OK, OK, I will be gone by 9 for sleep hygiene purposes, but I just had an epiphany about gender critical feminism & why New Atheists were annoying. Hear me out.
OK, I will be muting any GC feminists who respond to this, btw. I am no longer interested in hearing their views although I will support their right to have & express them to people who are.
So, the problem I have been having lately is getting shat on from a great height by GC fems for just wanting to support their right to speak & to defend women's spaces & sports without wanting to take on all their positions on everything to do with sex & gender etc.
When I found myself explaining this to one of them for the 100th time and she was insisting that it was essential I spread the word that men aren't women, it caused me to recognise that this is a lot like what I did when I was New Atheisting a lot.
When I was a NA, it was very important to me to try to get people to care about the fact that large swathes of the population believed in things that did not appear to be true. However, many people found this extremely annoying.
They would say to me repeatedly, "I don't care what other people believe as long as they don't force it on anyone else" and I found this frustrating because I thought they should care because it does actually matter quite a lot what is true.
Anyway, I moved away from this combative stance quite some time ago even though I still hold the positions I held then. But I now find myself saying to GC fems 'I don't care what other people believe as long as they don't force it on anyone else."
And they find this very frustrating because they think it matters a lot what is true. But what it essentially comes down to is them insisting that I care about the same things they do when, in fact, I don't, and I don't have to. It bores me.
It's not that I don't think there are truths about what men & women are and why some people feel they are the other one from what is indicated by their reproductive systems. I know there are although the latter question is still in the early stages of being studied.
It's that I don't feel any need to go around telling people what I think these truths are & insisting they accept that & then make it a priority in their lives to convince everybody else of this.
I find it very annoying that people can't just accept this. I have different priorities. However, I now suspect that I was very annoying in exactly the same way when I was insisting that everybody prioritise god beliefs.
I have now backed off from doing this & am much more of a secularist than an anti-theist. I accept that it is valid not to care about or think it is your business what other people believe as long as they're not imposing it on anyone else.
I don't think there's a moral responsibility not to care about or think it is your business what other people believe. On the contrary, I'd like everybody to be focusing on what is true & how we know & trying to convince others of this in one area or another. It's how we advance.
However, I don't think anybody has the right to insist that other people prioritise the issue that most concerns them & I admit to being guilty of doing that during my New Atheist years. I don't think I do now even tho I myself am still quite single-minded in my focus.
So the Kendi thing where you can only be racist or anti-racist? No. You can legitimately be non-racist & focus on issues other than racism in whatever you do to make the world a better place.
You don't actually even have to anything to make the world a better place although I think you should & that thing needn't be political or activism related. You could foster abandoned dogs, for example. Your moral responsibility is not to make the world a worse place.
So, no, I don't have to focus on what people believe about sex & gender, even if this frustrates GC feminists. Nobody else had to focus on what people believe about God, even when that frustrated me. People can legitimately have other focuses without being "part of the problem."

• • •

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20 Sep
I strongly dislike Owen Jones, but I can't help but be both amused & dismayed about the people who seem to think this is some kind of mockery of him that he would feel bad about. I think most people would find it really cool & a lot of fun. Because it is.
Moving away from this particular video now to more general thoughts. I think there's a tendency we see among people on both the socially conservative right & the Social Justice left to think masculinity is routinely a lot more fragile than it actually is.
Of course, it is possible that I've just been lucky to be friends with a lot of typically masculine straight men who don't find their masculinity to be threatened by, say, being referred to as a 'cuck' or 'soy boy' or by gay men finding them attractive & flirting with them.
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19 Sep
If you find yourself repeatedly trying to explain to someone what a sentence means while they refuse to accept that & keep telling you what it means even though you were the one who wrote it, you are wasting your time. This is not a serious or honest thinker.
We really don't have time for word games. Too many people want to win a war by spinning damning narratives around those who disagree with them & then trying to spread them. This feels virtuous to them because that is a Bad Person whose credibility needs to be destroyed. It isn't.
For example, the narrative about me among the zealous True Believers in the gender critical sphere is that I said I hate gender critical feminists (or women) & that I tried to pressure a butch lesbian friend into transitioning into a man. Neither of those things are true.
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19 Sep
No, that's what passes as a tweet. I've very glad you don't claim all whites are racist but it's not a strawman to say this is a claim. And you now seem to be saying it's not a strawman for me to say it is claimed there is a unique voice of colour either but that this is true.
This happens all the time. The objection seems to quickly go from "But Social Justice scholars don't say that!" to "But Social Justice Scholars are right to say that!" and the person seems oblivious that these two positions are in opposition or even different.
There is no "unique voice of color" on the subject of racism & I don't know how anyone who has ever read more than a handful of books by scholars of racism who are black and continue to claim that there is. They do what all scholars of anything do. Disagree with each other.
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19 Sep
Sometimes I annoy people because I do have a sense of gender identity. That is, I am pretty sure I feel like a woman rather than just know & apply to myself the name for the people who produce large gametes.
If I say this, I am then asked to explain what it means to 'feel like a woman' without referring to any gender stereotypes. However, I think stereotypes are often a product of accurate pattern recognition.
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18 Sep
This would seem to imply that the thing that happened was in some way related to people throwing other people under buses for a few bucks, though. That didn't happen. I vaguely remember a tedious argument about objectivism & subjectivism that bored me so I blocked.
This is a weird thing that happens sometimes. I don't have a lot of personal patience for certain ways of looking at things. These tend to be postmodern, theological or metaphysical ways which revel in ambiguity and notions of truth which are not about evidence & reason.
An important thing to understand here is that this doesn't mean I regard people who do as immoral or feel any need to oppose them. It just means I get very bored. Some people like that stuff. That's OK. Only if I can't get away from it do I get annoyed & bark at it. Usually I can
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18 Sep
Yes, this is why I say this kind of woke standpoint epistemology (tying knowledge & values to identity) is best understood as a kind of Orientalism. (cont)
Orientalism was defined by Edward Said as a way in which western defined the East in negative terms in order to present the West in positive opposing terms.

eg, We are advanced & you are primitive. We are rational & you are irrational. We are scientific & you are superstitious.
The West, he said, constructed the East primarily to function as a foil for how the West wanted to see itself. This, I think, is what is happening now when wokeists get very annoyed when non-White or non-Western people won't act as the necessary foil to enable wokeness.
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