All aspects of American culture have now been weaponized in pursuit of Left-wing narratives about the inherent evils of America. The predictable result will be that Americans who disagree will build their own cultural institutions. Which, honestly, we should have done long ago.
Want to buy yoga pants? Resist capitalism. Want to watch football? America is systemically racist. Want to watch a movie? If you want it to be Oscar-nominated, make sure it mirrors woke priorities in plot and staffing. Want to work at this company? Listen to Robin DiAngelo.
Sooner or later, huge swaths of Americans are simply going to say no. They won't be able to do so until there are alternatives. Now is the time for conservatives to build those alternatives.
Actually, yesterday was the time. But conservatives were too busy donating to their local political candidates to worry about the takeover of the culture, and were imbibing the bromide that these wokesters would grow out of their immaturity as they entered the real world.

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21 Sep
Democrats' radically nuclear response to the SCOTUS vacancy is a real threat to Joe Biden's candidacy. Up until now, Biden has been able to run as the "take a breath" candidate. Things have been crazy; here's an empathetic elderly gentleman who will restore normalcy.
All of that goes by the wayside when Dems threaten to kill the filibuster, ram through new states, pack the court, and impeach people just to delay Supreme Court hearings. Now the election becomes a referendum on the new, far more threatening batch of crazy Dems are proposing.
And it IS crazy. If Democrats were to kill the filibuster, add states, and pack the court, the fundamental nature of the federal government would be completely rewritten. Essentially, a bare majority of Democrats would be able to, unchecked, rewrite the Constitution.
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14 Sep
The Floyd family lawyers here are just straight-up lying about the fact that Floyd had large amounts of fentanyl in his system. Autopsy results are science.
There is a theme here. The theme is that Benjamin Crump is a terrible source for true information. A sampling.
Jacob Blake was "breaking up a fight between two women." -- Benjamin Crump
"That [Michael Brown] would be chased and shot, and then when he puts his hands up that the police who were supposed to protect him repeatedly shoots him?" -- Benjamin Crump
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9 Sep
The oppo research is coming from inside the President's mouth.
That right there is a liveshot of the entire WH comms team.
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4 Sep
This IMHE model suggests another 9,000 deaths in NY, another 15,000 deaths in FL, another 3,000 deaths in AZ, and a whopping 23,000 more deaths in TX. It assumes we will hit 3,000 deaths per day again in December. This seems extraordinarily unlikely.
1. Death rates have been dropping radically, and will drop even more radically in coming weeks as therapeutics come on line.
2. The projected winter increase assumed a seasonality in terms of infections -- but throughout the south, infections have already exploded and receded.
3. There is no evidence of a "second wave" anywhere in areas that have already been hard hit; there seems to be a serious first wave, and then the virus peters out.
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2 Sep
There is literally no justification for this position given the facts currently known. This is inflammatory garbage.
There was an open warrant on Jacob Blake for sexual assault and domestic abuse. Cops were called to the scene because a prior sexual assault victim called them and alleged that Blake digitally raped her with her child in the room.
He resisted arrest, leaned into his car, and a knife was found on the floorboards of the driver's side.
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30 Aug
"We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence — on many sides. On many sides." - Trump on Charlottesville
"I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right." -- Biden on Portland
Before we hear about Biden's courageous and calming statement, let's just remember that the world was set on fire by Trump's failure to explicitly condemn the alt-right. Biden doesn't get to escape that same fire just because he's going light on BLM and Antifa.
Remember, those Trump comments were so egregious that they supposedly prompted Biden to get into the 2020 race. So why won't Biden just condemn the obvious instigators of the violence in America's major cities we've been seeing for months?
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