. Likely this is comms about the TikTok Takeover which is just about to hit. A platform for Pepe/Qanon to reach the proper speed.
Note the post directly after the frogs hitting proper speed.

1 legged high jumper. "Zhong"

Zhong = Chinese surname.

Comms of China losing a leg (TikTok) but doing fine.
Comms of funding Qanon expansion (check whole thread) seemingly all in prep for the massive election 2020 push.
If the platform is being prepped... then clearly the story to be told thru that platform is also prepped.

Might want to create a TikTok account now eh?
Additionally the runner comm was a Chinese name but branded with a Japanese Vehicle.

Japan working with U.S. on the ops?

07/22/2020 US, Japan, India and Australia simulate 'Quad' drill in Indo-Pacific…
After the runner we get a matchbook sized "pop up dollhouse" and then a baby cat scaring a peacock away.

Another "baby" comm being new TikTok

Peacock = NBC Mascot

NBC comms clearly not flipped and sending 187 comms.

Meaning exposing NBC as a "doll house" puppet comms. one of many things having a real voice can accomplish.

NBC is one of the few entities I've seen no flip comms at any point the last few years.
Heck, even CNN has sent turn/flipped comms but not NBC
The next post, "agree?"

Another possible comm about exposure. Showing people where exactly we are. Info-graphics and whatnot. <- note CNN flip was used for the first TikTok test run.
Then we get a post about actual history that goes way way against the narrative the MSM pushes about racism and history. Something again media can accomplish.
Then we get a 6 word title with fishing by putting bait on water and then throwing a pitchfork to skewer takers.

Pitchfork = Satan reference. Fishing comms covered here
so exposing cult 187's as well?
Then we get a meme video about an MMA fighter's arms are ready for anything.

Arms = media push comms and meme videos are what TikTok excels at.

So comms of meme prep.
After that we get Japan colorful fields.

Talked about this earlier in thread (6) before but Japan seems to be among those set up for the TikTok push.

Other threads cover other aid provided like keeping the stock market going up.
Following that we get a reference to a common chan event. Mods sleeping post some X.

In this case "Dams" Dam comms covered in thread. Short answer is it implies protection measures against DECLAS.
So in context it'd be about exposing again.

Note this post after it. About insulin "waking people up" from coma's. Gloom becomes joy. Vaccine comms, which is about funding people to expose. - Great Awakening comms as well.
And then finally we get this one. A snowy owl - "once in a lifetime shot" Not much time left to expose, but it's the chance of a lifetime coming up.
Quite a few owl posts this week from them.
That one about a deadly snowy Owl going after a mouse on white.
Possibly about an attempt on Assange? (Ratting)

• • •

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29 Sep
09/28/2020 Ransomware hack cripples United Health Services hospitals, facilities across the US…
09/28/2020 Dozens of police departments in at least 14 states report suffering temporary outages to 911 services as officials call for immediate investigation into cause of blackout…
Bringing down 911 services?

Interestingly this happened recently.

09/26/2020 New Yorkers can now text emergencies to 911 rather than phoning it in…
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29 Sep
09/28/2020 Interesting HRC post today.
You can confirm it yourself on her twitter page right now.
I'm going to wait and look for more comms before I tackle this one.

However I will say I was relieved that her promoted podcast is currently just a minute and a half. That feeling of having to listen to hours of it for decoding purposes suddenly turned to relief. Image
Tho that's because it's just the intro.

And there are some curious lines.

"I want to lament, I need to lament!"…
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29 Sep
1. - Football comms
09/27/2020 There was no MetLife turf drama in 49ers’ rout of Giants
Giants coach Joe Judge spent nearly 45 minutes in the locker room to “check on some guys and see how they are doing,” but had no updates on injured left tackle.…
I have no interest in sports but comms are everywhere.

If key people are controlled they can send comms thru the results.

So with that in mind....
Other Judge Joe = Biden comms.

09/01/2020 Joe Judge gets down and dirty in wild Giants practice moment

Note Joe "takes a dive" in video.…
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29 Sep
1. - Legend To Leave U.S.A. Comms?

09/26/2020 John Legend Threatens To Leave US If Trump Is Reelected: ‘We Can’t Bear Another Four Years of This’…
Why would that be comms?

I have a theory, but it's not a high confidence one, hence the ?

So he supports the defund the Police movement.

06/09/2020 John Legend: ‘We Spend Far Too Much On Policing’
“there should be significantly fewer police”…
Defund the Police is the worst possible thing Dem's could support for election 2020 chances. It's something that a number of flips/turns have embraced to push the left hard and strand the middle. Image
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29 Sep
1. - Nadler "Accident" comms.

09/24/2020 Did Jerry Nadler Have An Accident on Live TV?
"The man looks like he straight-up ‘sharted’ and tried to get away as quickly as possible without evidence of his accident spilling into the public view."…
Full video for context.

Clip people are sharing starts at 11:25.

11/23/2020 WATCH: House Democrats announce the Protecting Our Democracy act

So, what does it mean? Well...
This quick decode may explain it.
So Susan Rice was included in a meeting that discussed taking out Flynn.

Why? The answer was symbolism in the photo timed same day.

I.e. she was worried so Biden brought her in for "comfort"

Why relevant here?
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28 Sep
1. - No Durham Action Pre-election?

09/27/2020 Maria Bartiromo reports Durham investigation expanding but likely won't release conclusions before 2020 election…
Actually I already decoded that.
And it's a good thing (yes strange I know) - Durham would have acted if demands hadn't been met.

Read thread to understand why.
This doesn't mean Justice isn't coming.

Note Q's 9 word post.

Some will take the easy path and exit early.

Which is followed 1 minute later by.

Judgement is coming.
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