What causes fat gain?

It's a question that everyone and their brother (and fave Twitter guru) has an opinion on.

I'm no exception.

There's a few things I believe are truly driving obesity.

Spoiler alert: It's not "carbs" or "sugar" or "seed oils" or "soy"...
Things that are driving obesity:

1. Breakdown of traditional family eating times

For eons, we ate "breakfast, lunch, and dinner".

MAYBE a healthy snack in between lunch and dinner.

And now?

24/7 food. Snacks in work breakrooms and schools.

We are rarely without food...
2. The 2-income trap

It's rare to have only 1 family member working in a house - which is how it used to be.

Mom AND Dad must provide just to keep up.

As a result, there tends to be a lack of a "homemaker" and someone to cook a healthy dinner.

Which leads me to...
3. Reduced frequency of home cooked meals

When I was younger, it was rare to dine out.

Once per month, max.

We NEVER dined out for lunch or breakfast - ever. We always ate food from home.

This has changed in a drastic way over the years.

Mostly due to...
4. "Required" convenience

No time to cook your own food? What should you do?

Most people just grab a sack of crap via take out.

Or Ubereats, Doordash, etc.

With kids going to 47 different practices and both parents working, what other option is there for many?
5. Capitalism

Deeply ingrained into our fabric of America - is capitalism.

While not inherently a bad thing, it has some unintended consequences.

We expect:

> Value

Which usually means "I want a lot for a little bit of $$"

Which means...
... that restaurants need to keep food cheap, tasty, and in big portions.

Which leads to using processed food additives, which tend to have more calories than their alternatives.

Add in our need for monstrous sizes to "feel" the value in the meal, and BOOM.

There you go.
6. Lack of exercise

This is a no brainer.

Your average American does not exercise, period, point blank.

If they're lucky, they go on a few walks per week, max.

This is an obvious reason for weight gain.

Too many desks. Too many fluorescent lights.

Not enough exercise.
There are more of course, but these are the main ones... now, let's have some fun and reverse engineer these...

We need to:

> Stick to standard meal times to reduce snacking and overall calories

> Commit to making and eating home cooked meals each evening for dinner
> Reduce greatly or eliminate dining out - especially for lunches and breakfasts (meal prepping is a must)

> Pay for your own, healthy convenience (pre cut veggies/fruits, pre-made healthy meals, etc)

> Get out of the "capitalistic" view of food. Bigger portions =/= more value.
> Exercise more frequently (a no brainer)

Now, would "eat less carbs" help?

Probably. Same with any other food that is *CORRELATED* with weight gain.

But it won't "solve" anything.

It runs deeper than that.


• • •

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As such, we tend to try to make life easier.

Enter low carb/fasting.

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You start to make progress.
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