This thread collects and addresses popular wildfire myths that are currently circulating the internet like ... wildfire. Please free to add to this thread @LeroyWesterling @johnfocook @PeterGleick and other experts.
Myth #1: the wildfires stop at the border.
Truth: By definition, maps based on US federal data don't show fires outside US borders; but it doesn't mean they don't exist. Here's a US map (left) and 🇨🇦 map (right). We do a bit better with recognizing we're part of a continent 😁
Myth #2: as there's less wildfires in Canada than the US *at the moment* that somehow proves climate change isn't real
Truth: Other times there will be more: that's weather, a single day, week or year. Climate is the long-term trend over decades. Watch:
Myth #3: wildfire can be EITHER arson or climate change but not both.
Truth: most wildfires in the lower 48 states are human-ignited but they are burning *much greater area* due to hotter, drier conditions + vegetation as a result of climate change.
Myth #4: the only reason wildfires are burning more area is because of poor forest management (and "raking" would fix that)
Truth: Forest management absolutely plays a role; but "raking" doesn't work and climate change is making it a lot worse. Read:
Myth #5: those alarmists claim climate change is responsible for things that have always happened naturally
Truth: climate change is - according to the US military - a threat multiplier. It takes naturally-occurring events and makes them WORSE. Watch:
Finally, for a thorough review of the myths about how climate isn't changing, or it is but it's the sun or volcanoes or natural cycles, see:
And for a global perspective on wildfire--since, as our 2009 PLoS paper showed, climate change may actually decrease fire in some ecosystems and that's not necessarily a good thing either (… )--read @carbonbrief's excellent explainer:…
Here's an addition on the arson myth - according to CalFire, 7% of California's large fires were known to be deliberate. The rest were primarily accidental human ignitions + some lightning and some unknown.…
Myth #6: the wildfires and/or the smoke and/or climate change is being caused by a secret military experiment
Truth: The only geoengineering happening right now is at miniscule scales and is well-documented. There are no secret expts.

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And here's what the CEO of Shell had to say about individual responsibility last year…
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Join me online in May for events with @danfagin at NYU May 5, @pintofscienceCA May 12, @SimonsFdn May 15 and @EdCentreCC May 21. All are totally different and all are online so you can join them from anywhere in the world! Plus, many of my Apr events were recorded. Details here:
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