News Items: Vaccine; CIA; Schumer; Vacant apartments;
Quantum dots (QDs) are small, multifunctional nanoparticles?
Application of nanomaterials in nearly every single branch of industry results in their accumulation in both abiotic environment and tissues of living organisms.
Despite the common use of nanomaterials, we are not able to precisely define their toxicity towards humans and surrounding biota.
Although we were able to determine final effects of chronic exposure to nanoparticles which consist of many pathologies such as respiratory diseases,
diseases of cardiovascular system,
disorders in embryonic life differentiation and growth disorders,
toxic effects on the immune system and cancers.
The most predominantly investigated feature of most nanoparticles is their ability to induce oxidative stress on cellular level.
"evidence is accumulating that ASD is characterized by certain physiological abnormalities, including oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and immune dysregulation/inflammation."
Why on earth would you give anyone a vaccine or test knowing (full well) that it induces Oxidative Stress that leads to Cancer and Autism... as well as numerous other diseases?
Semiconductor quantum dots are promising hosts for qubits to build a quantum processor.
I rest my case.
The end game is to control our minds.

Everything else is a cause and effect to get to this means.
Quantum dot solar cells are added to the viruses and used as track and tracing essay kits in the first place?

Why is the Government’s not telling you this?

Your phone acts as a spectrometer?…

Then try not to think of a triggered controlled release.
Quantum dots encapsulated in liposomes?

This is by definition the coronavirus.
Oh and don’t forget to add the gp120 receptors?
The question is why has no one arrested Dr Fauci yet?
Or even Matthew John David Hancock for lying?
The media?
All liars.
Are you seriously going to put up with this shit any longer?
They have put all of our children’s lives at risk because of their stupid lies. Truth.
And the police?
Maybe now is the right time to wake up and realize just how important it is that we address this issue of governments (a bunch of filthy perverts) making decisions over our children’s futures.

God bless you all.

• • •

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The Autumn Equinox is the first day of the autumn season and occurs when the sun passes the equator moving from the northern to the southern hemisphere. The North Pole begins to tilt away from the sun. Day and night have approximately the same length.
Autumnal equinox is near 22 September.
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The wheels of life turn and turn, and the pride and integrity, the honest dealing man with man, the cherishing of womanly ideals and the code of conduct for man and woman, will return to those, in whose veins flows the blood of Old Keltica.

From Ancient Greek σκότος (skótos, “darkness”).



a nursing

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a darkness



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"Shouting fire in a crowded theater"
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Emergency powers?
This government needs to go.
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Under intense illumination, most organic dyes tend to degrade.
Is this the Achilles heel?
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