There really needs to be another way to report on this...
This is how normalized all of this has become. The president says he plans to defy the constitution's term limits, and the response is mostly a shrug. Major failure of the press to take the rise of fascism seriously.
He's been saying this for a long time, and everyone just kind of rolls their eyes. At what point do journalists start to treat these claims with the alarm they deserve?
"Yeah, but he can't do that" is one thing that comes up a lot, but... says who? He's only constrained by what Congress will allow. As long as Republicans in Congress won't stand up to him, he's able to do whatever he wants.
He's been vocal in his support for other authoritarians who've made recent changes to hang onto power longer than they were allowed (Xi, Putin). What makes anyone think he's joking about this?
I mean, the guy held the RNC at the White House, and many journalists were still just like "oooooOoOOooOoh! lots of chairs! Pretty! Look at the fireworks!"
Without Congress holding him in check, the press is kind of all we have. But too few are taking this as seriously as they should.

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17 Sep
But as @existentialfish and @MattGertz point out, we've seen this happen places like NYT, too.

Take this Bret Stephens column, for instance. He'd spent the weeks leading up to the election warning that Dems were too far left, then published this the day after the election. Image
In that article, which was based on this premise that sure, Dems won the House, but just *barely* had to keep being updated to reflect the actual results, each time with Stephens' take getting worse.

Okay, it was 28 seats...
Okay, it was 37 seats...
Okay, it was 39 seats... ImageImageImage
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15 Sep
So, the more I read people talking about COVID-19 on Twitter, the angrier I get.
It's just talking point after talking point after talking point of the dumbest fucking people on the planet doing whatever they can to make the president look better. And I'm so fucking sick of it.
"From or with?" "From or with?" "From or with?"

Oh my god, shut the fuck up
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15 Sep
It's honestly amazing that people on the right (and some on the left) were able to make "there was no Russia collusion" just... accepted as a statement of fact.

"Oh, you believe in the Russia collusion hoax!?!?" they'll say, derisively.
And while some people are way, way, way over the top about what, exactly, they think Russia did during the 2016 election (no, Putin is not around every corner, no, Trump is not doing his bidding or whatever), it wasn't a "hoax" that the Trump campaign accepted help in 2016.
A big part of the blame here goes to the way it was covered in mainstream media. The day the narrative that it was a "hoax" was the day Barr put out a letter saying that Mueller found "no evidence" (which is not what Mueller found).
Read 28 tweets
10 Sep
A while back I wrote about how Trump and his media allies have really tried to make it seem like his "China ban" (not a ban) was unique (more than a dozen of countries did it before the US, and many more strict) and effective (virus was already here)…
People who promoted things like travel restrictions acknowledged that it was a way to buy a *little* bit of time to come up with a larger response. Instead, the administration treated the restrictions *as* the response.
Okay, just checked, and 38 countries took action before or at the same time the U.S. travel restrictions on China were put in place.
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2 Sep
Let's talk about how Tucker Carlson mangles other people's words to create a completely false, incendiary narrative. 1/
He did this back in April with something @SRuhle said. We wrote about it at @mmfa here:…
A more recent example, from last month, has to do with a clip posted by @therecount. The clip, which was from an interview between @jmpalmieri and Hillary Clinton, included a section where Clinton is asked what she thinks Trump would do in the event of a Biden win.
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1 Sep
I've been shouting into the void about this for the past couple of years. There's a certain segment of media that will see it as their duty to just amplify whatever he says and pretend like he's totally on the level.
Remember right before the 2018 midterms when Trump said "Hey, I'm going to give everyone a 10% tax cut!" and even though Congress wasn't even in session and there wasn't any sort of bill being considered, news outlets dutifully wrote stories about how Trump was cutting taxes?
But yeah, Trump is obviously going to have DOJ put its thumb on the scale right before the election.

Do you remember when Brian Kemp did this in Georgia? And then it turned out that it was based on... nothing at all? And then hey, he won his election.…
Read 6 tweets

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