israel has imposed strong mask requirements for cov.

on 6/24, they upped the fine for not wearing one in public at all times and got very serious about enforcement.

let's have a look at whether it has worked.

cases/day are up 7X since then.
of course, this does not adjust for testing levels.

testing has doubled since 6/24.

so the real rise in cases looks to me more like 3.5X, which is still quite a rise.
but is this just a "casedemic" with no serious cases?

no, not really. israel is seeing a sustained rise in deaths as well and has been running at about 2 deaths per million pop per day.

this is not an excessive level, but it also looks like masks have done little.
we can compare to lebanon, where distancing has been minor and masks not required.

lebanon has ~600 cases/day on 3/4 the population, but i do not know their testing level so hard to comp.

but we CAN compare deaths. they are at ~10/day = 2/day/mm pop, pretty much identical.
so, once more, masks vs control on real world outcomes reveals masks to be a masquerade

there was no prior evidence of efficacy, there is none now, and we're seeing rhinovirus have normal season all over the world, masked or not. SWE & GER look the same

masks are a religious talisman, not science.

they are being worn and promulgated as a form of visible virtue signalling. they do nothing in a restaurant or a grocery store except help spread fear.

it's time we dropped this pseudoscience.

it's done enough harm as it is.

• • •

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23 Sep
this is one of these interesting issues with complex morality

new york city & state caused this. it was not COV, it was the response to COV

government officials caused massive damage to business owners

now they want a third party (the feds) who had no say in it to pay for it
now, sure, NY & NYC cannot afford to pay this. they are tapped out & bleeding red from their own actions

and sure, the feds can pay it.

and sure, this is NOT the fault of the business owners. they did not do this. so it sounds like a fix to have the feds pay.

it sounds just
but is it?

consider the moral hazard.

would NY and NYC have even undertaken this draconian actions in the first place if they thought they would be on the hook for it?

i doubt it.

they have been angling for massive federal bailouts since day one.

that was the plan.
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22 Sep
swedish ER doc has not seen a case of cov-19 in 2.5 months.

people doing what they please.

maybe 1 in 100 wears a mask on public transport.

hospitals and ICU basically empty.

welcome to herd immunity.…
we're now in the stage where this is getting so obvious that we need new hobgoblins like "resistance is not durable"

this is just a scare story.

it is.

and counter to reports of "re-infection" it's simply not happening. Image
the only dangerous second infection is "hysterical anecdotitis".

testing positive on a PCR at high Ct with no symptoms is not "infection".

99.99%, it's just a very sensitive assay picking up clinically irrelevant virus. Image
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22 Sep
the history of most california environmentalism is one of trading that which works for that which sounds good and creating disaster.

the big fires in recent years are NOT the result of climate change.

they are the result of environmental policy.…
much of california is a burn ecology in a drought prone region.

by thinning trees and clearing brush, you got healthy forests with live, well watered trees. fires were small and manageable.

ending these policies led to 5-10X the fuel density and competition for water.
so in drought years, you saw whole hillsides of trees die and leave incredible amounts of dry tinder as fuel for the next lightning strike.

this has led to massive, uncontrollable fires.

it was nearly all avoidable.

this was just bad policy.
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21 Sep
1. this, like 99% of fauci, seems like a made up claim with no basis in facts or science.

2. this could be easily achieved tomorrow. just cut the Ct on all US PCR tests to 30 so we stop picking up non-contagious, non-viable virus and count only those people actually infected.
the best part is that doing so would probably cut our trailing deaths by 30-60% and future deaths by 80-90%.

it's odd to me that we're using tests so clearly unfit for purpose, that literally everyone knows it, and that there is not a single US health agency that seems to care.
if you want to manage something, you need to measure it.

instead, we've selected a measurement modality guaranteed to overcount cases by 10-100X, overcount deaths, defined deaths as "with" not "from" and done everything else we can to overstate the crisis and make bad decisions.
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21 Sep
there is a famous addiction study where a rat in a cage will keep hitting the feeder bar for cocaine instead of food until it dies.

the problem with that study is that it's totally wrong.

rats are social animals. trapped alone, they are miserable.…
given the choice of drugs or being with other rats, rats choose other rats.

guess what other species are highly social animals.

and guess what happens when you scare them and isolate them for months on end...…
if you guessed "they hit the feeder bar for drugs until they die," gold star for you.

isolation is brutal on humans. there is a reason it's a feared punishment even in prisons.

many places in the US are seeing HUGE rises in drug overdose deaths.…
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19 Sep
wendy, i understand that you have no grounding in this field, but this is dangerous, pseudo-scientific twaddle you are pushing to score cheap political points at the expense of people lives and livelihoods.

lockdowns and masks do not work.

never have.

all the guidelines say so
you are not on the side of science, you are on the side of fear mongering and mysticism.

but don't take my word for it, ask the CDC, the WHO, the CEBM, and the US biodefense guidelines.

here's a helpful compendium to get you started.

i hope that you are in for a surprise when you read this, because, if you are not, then it means that you know full well that you're lying and harming people to chase political power.

perhaps you've not seen how the EU is realizing how wrong this was.…
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