To the extent we are in a moment of two paradigms vying to explain the world (let's call them safety through domination, vs safety through cooperation) there are two dynamics at play, and two places to help tip the balance.
Anomalies, that is things not predicted by the paradigm, accumulate, shaking confidence in a paradigm, as its explanatory power falters.
If dominating nature makes us safe, why is the West on fire? Why are there 5 hurricanes in Atlantic? Asking these questions is very important because they go to the heart of paradigms
The second dynamic has to do with solving 'problems' - people are scared, evacuated, evicted, uninsured, breathing smoke, seeing violence etc...can you, who believe in safety through cooperation, implement practical *cooperative* steps to help?
New paradigms rise (or old ones regain prominence) as they actually help, that is as they fit (prove themselves useful) in the world.
The above all thanks to Thomas Kuhn's structure of scientific revolutions, as re-interpreted by me for our current moment of a revolution in worldview

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10 Sep
Reminder: your body isn't meant to hold your climate rage. Find a way to process it, honor it as what it is (the instinct to protect something precious) and release it.
Maybe that looks like the three pages of tightly spaced words in my journal today. Name names. Whether a particular CEO or political leader or cultural institution. Or a stupid harmful idea or convention. Have at it. Don't hold back.
Maybe writing's not your thing. Maybe for you it takes a good hard workout or a pure venting conversation with someone who can witness it or a session with a therapist or shouting at the sky somewhere where no one can hear you. Try them all till you find your way.
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3 Sep
Signs of tumultuous times:
✅Problems arising faster than societies can cope?
✅Problems feeding upon themselves, growing exponentially?
✅Problems interacting, intensifying each other?
✅Solutions to one problem making other problems worse?
✅ Problems eroding capacity to cope?
If you or a society you know is experiencing these signs and symptoms there are things you can do.
1. Step back and see the whole pattern. These aren't 7 or 18 (or whatever) instances of bad luck all hitting home at the same time. They are connected. Stop looking so much at headlines, and look for the patterns.
Read 9 tweets
19 Aug
There's nothing wrong with you. That cognitive dissonance you are feeling is entirely appropriate. If you name it, out loud, you just might help someone else today. Some possible questions you might ask>
Why is it that stock market is booming, although
workers can't pay the rent, and
Iowa is forgotten, suffering, crops destroyed, and California's sweltering in and out of black outs?
How can it be that a deadly virus is uncontrolled, but
universities are opening long-enough to pass the virus around and send the student home to every corner of the nation?
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18 Aug
It is relatively easy to paralyze people with fear about climate change. It is much harder to support them as they come to terms with the emergency and find the effective action that only they can take.
Once, more than ten years ago, I realized I was paralyzing people with a training I'd developed about climate change. People would cry, and freeze up, and not be able to speak. It was awful. So, I just stopped doing it, for a good long while, at least 1/2 year.
I worked with my own grief and I learned from others who had modalities for helping people face fear and sadness and anger and loss.
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5 Aug
Collapse is not: binary, all or none, only in the future, knowable in advance, or only global. Some things that are precious have already collapsed, some things that are harmful are collapsing.
Much that is eroding could regenerate, depending on what we choose.
Change is not the same as collapse, though it may feel like it.
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26 Jul
There is a lot of accumulated life energy (labor, ecological productivity) that is going to be released as the dominating systems of past centuries fracture and crumble. (Like a giant oak tree crashing to the ground)
Question is: can we disperse all that energy in good, healthy ways, towards wellness everywhere, towards places it has been taken from by force, or is that stored life energy going to get gobbled up by more of the same, just more concentrated than ever?
One thing that will shape that balance is how well we understand that this process is happening, already, and perhaps will speed up and grow stronger.
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