I made this based on Moldbug's latest.
The political narrative you buy into comes down to what part of this diagram you get fixated on. Without the whole picture, you are lost.

Left-normies think the power is in the factory.
Right-normies think it's in the bureau.
Both are wrong
The System is the actual engineering diagram of power in America. The Show is the nominal location of power. Most Americans see that the show isn't doing what they expect, and imagine that the show is being corrupted by something outside of it, e.g., the factory
If you are on the left: "The problem is that money is influencing politics" or, if you are on the right: "the problem is the vast inefficient bureaucracy". The brilliance of this diagram is that it shows that both fixations are a kind of arrested development
People who think "the system" is some kind of moral entity that is distorted by money are mental children. They are correct that corporations are ruthless profit-maximizers, but they interpret the small power leak up from factory to bureau as the major problem of the system
On the right, we imagine that the Bureau has been infiltrated by ideologues or activists, and that this is the source of of the Show's problems. What left and right have in common is that they think the Show is supposed to be in charge, and that its legitimacy is being usurped
And we also all sort of realize that the show is just a show, but we can't stop watching it. The civics lessons we learned in school mostly stuck, and we believe in its legitimacy in spite of its inefficacy
The cynical take that "everything is just about profit, man" is not wrong because it's cynical, it's wrong because it's not nearly cynical enough. Truly wealthy people do not care about money, they care about is power, or more specifically, they care about feeling powerful
Moldbug identifies the problem with the Cathedral in its power bias, which is clever, because so many of its decrees are now formulated in the language of mitigating bias. "Bias" in cathedral speak means thinking anything that goes against the cathedral
The bias of the cathedral is that it has learned to optimize for power instead of truth, because it is accountable to no one, because the Show always takes the fall.
Anyone, even you or I, can get the feeling of power by speaking cathedral incantations; we can partake of power by submitting to power, this does not make us powerful, it does make other people submit. The intoxication of this is the source of our collective insanity

• • •

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Using augmented reality, you will be able to make everyone in the world appear to be any race you want. Why is no one else talking about this? In the footnotes to God-Shaped Hole, I have two different speculative essays on this topic, see below 👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿
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I have written a new story, inspired by Neuralink and using some ideas that have been stewing in my head for a while. I think this is significantly better than the last few shorts I have published. Certainly it was written with more care.

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One of my favorite stories by Lovecraft is called "The Picture in the House". It's short, 10 minutes, but it contains all the horror of the modern age. The narrator wanders into an old, decrepit house to find shelter from a storm...
In the house he finds a rare old book, Pigafetta’s Regnum Congo, with a gruesome illustration of a cannibal's butcher stall, and he meets a strange old man with an anachronistic way of speaking. The man seems to enter an ecstatic state as he talks about the book
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I, too, want all my followers to get fired from their jobs
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Here’s some logic:
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Posts like this really make it clear that words like "the patriarchy" and "capitalism" just mean "the devil". People like OP have never thought about what these words truly mean. Under patriarchy, which means "rule by fathers", onlyfans wouldn't exist. No father would allow it
The fact that things like onlyfans exist proves how disempowered men and fathers actually are. It is precisely WOMEN THEMSELVES who demand the ability to whore themselves out online for cash. These are "slut walks" -- Don't see a lot of men, do you? ImageImageImage
Yes, it takes men to buy it, but it's a funny old thing, shows the absolute intellectual bankruptcy of communists-- They blame the sellers, the "capitalists" for all the things that are supposedly wrong in the world, until it comes to sex, when the sellers are innocent angels
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When we watch TV or play video games, we form one-way friendships with the characters, called parasocial relationships. The same thing can happen on twitter, especially with the bigger accounts you follow.
You see someone in your feed and it feels like they are talking to you personally, and you feel you have established rapport, but the object of your parasocial relationship is not aware of you, and generally can't be, due to the asymmetry of the medium.
These parasocial characters fill up Dunbar slots and they feel like your real friends, so without thinking, you try to mirror them socially, in order to fit in. A popular show like Friends or The Office can do more to the overton window than every politician in America
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