As promised: every time I see an attempted hack on my laptop, this story will be tweeted.
On the 7 terabytes of conversation that Greenwald obtained from a convicted criminal (embezzler, swindler etc) & used to destroy some reputations while sparing others…
One can imagine the extraordinary power of a gang of swindlers who had possession of 7 terabytes of communication from the most powerful people in Brazil, from Jair Bolsonaro to the head of Congress, from Supreme Court judges like Gilmar Mendes to Alexandre de Moraes.
Worse yet, several of these targets were being monitored in real time as they were sending messages and making political decisions. In some cases, the gang went further and not only monitored live conversations, but got involved in them.
At one point, Walter Delgatti, the leader of the group, sent a message to Globo journalist Lauro Jardim as if the message had been sent by Congresswoman Joice Hasselmann. “The government is already letting out that it considers the MPF [Attorney General’s office] as an enemy.”
That most likely happened when Greenwald was already negotiating with the hackers for that valuable loot. It is worth asking here: what interest does a gang of fraudsters and embezzlers have in creating intrigue between the Attorney General and the president?
How do they know the intricacies of Brazilian politics? Who would benefit from that false message and impersonation? We don’t know who benefited, but we know who wrote the text: Luiz Molição, the hacker with whom Greenwald negotiated the leak of those 7 terabytes of conversations
It must have been painful for those who saw a moral purpose in the NSA hacking to see the distance from Snowden’s lofty goals and those of the Araraquara (SP) gang of swindlers and extortionists
Until then, the gang's only motivation had been financial. None of them seems to have any trace of nobility of character or elevation of purpose. On the contrary, the criminals used to target unsuspecting people, often the elderly, [...]
..who were led to believe that Delgatti was the manager of their bank asking them to change their password: “It’s for your safety, ma’am,” Delgatti would say to any old lady who made the mistake of answering his call. Simple & gullible, these people lost their hard-earned money
.. which Delgatti proudly sported in pictures he posed with wads of hundred-dollar bills and guns. Here are some photos of the criminals with whom Greenwald negotiated, taken from the prosecutors’ files:
Delgatti was so well-known as a criminal that he had to use an accomplice to open a bank account on the accomplice’s name, as well as to rent a house and pay for electricity. This was necessary because since 2015 there was an arrest warrant against him.
One of Delgatti's accomplices handled R$ 893,000 in two bank accounts startinig in August till December 2018. It was at that time, coincidentally, that Greenwald deleted, in one go, 27 thousand tweets from his public Twitter account.
It must have been a difficult decision for Greenwald to make — if not out of principle, at least out of shame — since just a month before he publicly humiliated journalist Matt Yglesias for doing exactly what he, Greenwald, would do a month later:
I am interested to know who is behind that mega hack, and which interests were decisive for the choice of what would and what would not be disclosed by The Intercept.
I also want to know why a political party and a Supreme Court judge thought it best to consider Glenn Greenwald a person above suspicion, who should be exempted a priori from any investigation. [But I have an idea why...
Here is an interview where Greenwald says that he will not be publishing any conversation between supreme court judges. How convenient. Those guys may have sighed with relief at hearing that.
Condemning someone beforehand, without due legal process, is a tyrannical measure, typical of authoritarian governments. But exempting someone from being investigated for suspected involvement when a crime was clearly committed is just as authoritarian and arbitrary.

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23 Sep
Deixa eu me poscionar bem claramente:
Toda pessoa que queira criminalizar o "ódio," ou a "fobia," é um imbecil sem tamanho que não consegue vislumbrar consequências além do seu nariz. É uma pessoa q não conseguiria jogar xadrez porque não calcula além do 1o movimento.
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15 Sep
Here is the 2nd part of my piece on Glenn Greenwald. It shows how the same man who gave up his seat in Congress in favour of Greenwald's husband accused him of meddling in the party, with the added words "the power of the money that buys candidacies"…
"The fact that something is not evident is not proof that it doesnt exist. And this is 1 of the biggest problems in leaving a 7 terabyte library in the hands of a single narrator who will choose, collect, discard & use whatever he thinks is best 4 the reconstruction of the story"
On September 2nd, 2019, in an interview with the Roda Viva program, Glenn Greenwald sent a weakly encrypted message to the judges of the highest court of Brazilian justice:
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14 Sep
I kid you not. Just published my piece on Greenwald for the first time in English, and the phishing attempts already started.

P.S. Not saying it's on his orders, but the thing works like clockwork.
Guess what just happened? The email disappeared. Just like that.
Hi, @penderi. If an email is sent to me and it is deleted without my ever touching it, does it mean the hackers have access to my email account? It came signed with letters & numbers, clearly showing it was a virus or something, not a real person - i could see it in the preview)
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9 Sep
The bad reaction "glitch" is turning out to be quite useful to the safe-vaccine narrative. Because, make no mistake: most people have an intellect that is so limited they would easily say "there was a problem, and they corrected it. They even paused the tests!"
I cannot say that enough: read Nassim Taleb. I was kinda born thinking that way, with no merit of my own, of course. But one can be trained to see errors in logic, and Taleb is masterful at spotting and exemplifying them, specially in Fooled By Randomness and Black Swan
Example of mistaken assumption: astrazeneca saw "the" problem & will now correct "the" problem. Wrong.
This is just one problem, spotted early enough to bring trial to a halt. How many more will there be? Hard to say w/o help of the infinite variables allowed to work under Time
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