It's time for an important reminder: chickens have one (1) hole.

Poop & pee (birds kinda do both at the same time, so there's not that much of a distinction): same hole.

This is why, in my humble opinion, folks who think you don't need to wash eggs prior to sale are Asking For It

Folks really think unwashed eggs makes you "in touch with the earth" or some shit & I'm like... you wanna be In Touch With Nature? let's start with Cloacas 101"
I just think it's kind of nice to cook with eggs that don't have a thin coat of shit on them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And yes, washed eggs lose their cuticle & "don't keep as long." But they still keep for like.. 4-5 weeks. In what way is a 4-5 week shelf life insufficient. What r u doing
Anyway back to avian sex ed

Some birds have penises! Some just ... don't! How do birds have sex without a penis, you ask?
for real though SciShow has made multiple videos about this exact conundrum. If you need to know more about bird penises, @hankgreen has provided. This one is a great start

Reptiles also have 1 hole.

So do monotremes! (echidnas & platypuses)

They're mammals that lay eggs, which one would think would be their highlight feature, but no. "Monotreme" means "one hole."
Marsupials have two holes! (one for the GI tract, one zoned for urogenital use.)

In fact, marsupials have wonky geometry with their ducts that makes their reproductive tract have to stay super narrow.

Which is ok bc marsupials have tiny babies. A diagram of monotreme, mar...
But to have GIANT BABIES, placental mammal-style, a whole lot of things had to change with that arrangement.

Introducing ... The Third Hole
The vagina is a unique, placental-mammals-only institution

it's the whole reason placental mammals can have babies bigger than a lima bean, and thus why human babies can have giant heads.

Thank u vagina for your service
*cismale placental mammals have the urinary & reproductive openings remixed back into one hole.

Fellas: this is ONLY YOU. if it is news to anyone that roughly half of humanity & placental mammals in general are packing a 3rd hole, please go to wikipedia & refer to some diagrams
But back to what we're all really wondering, which is "How many holes did T. rex have?"

Given that birds are dinosaurs, and birds have one hole (as well as the taxa that are most bird-adjacent- reptiles & basal mammals)

it is most likely that T. rex had 1 hole.
in conclusion, I strongly recommend washing T rex eggs prior to use and/or sale

• • •

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19 Sep
Hey all! I'm a crop scientist who's been working in "real America" for decades.

I'm also a political operative, organizing in the rural red-state South since 2007.

This is absolutely spot-on.

Here's my plan- speaking from inside the belly of the beast- on what we need to do.
Rural areas are ultra-conservative because they've been engineered to be that way on purpose.

The narrative about "agribusiness taking over and forcing family farms to compete with each other"

is nearly 100% fabricated. That's not what happened.
So what DID happen?

Tenant farming & sharecropping were commonplace in most of the rural US- not just the South.

20th century landowners replaced farmworkers with machines. This wasn't just about money. It was about purging radical laborers out of rural areas. Chart from 1920 USDA census showing proportion of farmers th
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19 Sep
Tonight is a good night to tell the story of how we stopped the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, against all odds.
The Atlantic Coast Pipeline was meant to bring fracked gas from Pennsylvania and West Virginia down through Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
It was an obviously overpriced project, sponsored by Duke Energy- which has a monopoly on electricity in NC that comes with a "15% profit on all infrastructure" guarantee.

if they guaranteed me 15% on what the fuck ever I wanted to make, I'd be building useless shit too lmao
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19 Sep
So the drive right now is to get at least 4 GOP senators to commit to not confirm new Supreme Court justices until after the next president has been sworn in.

Murkowski has already committed to this.

1 down, 3 to go.

We need to pin people down on this ASAP.
I've called my senators about a lot of the last 4 years.

And IT WORKS- *WHEN* I'm not the only one doing it.

Here's a list of every single US senator and their phone number.…
Calling senators is straightforward. This ain't the Gettysburg address we're talking about here.

"Hi I'm [name] in [town], zip code __. I'm calling to urge Senator __ to commit to not confirm any Supreme Court nominees until after the new president is sworn in."
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10 Sep
Hi I just wanna give @nytimes a shout-out for this article, "Tenant Farming (But Make It Fashion)."

NYT keeps setting up their writers to fail by assigning folks with little or no background in ag to write about it. In this case, a style columnist.…
disclaimer for this thread: no shakes on the guy who wrote this. He did his job! He writes about architecture & design!

It is not his fault that the NYT editorial staff are COWARDS who think the most interesting and relevant thing about agriculture is the ~aesthetic.~
Tenant farming and sharecropping are still big business today. They come in a lot of guises! They're all shit!

But if you want a primer on how rich people manage to convince themselves that sharecropping is benevolent, NYT provides. Thanks guys!
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9 Sep
People are shocked about these tapes of 45 saying he downplayed the danger of COVID in public, and surprised that he did know exactly how dangerous it was including to young people.
But we all saw him tiptoeing around COVID on eggshells for himself, right?

We saw him using tight control of who could be around him & daily testing for staff that had to be in physical proximity.

He totally knew. It was right in front of us this whole time, y'all.
I'm sorry but it was SUPER clear to me that he knew exactly how dangerous it is. It was SUPER clear to me that he knew exactly how to stop the spread.

How people are surprised by these tapes, idk.

Folks are still so fixated on what 45 SAYS that they won't look at what he DOES.
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7 Sep
All of this.

There's a myth out there that rural brain drain is caused by "cities vacuuming away all the young/smart/ambitious people."

Bullshit. Rural areas & small towns kick them out. On purpose.

Spoilers: this thread has SOLUTIONS in it, keep scrolling : )
"but cities aren't great either"

Yeah & everyone already knows it.

Meanwhile the élites of rural areas & small towns are still spinning this "boohoo cities are carving us out" BS & getting away with it. sit down & shut up while I learn you something
*Everywhere* has an élite. The grodiest meth-country counties all have a nice subdivision somewhere.

Seriously. Where do you think the people who own the pawn shop/liquor store/gun shop combo strip malls live?
Read 57 tweets

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