The Sense of Not Knowing (Thread)

This realisation is a paradigm shift for a seeker.
It commences a pilgrimage towards the core - 1st step towards Enlightenment.

What is Agnosia & what is Ignorance?
They are absolutely distinct.

Kashmir Shaivism explains.
यदेतस्यापरिज्ञानं तत्स्वातन्त्र्यं हि वर्णितम् ।
स एव खलु संसारो जडानां यो विभीषकः ॥

Abhinavagupta explains in Bodhapañcadaśikā :

Flow of time space causality is illusion. And when someone doesn't understand this --then this mis-understanding is also Svātantrya Shaktī of Shiva.
Sa eva khalu saṁsāra, and that is the world.

That not knowing, not knowing in that way is saṁsāra, this existence of the cyclicality.

Jaḍānāṁ yo vibhīṣikaḥ. And those who are ignorant, they are terrified. This Svātantrya Shakti terrifies them in form of Kaala Bhairava.
Now comes the distinction between Agnosia and Ignorance.
Agnosia is the first ray of knowing.

Agnosia is the realisation that I am ignorant.

Svātantrya Shakti terrifies them. They cry.
They cry not because they don't know.

But because they don't know that they don't know.
"If they would feel ‘they don’t know’, then they would know. As soon as they feel that they don’t know they would know.

What terrifies them is - not knowing! Not knowing that they are not knowing.

Pure ignorance. Not knowing that they are ignorant." (Swami Lakshman Joo)
Hence, Agnosia is the realisation of ignorance. And as soon as Agnosia truly happens, no one can deny knowing. No one can deny enlightenment.

Ignorance is feeling that I know.
Agnosia is - I don't know.

• • •

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Mahādeva manifests in countless forms which appear utterly distinct from one another. Each with its own splendour.

But Kāla, is the manifestation in the form of time. Ruthless incessant movement of time which is unmanageable. It runs at its own pace.
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Spandana - Sensation

Recently, there's much talk about The String Theory or The Unified Field Theory which, when completed, will unify the Quantum Mechanics and Gravitational Theory, giving us the complete picture of our universe, or the Theory of Everything.
It will establish, beyond no doubt, that there exists not just a single universe like ours that started with a Big Bang, but, a Multiverse that started with multiple Big Bangs.

It will also give us information about 10 or 11 dimensions in hyperspace just like our 3rd Dimension.
The String Theory expounds an enormously profound and exhilarating explanation of our existence.

But the basis of it is that it elaborates on the nature of what we call the subatomic particles.

Professor Michio Kaku, who is one of the founders of this model explains:
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You Are Not Your Body And Mind :

You replace 98% of your physical body in less than 8 months. Atom by atom.
This is discovered through Radioactive Isotope analysis.

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It has been scattered all across the cosmos through the activity of the universe.

It is no more with you now.

It is dead. And yet, the "I" - sense of "I" or "Being Me" has not died.

If you have been believing that you are but your physical body, you certainly have a problem.
If you believe that you're your physical body, which one are you talking about?
This one of the earlier thousands of bodies.
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24 Jun
No dear @TIinExile.
You're again mistaken.
Your interpretation is not wholesome at all!
Take a look at Adi Shankaracharya's sub-commentary on Vyasa's commentary based on Yoga Sutras.

Svādhyaya is NOT NECESSARILY used as "study of Vedas" by Patanjali. ImageImage
It is pointing towards study of Mokshashastras beginning from Upanishads.
Upanishads were not always in written format just like other scriptures. They were - sitting next to Sadguru in pursuit of Vidya. Upanishads are extremely abstract unlike Vedas as we know them today.
Upanishads take you on a journey of Svādhyāya - self observation. They do not provide readymade procedures. They are more of - Prashnōttara format.
They dwell and assist you for Svādhyāya - Sva Nirikshana.

So what I said is not flawed at all.
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