One thing the nytimes story on the intercept’s criminally negligent handling of reality winners privacy neglects, is that they would have treated her differently if her material was about bad acts the US had perpetrated under a Democratic President.
But that they don’t care about bad acts by Putin and Trump because that’s not their ideology.

So much of their shtick is to make the libs cry that the Dems are not ‘perfect’.
That’s all they care about. And had this been an anti obama story, or an anti Clinton story they’d protect reality winner like they did Snowden.

Would also protect her if she were a white dude.

Kinda missing elements from the story.
Look at how careful they were with Snowden.

Obviously they know how to be, when it suits them.
Also, these elements are missing because we assume that white men are good people who do bad things by mistake.

Which is rarely true.

• • •

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9 Aug
Today on the principled Bernie left:

1. It's my birthday, it's time to do some transphobia: michael tracey

2. It's not even my birthday, but if its homophobic or transpbhobic, i am your gal: tulsi gabbard
3. OMG, how can you puritans ever judge how pure my intentions were when i fucked my teenage husband as a 40 something year old : Glenn Greenwald

(glenn, if you read this, you already tried to call me homophobic once, didn't work out so well for you, don't bother again)
4. How dare you people think it's wrong for leftist professors to fuck their students. Power differences only matter if you are a neoliberal like Bill Clinton: Ryan Grimm
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29 Jul
It’s really annoying to see these journalists and thought leaders on the left who trashed Hillary now be like ‘how did we get here?’

Bitch, go look in a mirror.
Trump told us exactly who he was and you thought it was all a big joke, while you turned a perfectly normal politician into some sort of evil caricature.

You’re how we got here.
When your entire outfit just milked her stolen emails, as though there was anything really salacious in them, you don’t know get to play innocent.

You’re the reason a racist and fascist president got elected.

You’re the reason protestors are being kidnapped by the feds.
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2 Mar
White people, especially white liberals, often thinks racism is usually hateful.

But racism is liberal whites often manifests much more subtly. Mostly you do not give non whites the benefit of the doubt.

While this sounds small, it has huge implications.
Think of every resume looked at through this lens.

Every doctor who believes their white patient about pain but not their black patient.

We live in an ambiguous worlds and if in every ambiguous situation, you believe in the white person more, you perpetuate white supremacy.
Every time a white cop shoots a black kid, and you believe the white cop because these circumstances are always somewhat ambiguous, you perpetuate white supremacy and all the violence and unfairness that comes with it.

You’re not doing it out of hate, but you are still doing it
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15 Oct 19
If you’re a white person supporting another white person and not a POC, that’s fine. Many fine white people in this primary.

But none of you are so woke and perfect that you shouldn’t examine whether some part of your fondness of your candidate doesn’t come from implicit biases.
Literally not a single one of us are so perfect that we shouldn’t wonder if some small part of our support isn’t driven by biases.

And that is especially true for those with privilege.
And yeah this is only directed at progressives and liberals and leftists.

Idc what the GOP shits are up to.
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2 Jun 19
I fucking hate everyone who is cool with white men behaving violently towards the rest of us.

So fuck move on for being cool with this.

I have a story from last afternoon that dovetails with this shit....
Yesterday, on 39th street right before Lincoln tunnel, a group of primarily white men were ‘celebrating’ Liverpool winning.

They celebrated the win by shutting down the street and banging on all the cars, like a goddamn rioting mob.

Where was the fucking NYPD @NYPDnews ????
The fucking NYPD who show up if you smoke a blunt in Washington square park in like 3 seconds, were no where to be found.

Do you think this would be the case if these were primarily black men rioting on the fucking streets in Manhattan?
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2 Feb 19
I have some thoughts about Ralph Northam and white male privilege and hubris.

As I’ve said before there are a number of naked pictures of me in the world. I’m not ashamed of them, but I’ve always known that they would be a barrier to my entering public life. So I haven’t.
There is def a part of me that is somewhat sure that I would be a moderately successful politician. People are drawn to what I am saying and people are always ask me to run for office.

But I know those pics exist and I don’t really want to explain them to the public or my fam
I would also never put the Democratic Party in the position that would have to explain my actions.

Now, I am clearly not the same person who took those pics. When these pics were taken I was a pansexual polyamorous very fun person.

I am a boring monogamous person now.
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