Good Morning StarSeeds, Beloved Ones, Earth & Galactic Guardians, Protectors, Executioners, Enforcers, Exchequers, Healers & Visitors

DeCode: Increasing amounts of the extended family are consciously awakening to recognize appearances are deceiving &

relearning to utilize other natural inherent skills sets we all have that allows us to recognize the anchor within ourselves, which discloses deception: This is a process & I wish to express to everyone to be compassionate with yourselves: For generations people relied upon
external signals versus trusting the inner calm voice: Comprehend it will take substantial time & continuous application to correct old habits of this outer reliance: There are ZERO short cuts & it is an essential procedural process we are All required to make termed learning
I do hope you are laughing or smiling for the simplicity of reality is continuously overlooked in the process of chasing external solutions versus simply taking time to create a plan as we again do with anything we desire to accomplish: There is a procedure we follow for all
things: Yet due to missing aspects of foundational training, All logical reasoning appears to disappear when something is unfamiliar: Almost as if there is an instant reversion to a blank slate disconnect to fathom the unfamiliarity of what people are experiencing: I express
it in this context to assist anyone who desires to make private effort to comprehend & overcome this disconnect that transpires due to lack of foundational procedural context of reality: Our common sense when reactivated knows we require procedure to accomplish any task well:
The previous gif from Mary Poppins was utilized due to the manner she teaches the children self reliance & procedural process to achieve goals: The part I love is that the nanny is a Meta & assist the children to utilize their inherent Meta gifts to organize & operate in the
world: Everyone has these abilities some are utilizing them occasionally, others Meta potential are dormant: As we are passing through the active Photon Belt the dynamic of positive energy is accelerating the activation of this phenomenal infinite potential that has always
existed within Our DNA Biogenetics: However it requires a calm steady alignment of disciplined "emotions", mind & body to allow the conscious access synchronization to permit Our spiritual connection to be properly activated: There are ZERO short cuts, Old school has purpose
via early foundational training in the management of Our conscious spiritual energy: This allows us to feel the pure natural flow of spiritual energy & to comprehend how to connect at will via disciplined application in our daily life experiences of maintaining a conscious
awareness of energy & energetic frequency all around us: By perceiving the energetic frequency from our own pure Zero point base line, allows us to readily recognize any dissonance or imbalanced frequencies in electronic fields we encounter daily:When we comprehend procedure
we have the ability to recognize how to create or appropriately make a correction as required with what we create: Subsequently we recognize everything that we build may readily be adjusted appropriately to accommodate required upgrades:This is essential prudent practicality
that regretfully is missing in todays society as a result of lack of appropriate foundational comprehension of how to create reality: Notice how at this crucial transitioning moments of civilizations advancement the oscillations of duality are extremely close: Hence I have

historically expressed the context Zero (-0-) Balance from multiple perspectives that is the natural resonance point for any conscious advancement in all things of reality: Absolutely everything to move to a new level or state of being achieves (-0-) prior transitioning:

Reads so simple yet again all prudent, practical procedure appears to be forgotten when people contact unfamiliar realities: The discomfort & fear of the unknown has people clinging to what is familiar even if what is familiar requires adjustment upgrades during transitions:
Our extended family, mankind are presently passing through the one of the most exquisitely magnificent time periods of our spiritual conscious advancement of self governance: The unfamiliarity of this transitioning reality has many people edgy desiring familiarity to ground
themselves versus logical, prudent practicality: The enemy understands human nature extremely well and has created scenario after scenario in attempt to counter in advance the historical progression of undisciplined human emotion & mental states of perception: Step back from
the engagement whenever you are able & observe the swinging pendulum: The amusing part is once we do notice how the drama will appear to search for or chase us: This only due to habit of undisciplined feeling being fed into an emotional stimulation: Hence the requirement to
have a conscious disciplined controlled awareness of when we are being pulled from our center of well being Know this is only a reminder many of you recognize this internally yet the pull of the outer will engage anyone & time poof passes:Halo Beautiful social medias, What?
Marvelous sense of humor is an essential to Our survival kits: The enemy is having serious temper tantrums & is all over the place in working overtime to engage everyone into multiple distractions: The air quality on American West Coast is horrendous…
due to arsonist: I find the areas targeted most interesting: I also know that we have the ability to once again readily have contained these situations prior reaching these portions of hazard to people's health: Question why would anyone desire people to experience injury?
Just another demonstration what continues to transpire, due to loss of narrative control in [their] perception, warrants injuring large portions of the population: The majority of riots & damages to real property could have all been avoided, as with all that is transpiring:
The crisis actors have ZERO actual skill sets, it takes ZERO skill sets to be destructive, injury & murder people & destroy property: As demonstrated upon d.c. the rioters were contained in minutes: The destruction to Our cities is being executed by all political parties:
There is ZERO true election transpiring dear friends & Forgive me for bursting your lovely election bubbles: Self governance has ZERO to do with [their] regain control agenda, based upon accelerating & enforcing genetic research programs operations upon the population via
genetic altering experiments of nanite infested vaccines: Designed to allow heinous beings engaged in genetic research to "openly" do their experimentations, while monitoring the results of any specific designated control groups via connectivity of the Starlink & AI project:
Markers: What was unknown to the public is that former communist China had a substantial loan that became due in the end of October: America & China allegedly reached an agreement: Remember this famously captured dialogue ?
Let's recap
1) September 19, 2019…
2) January 2020 - Initial Trade deal with China…
3) April 7th…
4) April 17…
5) Force Majeure

• • •

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Good Morning Beautiful Paradise Earth, StarSeeds, Loved Ones, Earth & Galactic Guardians, Protectors, Executioners, Enforcers, Exchequers, Healers & Guest

Shall continue context DeCode remember in Space nations historically work together & agreed with

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DeCode from September 13th, Two-Thousand & Nine

Essential basics of public side operations oversight fiduciary administration mechanics of Assets pertaining the missing presumed Dead = you: Any public side liabilities = your settlement responsibility…
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Good Morning Beautiful Earth, StarSeeds, Beloved Ones, Earth & Galactic Guardians, Protectors, Executioners, Enforcers, Exchequers, Healers & Guest

Ongoing Enforcement reminder to the treasonous Warmongers, Pretenders & genocidal Deceiver wolves who

Context this murdering psychopath kills a beautiful young pure woman & is hailed as an Angel

Pay very close attention to those people are pushing to worship & Actual context of Law:

Remember [they] attempted to have everyone placed under Martial Law
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@GoodDog94619152 @CzebotarJessie Most amusing from so many perspectives: First CHINA is operating under my Alive exempt sovereign American control via oversight fiduciaries of America that control the oversight fiduciaries operating on sovereign China
Hence this spin is created by warmongers who lost All control
@GoodDog94619152 @CzebotarJessie Attempt to follow all China's Assets have been Acquired as has all the World's assets: The reality is all have been granted the ability to experience reality due to energy I have been providing: Then to accelerate Enforcement against corrupt oversight fiduciaries I uniquely
@GoodDog94619152 @CzebotarJessie orchestrated numerous pinzer movements upon numerous fiduciary PERSONS (individuals & organizations) over the last decade that resulted in a customized private Foreclosure upon first China than all the Worlds Assets: This are accelerated multiple constructive RICO Tax Audits
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