Friends, today I am asking you to share my Letter in the @Oregonian. Portland deserves fair coverage of this campaign, not status quo editorial decisions that favor the incompetent incumbent.…
Key points: by any standard of competitiveness we are out-volunteering, out-fundraising, out-polling and out-messaging our current Mayor. We have a clear path to victory, yet we are denied equal or fair coverage, often.
I’m a successful small business founder, a PSU-educated expert in urban sustainability, and a globally-connected policy wonk. I also believe in peaceful protest. Continually, media refers to me dismissively only as an “activist.”
Obviously everyone who runs for office gets public scrutiny. But being the only woman running for Mayor as an #EverydayAntifascist, I receive violent and misogynistic threats daily that shake my family. Then media asks me to condemn violence that I do not practice or encourage.
The Mayor has direct control over the police and rarely gets asked directly to condemn police violence. Yet I am asked to answer for and condemn every distracting act of petty vandalism at Portland protests - even if I’m not present.
I have detailed plans on a host of issues on my website which media rarely asks me about. My opponent has a list of bullet points and an implied “trust me” — when he has broken the public trust countless times by taking illegal donations and opposing climate action.
There are plenty of other examples. But the reason here is clear: the status quo doesn’t want to allow a historic, grassroots campaign like ours to succeed even when all signs point to being highly effective, qualified, and ready to lead.
Maybe I don’t look like some people’s idea of a leader. I would offer that the usual leaders - rich men in suits with family wealth and Ivy League degrees - are exactly who brought us to climate catastrophe, COVID incompetence, overpolicing, and white nationalist gangstalking.
I’m offering a progressive alternative to that failure of imagination, and a new model for leadership: the kind that comes from everyday people, the kind that isn’t afraid of women in charge, and the kind that believes Portland has everything we need to fix our problems.
It is a pessimistic view of the world that says only a certain pedigree are qualified to lead - particularly when they’ve done such a rotten job. I know the people of Portland have the answers. We are the optimists, and we need to keep pushing for the world we know we deserve.
After you share, join the campaign formally at - we need you on phones, writing postcards, and texting your neighbors to help us overcome the unacceptable status quo
We need everyone in Portland who supports to donate any amount to help us meet our goals. We use Open and Accountable Elections to match your first $50 six times, we cap donations at $250, and we refuse corporate money’s corrupting influence.
We need your voice on social media boosting us, we need your letters to the local papers, we need your commitment to house parties and putting up posters. Get involved and help us win this historic people’s campaign for Portland Mayor.
Unlike the current mayor, I would never try to do this alone. It takes all of us, a city full of movements for housing for all, safe streets, Black entrepreneurship, gun violence prevention, climate justice and so much more. We’ve got this Portland. Join us.
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8 Sep
With trees down around the city, and power going out for many of our neighbors last night, we should all hope that EMTs can reach those in need, that elders in need of AC stay cool, and that people who need oxygen have battery-powered backup.
Portland is living through several concurrent disasters. Our preparation level was inadequate before COVID and not enough progress has been made to protect our children from the next crisis, whatever it may be.
Disaster response & climate resilience are linked. We must build local solar energy infrastructure to meet carbon goals, but also because community-located energy systems are far more resilient in inclement weather events like last night.
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6 Sep
Ted Wheeler recognizes the community is unified in our opposition to police violence, particularly following last night’s brutal gassing of innocent people in East Portland neighborhoods, people who were trying to sleep in their own homes.
In today’s Oregonian interview, Wheeler repeats Fox News talking points and accuses me of condoning violence - yet another man putting words in my mouth instead of listening to what I have said.…
It takes two minutes of searching to find my direct statements saying I of course condemn violence. I've been decrying police violence for even longer, because the unequal enforcement of the law was the originating act of violence that sparked these protests.
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30 Aug
While facts are limited, what we do know is that one individual is dead at the hands of another on the streets of Portland. This violence is unacceptable, and I condemn it in absolute terms. Unfortunately, this violence was predicted by many but preventable. (Thread)
As gun violence, political violence, and police violence continue to plague our community we must come together to condemn such action and heal our community through not just nonviolent action and condemnation of attacks, but also through real transformative progress in our city.
The unrest will not end until there is a long due reckoning with the polarization, racism, and inaction that has festered for too long. We cannot gas, beat, and arrest our way to healing. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves, and make this city one that works for all.
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23 Aug
When the law does not apply equally to everyone, it is not a law, but a privilege for those who don't face enforcement. The President’s lawlessness inspires his supporters to act with impunity. Our current Mayor’s disregard for the law trickles down into the Police he oversees.
Wheeler has thrown up his hands in defeat and now waits out the remaining days of his term while Portland twists in the wind. Last month, Wheeler’s re-election campaign paid out more in fines for campaign finance violations than he raised from his wealthy donors.
Wheeler has even lost trust from moderates and conservatives for his failure to keep our city safe. It is not just Portland's left who are sorely disappointed in his leadership.
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19 Aug
White nationalists are terrorizing Portland with pipe bombs in Laurelhurst Park, live ammunition downtown, and a near-miss of vehicular homicide in North Portland.
But Ted Wheeler uses his platform to paint Black Lives Matter as a threat, while ignoring the dumpster fire of white nationalist and anti-Black violence infecting Portland.
To be sure, a few people act foolishly under the cover of Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Violence and hate speech is ugly and wrong, no matter who does it.
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19 Jul
Our Portland is a thriving city that every one of us has a part in creating - community activists, neighbors, workers, youth and seniors, students and educators, Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, White, Latinx, Middle Eastern, ...
Pacific Islander, African, Slavic, multiracial, able and disabled, queer and trans, citizen, resident, and undocumented, gendered and nonbinary...
every last one of us… has an important role to play in making Our Portland the city it deserves to be. The city we all deserve. The city our children deserve and that the future requires.
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