Although,there is a growing sense of frustration among us on our collective failure to protect our children from sexual abuse
I DO NOTsupport chemical castrations as a means of reducing this,simply bcz it’s not practically applicable&May not achieve the desired outcomes 👇
I believe it does need further debate
First Some facts
Chemical castration:a form of punishment that has been around for many years&been adopted in some developed countries including Russia,Poland&Germany
Reported studies have shown reduction through this programme from 40%to5%
How it’s done :
1: antidepressant that reduces obsessive compulsive disorders
2: anti androgens : that reduces testosterone levels in the blood to prepubertal levels.
Needs repeated doses and monitoring.
1:It Will require constant injectable that need to be given when convict is still Outside and if placed in jail how long he will stay in jail or be free outside
2: may needs constant monitoring
3: Added cost to already crumbling and overstretched law enforcement units.
4: Disturbing reality, mostly brushed under the carpet is that most child sexual abuse happens inside home “incest is the largest form of abuse” r we ready to casters family members ??? How chemical castration will address this complexity ?( cont)
I believe the magic bullet is PROSECUTION
As studies have shown that in most places for child abuse the conviction rate is only 1 %, with 4% acquittal and 95% unresolved .
PROSECUTION is the answer simply because
In Pak, There are not enough conviction , there is pendency of cases, and we have overburdened police force and judiciary.

Rather investing in chemical castration we should Invest in building basic infrastructure consisting of 👇
1; child friendly special and women protection courts in every district
3: Ensuring Trail decisions within 6-8mnths
4: Child awareness programme in school Teaching them What’s the difference between good touch& “bad touch , ensuring child feel safe about reporting such cases.
Please feel free to comment , as this issue doesn’t need a good debate from all the members of society.

• • •

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@ZaidZamanHamid The Prophet Mohammed ( PBUH) gives extreme importance to his own health and public health. Pandemic is a reality and has happened in their times. The most important factor in the pandemic is the element of human contact, which should be decreased.
@ZaidZamanHamid As, Cafer Kardas professor of divinity at Uludag University, and and many others scholars have mentioned that Prophet MOhammed has given his narrative about the concept of present day modern quarantine fourteen hundred years ago,”1/3
@ZaidZamanHamid This is in reference to his famous Hadees
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The bottom line is that NS was critically ill as per medical reports realeased from UK doctors to the point where he needed to have medical interventions / stay under medical surveillance, The nature of his medical conditions involving heart and blood problem 1/3
is lifelong issues, won’t be solved in ONE day as a result he will remain in that condition even if he returns. Now NS and PMLN being aware of this Realistic situation, is in a position to blackmail gov as long as they like With a narrative that if anything happen to him 2/3
PTI and IK to be blamed . On the other hand PTIand it’s ill informed misinters ( @fawadchaudhry) denying the fact that he is faking, is absolutely absurd stand, giving more strength to PMLN agenda against PTI.
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23 Aug
PTi needs to stop dramatizing the NS return case. Let’s just be realistic for once , as per the latest medical note of the doctors from UK, NS won’t be able to live in a jail even if he returns due to his complex heart disease that needs vigilant monitoring.1/2
putting him in a jail without recovering a single penny will further distract PTI attention from core issues of the country with out achieving any thing constructive. Instead they will end up spending more money for his medical surveillance in jail.2/3
The likely scenario for us as a nation if he returns will be endless talk shows& useless press conferences on NS health issues where both party leaders will be defending their position on this subject ignoring core issues of Pak 🇵🇰.
PMLN: should choose new Leader PTI: Move on -
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@MSharifKhattak @omar_quraishi @najiaashar Such harassment (online or offline) are a result of a deeply entrenched patriarchal gender system that dis- criminates against women and favours “a dominant normative form of masculinity in our society. 1/3
@MSharifKhattak @omar_quraishi @najiaashar Most of the female journalists stated that they were trying to curb the issue of harassment on a personal level. I argue that there are no personal solutions to this. Only collective action can bring about a permanent reduction in, if not an end, to gender-based harassment.2/3
@MSharifKhattak @omar_quraishi @najiaashar However despite collective efforts, In Pak context,there is still a long way to go as journalists who are responsible for exposing such issues are shying away from reporting the issue of their own harassment.They need support and encouragement with the help of digital technology
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30 Jul
@MSharifKhattak @ImranKhanPTI I fully endorsed you on this, National consensus with the current ruling political leadership in Sindh involving all stakeholders is the key. With irrational overtakes, u might get short term benefits but in long term it will lead to deep unrest. 1/3
@MSharifKhattak @ImranKhanPTI Any assistance from Fedral gov should be seen and directed as a facilitator and not as a overtaker. People like Ali Zadi advising PM in absolutely wrong direction. In current situation of Karachi , If you drive out the PPP from gov it would do more damage than good.2/3
@MSharifKhattak @ImranKhanPTI One has to make the most of the given situation&whether someone like it or not,PPP has the mandate for Sindh, must bear the responsibility. It may not be ideal for PTI to support PPP politically but for national interest&people of Karachi,they must empowerPPP until next election
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