Read this thread. This is how outlets like the WaPo contribute to "bothsidesing" us into a climate catastrophe.
Oregon reporters know full well what's up with this timber-industry funded Timber Unity group that used procedural tricks to squash Oregon's climate bill against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of elected legislators.
I went to go see the Timber Unity protest at the Oregon State Capitol last summer. It didn't take much digging for an interested citizen like myself to figure out what was going on.
One of the protest tactics Timber Unity used was to bring hundreds of trucks into downtown Salem to blare their horns and cause epic gridlock. Not sure we ever learned who those trucks belonged to, who paid for the gas, how the truckers got days off, etc.
It's tough for outlets like the WaPo to know the story on the ground in a place as far away as Oregon. It's expensive to take the time to do the legwork to carefully vet everyone who sends you an op-ed that seems relevant.
I still read and support the WaPo, but I'm disappointed that they lent their platform to someone who speaks for a totally unreasonable, anti-science, obstructionist fringe of the Oregon political spectrum. Basically, they got played in the name of "balance."
Final note. This is why local journalism matters, like that produced by the person who wrote the thread I linked to at the beginning of this thread. There's only so much a nationally-oriented media can do to hold local power accountable. That can only be done in those localities.

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23 Sep
The revelations in this thread are mind blowing. Trump, with no evidence, accused US ally Qatar of funding terrorists. Qatar, to get in Trump's good graces, opens a dummy office in one of Trump's properties to funnel money to him. Trump suddenly becomes Qatar's best friend again.
Alexander tells a fuller version of the Qatar story in the opening 10 minutes of this episode of Fresh Air.…
I swear to God if he gets another 4 years the White House gift shop will start selling $15 tins of Trump branded Emolu-mints, 75% of the proceeds of which will go directly to the Trump Organization.
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23 Sep
You'd think the "principled" people over at the Federalist Society might say something about this unprecedented, republic-threatening language their favorite president is using. They're smart enough to know how dangerous this is.
I've spent a long time studying the political writings of the founding era. You can't tell me that the originalists at the Federalist Society can possibly square the rhetoric and behavior of this president with anything the founding generation espoused.
I know I'm being naive here, but anyone who calls themselves an originalist who supports a president who is the epitome of exactly what the founders feared...well, I just don't know how they can even take themselves seriously anymore.
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20 Sep
If this idea gets traction, it will surely bring new balance to our electoral process.
It'll be interesting to see what our arch conservatives think about it.
If you ask me, I think it'll really help the nation heel after a tough 4 years.
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20 Sep
"The number of Justices on the Supreme Court changed six times before settling at the present total of nine in 1869." --a sentence that appears on the website supremecourt dot gov.
Donald Trump said he's considering getting rid of birthright citizenship. He said 4 women of color who are US Representatives and US citizens that they should "go back to their countries." He has celebrated journalists being shot with rubber bullets.
He has called for his political opponents to be jailed. He has used the Department of Justice to investigate his political opponents. He asked a foreign government to investigate his political rival on phony pretenses.
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19 Sep
As @LDBurnett points out in this great piece, the recent White House history conference was basically an extended infomercial for Wilfred McClay's new US History textbook, Land of Hope. This morning I read the book's intro and here's what I found.…
McClay is a serious historian, unlike most of the other folks on that panel. HIs intro is beautifully written & generally compelling, but there were 2 statements that took me up short--1 that's quite a whopper & the other that's more innocuously misleading…
First the whopper. "from the very outset, the western hemisphere was inhabited by people who had come from elsewhere...drawn by the prospect of a new beginning, the lure of freedom, and the space to pursue their ambitions..."
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18 Sep
In 1939 fascists held a rally at Madison Square Garden. Over 20,000 people eagerly attended. They had a big portrait of Geo Washington behind the dais, and this was how they advertised the event--as "pro-American" and anti-communist (note the hammer & sickle in the snake's head).
The image appears in this article about the event. It includes the full recording of the antisemitic speech delivered that evening, and a link to the excellent documentary "A Night at the Garden" about the event.…
The point is not that everyone who has ever called themselves "pro-American" or who has celebrated Washington's birthday is a fascist, it's that American fascists have always used such tactics to cloak themselves in patriotic garb.
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