🧵A lot of people are surprised that you can do hit 10k as a freelancer but you really can. I’ve done it several times so I’ll give some tips in this thread.
1) print pieces

This is easier said than done but try to get a story in print! A lot of magazines will pay $1/word for print and it’s better for you career-wise. The best way to get in print is to ask an editor you’re already working with about their pitching process
2) subscribe to @studyhallxyz, they post snacking opportunities and checking them everyday will help you find new opportunities and well-paying pubs
3) keep spreadsheets

as a freelancer, you need three spreadsheets.

- monthly income tracker (I use this to track invoices, income goals, deadlines, etc)

-editor contact list with rates (this is helpful because when you have ideas, you can try pitching...
Editors with higher rates first

- source contact list (helps you to turn over pieces quickly if you have a list of people you can rely on for a quick quote via email or phone)
4) related to editor spreadsheet but HAVE A DIVERSE POOL OF CLIENTS. The more editors you work with, the more opportunities you have to make money. But don’t forget to maintain good relationships with your steady clients bc they pay your rent. They’re the ground beneath your feet

@britnidlc has been saying this forever and tbh I don’t always follow this advice bc I’m a shy bean on the inside. But asking for more money works out most of the time! Do it!
6) Establish your project rate and your hourly rate.

So I have a project rate, which means I really don’t want to get paid less than $500 for any piece I do. So that helps when telling people what my rates are.

My hourly rate is $50/hr. I try not to work for more time
than that, so I will literally set a timer for myself. This way, you can actually take that assignment that pays $50, but set a boundary for yourself that you’re only going to take an hour out of your day to work on it
7) Figure our what pieces are easier for you

I love interviews, especially author interviews. They’re enjoyable for me, and I’m able to put those pieces together quickly. I’m contrast, cultural criticism is something I struggle with bc I have to put a lot of time in, so
I think longer and harder before pitching one of those, because I can end up spending my whole week working on a piece that pays $150. Even if it’s for a great pub, sometime you can’t afford that!
8) Find an opinion editor who needs quick turnaround

Some opinion editors want your take on the trending topic of the day within two hours. This is GREAT for you. It keeps your hourly rate insanely high, gives you the rest of the day to yourself, gives you more followers, etc..
If you were going to make a Twitter thread about the scandal or horrific incident of the day, guess what? You can probably pitch the editor and actually get paid for the Twitter thread you were going to write/wrote. Bonus points if you set your alarm for 7AM so you
Can be one of the first to pitch on the trending topic
8) social media gigs for orgs

find a job doing socials for an organization that pays at least $25/hour. It’s a steady paycheck for work that most of feel comes very naturally to us. For a job like this, reach out to contacts or check @studyhallxyz
9) kill your darlings

This one may seem a little counterproductive but don’t be afraid to pull pieces if you have to! I have horrible anxiety, so I’ve agonized over pieces that were too much for me, which prevented me from moving on to another project and getting paid
10) speaking opportunities

Universities don’t always pay a lot, and sometimes it’s not worth it for you to travel very far for a $300 honorarium. BUT, I spoke at a university in Denver that was literally a few minutes from my house and that was wonderful
Also, those speaking opportunities lead to more opportunities and if you plan it right (with their travel and hotel stipend) you can make the trip a vacation or a networking trip or both! might be worth it to speak in NY for $300 if you can see your friends AND set up coffee
Meetings with editors and gatherings of writers, and so on

I think that’s all the advice I have from my best months! I’ll add onto the thread if I think of more

• • •

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23 Aug
You are allowed to do almost anything in this life, you have the right.

Whether you should do it... that’s a totally different question. I feel like people get the two mixed up so often, especially in this extremely cursed individualistic society.
People do not like to hear this, but prioritizing yourself at all cost comes at a price, and you may wake up one day and be deeply unhappy with the price you paid.
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I actually like I May Destroy You specifically because of how messy and personal it is. Arabella is an anti-hero and that’s how she’s supposed to be
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And Arabella does shitty things and has shitty ideas and that’s realistic
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This is actually every single thing that is wrong with the “destigmatize mental illness” shit. Y’all only want to destigmatize fairly mild anxiety and depression and burnout. You actually have no interest in destigmatizing delusions, hallucinations, mania and suicidal ideation
You have NO interest in destigmatizing mental illness for those of us who have literally been PUT IN CHAINS and locked into some of the most horrific “hospitals.” You have no interest in destigmatizing people mental illness for people like me
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It’s so easy to ignore him! It’s so fucking easy but y’all act as though he is singlehandedly destroying Black America and it’s up to you and your brigade to stop him.
I don’t talk about ableism and Kanye West because I love Kanye West, I actually dislike him very much. But he is UNWELL. He has admitted that he does not take medication. You are not a fucking doctor. You don’t know how mental illness impacts the way he thinks
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They want to change the culture, but the culture hasn’t influenced them at all. They are perfect.
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