Further on my: Since we have presidents and governments that hate blue states for political advantage, blue states should secede if post-election the problem continues:

Red state politicians arent all stupid & crazy. They know that red states depend on blue state money.../1
...they know that the red states would have massive upheaval - imposition of massive taxes and huge cutting of services - they will know that "blame blame" and "whatabout" doesnt work when there is no one to blame. And they know that Texas cant finance red state America...2
...all on its own.

Just a serious effort to do this would scare the living hell out of GOP politicians. Blue staters would shrug. "You guys want your minority to govern the majority? Go ahead." A serious effort might give red state politicians pause, recognizing that their...3
.."let's hate more than half of America, vote for me!"doesnt work.

I live in Texas, but I would immediately put my house up for sale and move. My senators and governor, @JohnCornyn @tedcruz @GregAbbott_TX, have made it very very clear that they hate half their constituents...4
...they consider insulting us, degrading us, ignoring us, to be smart politics. So fuck 'em. You don't want us, @JohnCornyn @tedcruz @GregAbbott_TX? You want to insult rather than represent us? Fine. Then let's split up the country. I'll move to Massachusetts & take my taxes...5
...i pay into a government led by a minority that hates the majority leave.

And as Fox starts cheering and cheering as a serious effort by blue states to leave starts, they will suddenly realize - wait. We live in blue states. We depend on blue states. And if they keep...6
...attacking for ratings, as GOP politicians realize the devastation that would be inflicted on red states by a breakup, they might start pushing Hannity to tone it down. And let Hannity move from New York where he is despised to Idaho where he is beloved.

Oh, and one more...7
...benefit of breakup. Blue America would never have to accept a lying propaganda network like Fox again. Canada has standards on truthfulness that Fox can't pass, so does Britain, which is why it is in neither country. Blue America adopts those same rules, and Fox is gone....8
...let them try to make money from the minority of citizens, let them try to make money from the poorest, most uneducated states. Because they will never be allowed to speak to the wealthy states again. Oh, and by the way - the same Canadian standards on broadcasting lies...9
...would be applied. No network in blue America would be allowed to broadcast propaganda into red America. So buh-bye Fox. Your offices are closed, and you have to move to Texas - but since it will be quickly packed, maybe south dakota.


• • •

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22 Sep
The best option is to vote in person. However, since you will likely encounter Trumpers refusing to wear masks, you have to make sure you are fully protected.

Experts (Fauci/Birx) recommend wearing both a mask and a face shield because the mask.../1
...doesnt protect you from transmission through the fluids in your eyes. You can buy faceshields on Amazon, or you can make one yourself quite easily. Same with a mask. The @CDCgov - for all its uselessness - does give good instructions on DIY masks...2
...face shields are very easy. Using a piece of acetate - again, can be ordered online - with some household materials makes it easy. It's terrible that we should go to vote in person in a pandemic, but the entire key to winning by the GOP is to slow...3

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22 Sep
On the ballot:

1. Gay marriages being outlawed and loving couples ripped apart.
2. Women forced to give birth to their rapists' child.
3. Women forced to give birth to an unwanted child because some cells are in her..../1
4. Unwanted children left hungry & uneducated as GOP further cuts social safety net and money for public schools.
5. Millions of people with preexisting conditions charged unaffordable sums and lose health insurance.
6. Millions of others losing subsidies and losing insurance../2
7. Social Security & Medicare financing gutted.
8. Climate change unstopped. 10s of millions killed around world
9. COVID ignored, communities of color ravaged.
10. Dem plan to pass law repudiating Citizens United, dramatically decreasing corporate money in elections, is gone...3
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22 Sep
A country can’t survive when arcane rules overwhelms democracy, putting a minority party in power that abuses its position.

Dems had 12 million more votes for Senats than GOP in 2018, and lost seats.

Hillary had 3 million more votes than Trump and lost..../1
...GOP won 49% of the vote for house but received 55% of the power in 2016. Democrats won 48% of the vote, but walked away with 44% of the power.

This would not be so bad if the GOP had integrity, recognized that it represents a minority in this country. Instead they abuse...2
...power, shoving their petty power plays down the throat of the vast vast majorities of Americans.

This is how revolutions occur. And this is why @SenFeinstein is completely wrong about the filibuster. If the minority is going to abuse the power it obtains over the...3
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21 Sep
If @JoeBiden wins & dems get senate, they *must*:
1. Pass law that Electoral College electors be named based on Congressional district victory, with 2 named on statewide majority. No more "winner take all."
2. Expand SCOTUS to #27Justices, to match structure of lower courts.../1
..neither requires Constitutional amendments. Court will have to be expanded first because otherwise politicians in robes Alito and Thomas will lead a strike down of electoral college rule. THAT law perfectly matches structure of Article II, Section 1, Clauses 2 and 3, which.../2
...assigns electors based on number of Congressional districts and senate seats. It is irrational to argue those numbers were just picked out of the air. Why have elections based on districts and senate numbers if they are not allotted that way?.../3
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21 Sep
Technically, although it is beyond human decency, GOP has the constitutional authority to nominate a new SCOTUS pick even before RGB's funeral, and confirm quickly. BUT this shows not just hypocrisy, but that the GOP spat on the Constitution by refusing to consider Garland.../1
...and that they could do it only because the Founders never imagined that there would be an entire political party with zero integrity and zero respect for the foundations of the country. They never imagined that a party would search for a loophole - that the Founders had to...2
...write the Constitution with the specificity of the tax code to account for every bit of dishonesty an unAmerican political party could dream up. Nor did they consider that there would be voters who would put up with spitting on the Constitution. I *have* to believe that..../3
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20 Sep
Yesterday we mourned. Today, we act.

I began gathering people to meet today for strategy. We were going to meet at my house. But now 40 people want to join, so we're on zoom. This is about how we can work to take the White House & take the Senate. Where to donate money.../1
...and all volunteer opportunities and for who.

Do not sit feeling powerless. As much as the GOP tries to stop it, this *is* a democracy. Fight back. There are weeks until the election. There is much to be done and no time for self-pity. Will we stop GOP on SCOTUS? Unlikely...2
...and if they get the nominee, this is not done. We need the Senate, we need the presidency. Then, we can reform, reshape SCOTUS, eliminate the politicization. Expand it to a real court where the future is not dependent on GOP trickery.../3

Read 4 tweets

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