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14 Sep, 26 tweets, 3 min read
1 like = I ask 1 question that YOU answer
1. what mixup do you get hit by the most?
I expect most people to say empty jump low
2. what character do you believe doesn't 'play the game' of the respective game that they're in? hard mode: no tekken chars
3. which matchup that is supposed to be in your characters favor do you actually struggle with? don't lie
4. I don't think the 'dark ages' were all that bad. Do you?
5. what mechanic are you bad at using in the game that you play the most?
6. wasn't it fucking weird that tekken 7 arcade had netplay? people would just show up to the arcade to play online
7. what is your character select song on your mvc2 mix?
8. why do you think newer games focus so much on strike/throw as opposed to space control?
9. the best fighting game stage is the aquarium from kof 2000 yes/no?
10. justin wong tier lists vs leffen tierlists who you got
11. what's the most bullshit mixup or set up that you put people into? this isn't a personal question
12. should every character get a command grab or should every character get a projectile?
13. what do you think about the sf4 alpha? was seth killian right for going apeshit on ono for almost publishing this?
14. do you remember the blanka time stop glitch or was it memory holed?
15. name a character that should never be top tier
16. what is your fgc mount rushmore? eg: tokido, nuki, kazunoko, john choi for me
17. favorite game to watch but not play? hardmode no mvc2
18. Who would you have played if this piece of shit actually came out lmfao
19. Character that only you like
21. character that you wish you could play but are too small brained to play?
22. is this normal
23. how does this make you feel?
24. what's the worst food you've ever had at a tournament/locals?
25. worst tournament you've ever been to?

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24 Jun
Since Melee got rollback modded into it, I think this would be the best time to get this off of my chest.
I'm jealous. The collective fighting game community can never do anything right. I should have never wasted any time playing fgs and should have played melee exclusively.
There's a certain hard truth that fighting game players will never be able to accept and it's that smash will always be more popular. With this, comes a larger scene obviously. So the hard cope is memes about how smash players stink, are children, etc.
I'd be willing to bet that there is a significantly higher percentage of well adjusted smash players than there are fighting game players, even if you subtract the anime sub communities. This is specifically why they have more sponsors despite barely having any help from Nintendo
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