Trump arguing in favor of extrajudicial killings of "retribution" is an escalation of what he's already been doing: Encouraging right wing militias and law enforcement to band together to help him steal the election.…
Trump didn't bother with the legal justifications for killing Michael Reinoehl. Instead, he's talking about it as if it's necessary for cops to kill people in "retribution", rather than letting the justice system handle it.
It would seem that it would have been better for the right if Reinoehl had been tried, drawing out efforts to turn Aaron Danielson into a martyr. But with "retribution" talk, Trump is encouraging right wing militias and cops to band together — and to lash out against the left.
Basically, Trump needs violent manpower to keep people from voting, shut down vote-counting after the election, and suppress street protests demanding that all votes are counted. And he's encouraging an alliance between cops and right wing militias to get that manpower.
This "retribution" justification for killing is Trump letting his followers know that he believes laws against murder are too onerous, and they should decide for themselves if someone "deserves" to be killed. The purpose of that should be obvious.

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25 Sep
Look, I know this is very scary. But believe me when I say that this is actually good news. Because Trump is giving up the advantage of surprise in his attemped coup.…
A lot of us have been saying for a long time that, knowing who Trump is, that he will refuse to leave and try to steal the election is nearly inevitable. Here is a piece I wrote over a year ago predicting exactly that.…
The reaction I got to that piece left me convinced he would pull it off. It was nothing but liberals pooh-poohing me, saying he wouldn't dare and our institutions would protect us. I was depressed, because the first step towards preventing a coup is accepting it is happening.
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23 Sep
200,000 people have died. The virus is still spreading. Over 13 million are unemployed. But Trump and McConnell are too concerned with crushing democracy to give a crap about Americans. They see us only as an obstacle to their power.…
As for Trump voters, well, their only goal is to make the liberals cry. Certainly, ending democracy as we know it and letting hundreds of thousands of people die is a good way to make liberals cry. Sociopath logic rules the party now.
Trump can't be bothered to care about 200,000 people dead. He's way too busy bragging about how he intends to stack the court to deprive Americans of their right to vote. Image
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22 Sep
Despite all the various scandals of the past month, Trump still is sticking by the "let people get sick and die and lie about strategy" with the coronavirus. Which is why he can't be trusted to handle the distribution of a vaccine.…
Last night, Trump said "virtually nobody" is affected by the coronavirus, because it primarily affects "elderly people". Which happens to be much of his audience and oh yeah, himself. Image
Even worse, the CDC took down a guidance that accurately stated that the coronavirus is transmitted easily in indoor, crowded spaces. Not hard to see why Trump, who wants political rallies and schools to open, didn't like that inconvenient truth. Image
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21 Sep
The upcoming Supreme Court fight is a crucial reminder: While Trump may land the killing blow, it was McConnell who did most of the dirty work to murder our democracy.…
It was McConnell who realized he could use the undemocratic power of the Senate to engineer a hostile takeover of the federal courts, holding dozens of seats open, instead of confirming Obama judges, and packing them with Trump appointees. Image
McConnell then used that same trick to steal a Supreme Court seat. And forget his talk about what "the American people" want. The American people wanted Obama or Clinton to fill those seats. That's who they voted for. Image
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20 Sep
Three years ago, I wrote a piece exposing how Milo Yiannopoulos appears to have faked being "censored" by Berkeley in 2017, so he could play the victim and imply that fascist ideas are so scintillating that the left dare not let them be heard.…
When I reached out to Milo to ask for the evidence that he claimed to have that he was being "censored", this was his reply.
Milo is long gone, his grifting and fascism being too obvious even for the right to keep him around for long. However, his strategy of making false claims of censorship — which has morphed into whining about "cancel culture" — has metastasized on the right.
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19 Sep
I don't even need to look at Twitter to guess people are having a fight over how "surprised" you get to be that McConnell is a depraved liar and a hypocrite. But fuck that noise. You don't need to be surprised to be fucking outraged.
Stop please. Just stop prioritizing your desire to feel savvy over our very critical need right now to be singing our fury from every mountaintop in the nation. Our "savviness" is killing us. Stop being savvy and start being angry.
Savvy may feel good, but it exerts no pressure and does nothing to change things. Ginsburg never substituted being "savvy" for being strategic. And we should follow in her footsteps.
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