#WalkAway "Everyone has been messaging me “How can you vote for Trump, you hated him so much!”
They are shocked because I was a Hillary supporter, a very loud leftist & I even campaigned for democrats in my district in 2018. But I’ve finally had enough & I will tell you why.

I know for some reason everyone gets really mad about all the mean things the big bad orange man SAYS, but I’m more worried about what Democrats DO.

In New York, Gov. Cuomo forced Covid patients back into nursing homes & forced them to stay there, except for his own mother

who he relocated to keep her safe. 11,000 seniors died.

In Portland, Antifa camps are paid for by tax dollars and rest on City of Portland property. Their DA drops all riot charges and releases them no bail for 100 nights. Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler never once denounced

BLM riots or antifa, instead he just moved to his $1.2 million Oregon beach home.

Same thing in San Jose California, riots go uncondemned & charges dropped. The mayor has moved out of the city after the mob came & vandalized her in-district home.

RGB officiates a wedding

without a mask, while the rest of us delay our weddings and worry about capacity while burying our loved ones.

In San Francisco, residents must endure their streets being inundated with feces, piss, and used needles as the homeless openly shoot up heroin in the street.

Businesses are closed down for 6 months, and residents suffer while Nancy Pelosi stocks her $20,000 refrigerator with ice cream and orders salons to open for her personally so she can go around unmasked and get her hair done.

In Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren believes

parents should be forced to send their children to failing public schools, while she sends her children to private school.

In Chicago, murder rates soar and street gangs declare open war on Chicago Police Department. More unarmed black people will be killed in one weekend

in this city than all unarmed black people killed by police last year across the country. The Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot orders over 100 police to guard her home in Logan Square, while her citizens are murdered with impunity.

And the list goes on, I just got tired of


The media is a trap, the Democrat Party is a trap. Their goal is to make people believe that Trump is the most racist evil thing to ever happen to this country. Once they’ve got you convinced of this, they believe you’ll vote for them no matter what. They believe

they can even rig their primary 2 elections in a row and put a literal segregationist and slave trade legacy on the ticket (whom no one wanted or voted for), and people will vote for them. Their plan is ultimate government dependency, which they will enforce through

draconian legislation and media bullying that only applies to YOU, not them.

Sorry, I’m a little smarter than that. Not falling for the trap.

#Trump2020" - A. 🇺🇸


• • •

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27 Sep
#WalkAway "If you had told me I'd be supporting Donald Trump 5 months ago, I would have laughed in your face. I hated - HATED - Trump since just before he was elected. I had visceral reaction when I saw Trump bumper stickers. I unfollowed friends on Facebook if they often

posted about him in a positive light -- "ignorant", I thought. I cried angry tears when he was not impeached this past winter.
My background: I suppose a "bleeding heart" Christian. Undeclared politically, and never voted a party line, but I generally was very liberal.

I am a trauma therapist. It has become my passion and motivation to learn to work well with people who have experienced significant trauma. I have spent a good amount of my time and resources on quality trauma training, books, and consultation with experts who are further

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#WalkAway "My walk away testimony
I voted for Trump reluctantly in 2016 only because The Affordable Care Act wasn’t affordable for me and my family. I’m a wife and mom of four rapidly growing teenagers. I work full-time and I’m an entrepreneur. We work hard to provide for

our family and the cost of our health coverage is ridiculous! For most of my life I have always voted Democrat because I thought it was the party of the working class as I had been taught, but when I saw how Obamacare was stressing my already stretched budget, I couldn’t

take it anymore. A few years prior my family suffered severe financial hardship and we had no health insurance. I had Obama to thank for the thousands of dollars my struggling family paid in penalties for not having coverage. I received backlash from my friends and family

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26 Sep
#WalkAway "Hey! My names Kendra, I’m a 22 year old Black American CONSERVATIVE❤️🤍💙. I’ve since had to discontinue a number of relationships with both long-term friends and family when I decided to walk away from the Democratic plantation back in 2016 when I voted for Trump

1 Image
which was definitely NOT allowed. I was extremely liberal picking fights with anyone who opposed me both online and irl I was always in a very angry state having believed the propaganda that police were out to get me and whites had an unfair advantage over people who looked

like me. At the time I was in a long-term relationship with a high school boyfriend who happened to be Caucasian the presidential elections were coming up & we both knew we weren’t republican and we were fixing to graduate so we settled on Bernie. As the election grew closer

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26 Sep
#WalkAway "Well I been reading these stories for months, and posting them all over my fb page. There's a lot of 💓 and hope here. I was born/raised in New York to a Jewish/Italian Mom and Black Father. Alot of my family are Democrats and probably don't even know why. I know

some of them voted for the last dude simply because he was black. The rest of us just been intellectually lazy, or lied to all our lives by the music and pop culture leaders, the media, those morning radio shows in our urban areas hosted by angry, bitter, jealous so called

woke hosts who lie their butts off about this President, and others who go against the grain. They take advantage of our ignorance.

Growing up where I was from we thought slick willy was cool for the sleeping around and playing the saxophone on them night shows. If I knew

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25 Sep
#WalkAway "Guess who got “woke”? This girl and her husband! 🙌🏼 We both where born and raised Democrats. I am Hispanic originally from Texas and he is Black/Hispanic from VA. We both now live in N.C now that we are both our of the military. We where raised to believe that we

vote Democratic because we where middle class and the Republican Party didn’t have our best interests at heart.

As we have both become adults with minds of our own we began to notice our beliefs, morals, values, &,interests more coincided with those of the Republican Party.

Afraid to #walkaway due to backlash from family & friends we straddled the line. We finally agreed we have to go with our gut & if family and friends can’t accept that it’s a them problem not an us problem. This election we are proud to say we will stand with President Trump.

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24 Sep
#WalkAway "Hello everyone! New here and newly walked away just a few months ago. I've been a life long democrate due to my family being told to vote democrate since my mother could remember. I never paid attention to politics before this year and did what I was told. I voted

Obama because he was black twice and Hilary because she was a woman, never paying attention to what they did for us. My #WalkAway came from history itself.

I started with watching the movie True State of Jones and saw how the republican party was created in 1868 (I think),

then did a DNA test and found out my Great grandfather came from Europe in the 1900s which is when the parties switched. He was apart of the great depression. The 1933 Great New Deal Act was created by the Democrates to "help" the people, making this country a walfare state.

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