.@TheHarrisSultan knows he's deceiving. He also knows Abrahamic religions, especially Islam, demonize & even call for killing polytheists, yet here he is, helping them lie about & attack Hinduism. Is he just a bigot & racist? Left over from Islam? If honest mistake he'd delete.
Are you still an Abrahamic bigot @TheHarrisSultan? Is your head still stuck in Abrahamic bigotry and you just can't figure out that the hate they harbor for polytheists is not only wrong, but dangerous. History & the continuing chaos in India show exactly how dangerous it is.
All one need do is look at history to know who punished & killed for blasphemy. Both Islam & Christianity have a long history of punishing/killing Blasphemers. Islam's still dong it.

There are too many paths in the pluralistic Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) for your lies to be true.
Islam & Christianity not only punished/killed their own for blasphemy (Islam still), they killed hundreds of millions of POLYTHEISTS, the very religion you Atheists are now attacking at the behest of these bigoted, exclusivist, supremacist Abrahamic faiths who hate polytheism.
You should be ashamed for helping theses Abrahamic religions that've killed hundreds of millions of innocents over differences in religion. They have done enough damage already, they even supposedly drove you to atheism. Stop helping them in their continuous assault on Hinduism.
I'm not going to re-explain how your translations are wrong, the Christian west & Islamic nations have been at this for centuries. They use these incorrect translations of Hindu texts to launch endless attacks on Hindus & Hinduism. it's never ending & exhausting.
You don't seem to want truth, which actually shows your true intent. Since you're supposedly not following these bigoted Abrahamic religions any longer, they having supposedly driven you to Atheism, what is it? Just plain old racism against India, Indians & their ancient culture?
For others reading, seems Atheists have developed a religion of hate & bigotry all to themselves.

Tin Exile did a fine explanation of the failure of this western translation @TheHarrisSultan, the "Ex-Muslim Atheist" is using to attack Hinduism.

• • •

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19 Sep
Thoughts on Christianity & Islam and our modern materialistic world.
The world is, and has been in a mess, chaos all the way into modern society. Wars, genocides, holocausts & general disrespect for life. Adharma. Jews & even more so Hindus, know this very well. People have lost what is most important. They have lost touch with their true nature.
This is a direct result of three main things, two of them are religions, Christianity & Islam, and the third, which is a different kind of religion, is materialism. In this world, I see in these, the three largest drivers of the chaos we see in our beautiful world.
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16 Sep
Reading the @nytimes endless stream of propaganda and hate for Hindus/India I put together a list of who @gettleman retweets & who shares his biased bigoted articles against India. It's not hard to see the global leftist/Islamist network helping spread propaganda against India.
Saket Gokhale @saketgokhale an “anti-fascist”

Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor

Rashmee Kumar @rashmee_kumar managing editor of Pierre Omidyars The Intercept @TheIntercept

Antolín Issa @antissa journalist at The Guardian @guardianus fellow @middleeastinst
Ching-Ching Ni @ccni NY Times Chinese language website translates gettleman to Chinese for the Chinese news market

Commonwealth Human Right Initiative (CHRI) @CHRI_INT

CPR India @CPR_India

Indian American Muslim Council
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11 Sep
This argument is highly flawed. Christians brought civilization destruction & genocide in the name of their religion. They destroyed our past, burned libraries, ran inquisitions, committed genocides, brought us the Dark Ages. Christian society took from others, giving no credit.
Through Christian doctrine of colonialism, they wreaked havoc on the globe claiming “superiority” over all they encountered, and when they found a society equal or more advanced that their own as with India, they called them heathens based on skin color & non Abrahamic faith.
Like Islam, Christianity’s history's filled with destruction & death. They still believe polytheists are devil worshippers their Gods demons, seeking to end polytheism/paganism in our modern world. Please tell me you are not so naive as to believe this Dark Ages/Medieval nonsense
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3 Sep
If you're following a religion that condemns the rest of the world to your religions hell because they don't follow your religion, don't claim to be a victim or persecuted when the world doesn't accept you & completely rejects you and your religion.
If you're following a religion that's killed hundreds of millions of innocent human beings only because they believed something different than you, don't claim to be a victim or persecuted when the world doesn't accept you & completely rejects you and your religion.
If you're following a religion that's destroyed countless temples, religious structures & invaluable art/artifacts of our shared human history, don't claim to be a victim or persecuted when the world doesn't accept you & completely rejects you and your religion.
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1 Sep
Took a moment this afternoon to look into three of the hundreds of active missionary groups involved in the rampant Christian conversion business in India. The one's I checked were Mission India, All India Mission & Global Ministries
Mission India is a project of the Christian Reformed Church, Protestant:
Based out of Grand Rapids Michigan
Mailing address
PO Box 141312
Grand Rapids, MI 49514
Tel: (616) 453-8855
Mission India: missionindia.org
Christian Reformed Church: crcna.org
Church Mission India works with and through:
West End Christian Reformed Church
1015 Westend Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
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30 Aug
When the Muslims of Palestine claim it is their land and the Jewish people are "occupiers", know they are lying. They are going against the very Abrahamic God they purport to follow, Muhammad being the "self-declared" final prophet.
They say it was the land of the Canaanites, so therefore it’s not Jewish land. But they ignore it was promised to the Jewish people by the same God they claim to follow. As the Canaanites were polytheists, if they had survived, Islam would have slaughtered them anyway.
They are saying that the Old Testament is lying. The Abrahamic God, who Muhammad called Allah, promised that land to the Jewish people well before Muhammad created his “religion” and started his never ending campaign of brutality & slaughter against all non Muslims.
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