It is every parent's dream that their children should not have to suffer the way they did. They want to give their offspring the best life.

Monthly allowance by the time the kid turns 5 and freedom to date at 12 — bullshit.

You've been psyop-ed!
If you had to suffer to get to where you are, then you must value every lesson you learned on your way up.

Why then would you shield your children from such valuable lessons?

Life is hard, but parents want to shield their children from its harsh reality.
In ancient Sparta, kids who were perceived to be weak were thrown to the mountains as a test of their strength and resourcefulness

they had to fight against the wolfs, the cold, and whatever beasts they may encounter.

If they survived, they were let back into society.
If they don't survive, that was the end of it.

This may seem like an extreme illustration, but the world today is no different. You find a ravenous wolf in every corner and a stalker at every alley.

Always some finance guru ready to steal your money.
It's a war out there.

The only way to ensure your kids become survivors is to teach them values, and discipline. Values that would become an important part of their progress.

You don't want to raise soft kids, you want to raise warriors.

5 Lessons For Your Offspring:
You get what you deserve.

The worst thing a parent can do to their kid is to let them grow an entitlement mentality. You get what you deserve, punishment for bad behavior, and reward for good behavior.

This will teach them to work for what they want.
Time is more valuable than money.

Don't let your children become inclined toward money and what money can buy. Demystify the illusion that is money. Teach them money is but a means to an end, not the goal.

This will teach them to always evaluate what is important.
Be the best or nothing.

Parents are so eager to let their kids perform below their potential. This is unacceptable. If you can do better, you will do better!

Teach them to always be in competition with their former self.
Never chase people.

This is an important lesson to teach your older kids. Instead of chasing people, learn to attract them toward you. Teaching your children this would ensure they don't become needy in relationships.

They would be too busy working on themselves.
Play the long game.

Teach your children to wait. Playing for the long term is an invaluable skill every parent must learn to pass on to their kids.

Stop giving in to their every whim and start teaching them patience and delayed gratification.
It is imperative for parents to raise superior children if the next generation is to become any better than what we have today.

The world is a mess today and our hope is in posterity.

Raise better sons and daughters.

• • •

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