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14 Sep, 20 tweets, 7 min read
Going to comment today, yesterday I responded to the scribbler Shadi Hamid.

“The Democrats May Not Be Able to Concede,”


Atlantic Op-ed: Democrats Will Riot If They Lose, Therefore Republicans Should Let Joe Biden Win breitbart.com/2020-election/… via @BreitbartNews
Think about what the word means

ABLE adjective

1. having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something

2. having considerable skill, proficiency, or intelligence

Similar: allowed to, free to, in a position to, capable of, qualified to, competent to, equal to, fit to
The last similar to the word ABLE is PREPARED to.

The democrats PREPARED to Concede?

The democrats ran the most unaccomplished group of Presidential candidates fielded since 1988 and Dukakis.

Really, they never PREPARED to have a leader in their party. Think about that.
The democrats were not PREPARED to win last time with Hillary Clinton either. There was nothing exceptional about HRC was a devote of Saul Alinsky. Gave her cred with the Marxist sure but she was such a failure as a lawyer that she was tossed off Nixon's WaterGate inquiry.
I mean, Hillary was probably the most unlikable First Lady because she didn't know her place. Demanding to be Co-President and insulting all women who raised families. She was put in charge of a commission to take over 1/7th of the US economy with single payer healthcare.
Shadi may actually be telling us something useful . . democrats clearly have done nothing to prepare themselves to win ~ Up and down the ticket:

Nancy Pelosi 80 years
Steny Hoyer 81 years
Jerry Nadler 73 years
Carolyn Maloney 74 years
Eliot Engel 73 years
How could I have forgotten Auntie Maxine Waters 82 years old who is the Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee.

Are you all getting the picture?
So WHY aren't the democrats ABLE to *Concede*

Similar: allowed to, free to, in a position to, capable of, qualified to, competent to, equal to, fit to, prepared to.

*ALLOWED TO implies they are being directed by a someone or a group of someones. Doesn't it?
Citizen Tom gets right to the point.

The party RULES by Committee.

Joe's an empty suit and his only claim to fame is he was a plagiarist. Needing only a pulse, Joe is 77 (if he makes it to January 2021 will be 78).

Who is going to be President if we cede to their demand?
Greg makes an astute observation.

No one who assumed leadership was COMPETENT when the democrats regained the house in 2018. They have promoted those without skill. Participation trophies given because they had a D next to their name on the ballot.

Think about that.
They've relied on identity politics to win. With Trump having kept his promises with the help of the GOP has done something no other politician in modern history has.

He raised the bar. People realized race doesn't matter.

You heard me. The color of your skin does not matter.
I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal".
— Martin Luther King Jr • August 28 1963

American's know democrats cannot deliver hope and deny change.
As I'm writing this and thinking about the great men and women of history, I am listening to a rambling, ranting Joe Biden give a dark, divisive speech from a field in Wilmington Delaware on CLIMATE CHANGE and death.

@MyBrothers111 has the rest of my point here 👇 Extortion
The democrats have nothing to inspire anyone to vote FOR.

Someone put Obama into office. A Jr Senator from Illinois who had a sketchy history as a community organizer should never have been the DNC's choice, but he was . . . and WHO did BO turn on? Because he did.
Think about the old favorite phrase of a democrat Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill ~ "all politics are local".

The shutdowns, crime, and riots are being done exclusively in democrat run cities and states.

If you live there and you are not insane, what's your plan?
So here is where I'm going to surprise you and tell you I don't see spooky dude behind all this.

Nope, someone using his tactics because that's who I think Barry turned on when he got in bed with the Mullahs in Iran and China.

Who's been in bed with the CCP?
Someone or a group is funding all of this. This would never work in my area because, TBH? The "rioters" wouldn't live long.

They are ramping up for DC and the White House now. I'm not sure I have the answer but I do know who is funding these articles.
Just a side note that may have struck REAL FEAR into them. . . Trump said he would be addressing the problem of wealth inequality next.

Could that be it?

It was a promise that had me almost on the floor . . .

• • •

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