Spending a little time on the trail today with @DonaldJTrumpJr in #Omaha and now Treynor, #Iowa.
Former congressman @DavidYoungIA leads off. Says he’s “David Young, and I’m a capitalist.” He’s running for his job back against @RepCindyAxne in #IA03
He's saying people are not going to eat what Democrats are serving this year, that they're going to "get that gavel out of Speaker Pelosi's hands." He's introducing Trump Jr.
Trump Jr. starts off. Says Young voted with Trump 99 percent of the time. The one percent he might have been with you, he said.
Trump: It's not just about Trump. We need strong people in the House, strong people in the Senate. You see what we're up against folks. All you've got to do is turn on the TV and watch the peaceful protests. There's a building burning in the background.
Trump: I'm just not buying it anymore, and neither are you. Says it's great to be back in the great state of Alaska. Just kidding this isn't the Joe Biden campaign. We're in Iowa. This is what we're running against, the best they've got.
Trump: This is the best we've got, he says, pointing to Iowa's oldest living WW2 veteran. (I'll try to get a name.)
Trump: I spend my weekends on a farm in the Catskills in NE PA. I understand the tradition of Democrats representing blue-collar people. Where is that Democrat Party today? Media use Biden as camouflage.
Trump is repeating the claim that Biden has adopted Bernie Sanders' platform. (He ran against much of Sanders' platform.) Trump Jr. says the Democratic Party is now the socialist party.
Trump: As the son of a billionaire from New York City, I will tell you I've had more blue collar jobs than Joe Biden.
Trump: My dad wanted me to know how buildings get built. Biden hasn't. Joe Biden and his policies have done more to harm American manufacturing than any politician still active. Spent his career supporting NAFTA. He's backed TPP. He's pushed for China in WTO.
Trump: We have taken the American Dream and sent it to places like China. For 50 years he's been telling us if we make them rich and successful maybe they'll be more like us. I get it. Year one, two. It's been more than half a century. They're still pretending that it's happening
Trump: Just like the endless wars. Trump is pulling us out. You know who's upset? The Pentagon elite who want to get a job at War Inc. We have plenty of guys willing to fight. Can't get someone to tell us why we're still in Afghanistan.
Trump: They say my father is an agent of Russia. The guy with a billionaire lifestyle put all that aside because he's working for Russia? It's been disproven.
(The idea of Trump campaign collusion remains in question, based on the number of convictions of people close to Trump and his campaign.)
Trump: The Crime Bill was a Biden win, one of the only. And my father had to fix it, because it was the right thing to do. (Trump did sign federal criminal justice reform.)
Trump: It's the same problems with the Democrats every four years. It's much easier to campaign on a problem when you do nothing to fix it. Biden has been doing that for half a century. Are people really going to believe that now?
Trump: Joe Biden should be running for president of China. At least there he's created jobs.
Trump: I'm getting canceled on Twitter today because I came out against glorifying pedophilia on Netflix. (He's talking about the new series "Cuties," which has spurred a lot of controversy about its coming of age story for what some have criticized as sexualizing children.)
Trump: These people want to defund the police. You think that's going to solve anything? (Biden has come out against defunding the police and has actually proposed additional funding with incentives. The Senate GOP has proposed training and other similar investments.)
Trump: The DNC, not one person denounced the looting, rioting, arson and vandalism going on. (Biden has since denounced it.) This is going on in Democrat cities with Democrat mayors that have been under Democrat rule for 100 years. They blame my dad.
Trump: You know what's worse than Covid-19? Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Sorry. Had a brief Internet outage. What you've missed is Trump talking about double standards. Media shouldn't let Biden talk about character, he said, without checking Biden's kid.
Trump is mocking Biden's accomplishments. My father comes to me after I was on Fox News. He tells me to stay calm. Says I'm too aggressive. I said, "Are we really having this conversation? Just stay calm." These people spent three years lying about you. Tried to put me in jail.
Trump: They spent more time talking about my nephew's LEGO White House than they did about Middle East peace and two Nobel Peace Prize nominations.
Trump: Different rules. I said I just can't let that go. Normally when you get in an argument with my father it's a brawl. He goes, "OK, I understand."
Trump: Imagine if George W. Bush had done this to President Barack Obama. It would be the single greatest story in American political history. "That's why we have to keep fighting. That's why it's so important. We need people who get it, who sit through the nonsense."
Trump: We're in the middle of a global pandemic, and we're about the same unemployment as President Obama.
Trump: They won't tell you that story, because that's good for Donald Trump. The Trump who did this once before, who built the greatest economy we've ever seen ... who do you think's going to do it again? The guy who maybe did it before. Seems like that would make sense.
Trump: They have to make Biden seem active. I've never seen a political campaign in the world to not put the candidate in front of people. We need you guys engaged. We need you speaking to your friends.
Trump: This election isn't in 50 days. It's right now. We don't have the benefit of billions of dollars in the media. What we have is the benefit of millions of hard-working Americans who want to live their dream.
Trump: My father didn't need this job. He was sick of watching imbeciles make decisions that affect lives. It feels like me and my father are the people calling them out.
He just wrapped up.

Story soon on @OWHnews.
View from the mobile office this afternoon is good, at least. #Iowa
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Response from @janekleeb and the @NebraskaDems to the visit:

“After Donald Trump lied to the American people by downplaying COVID-19, no member of the Trump family or the president's campaign has any credibility to talk honestly with voters about the issues we're facing ... “
More of @janekleeb’s statement:

“from healthcare to unemployment. President Trump's failure to contain the virus is leading to growing numbers of COVID-19 infections while thousands file for unemployment ... “
The rest of @janekleeb’s statement on @DonaldJTrumpJr’s visit:

“Only Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have the integrity and a real plan to defeat the virus and build our country back better than before.”
Sorry that took a bit to pull together.

Editors are reading the story @OWHnews. I’ll post a link soon. Here’s where I chatted with @DonaldJTrumpJr in Omaha today.

He met with @GovRicketts and @NEGOP donors at the guntry club, @88tactical, then answered a few.
Here's the @OWHnews piece on Monday's #Omaha and Treynor, #Iowa, visits by @DonaldJTrumpJr.

Let us know if we got something wrong.


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Here’s the crowd getting ready for @LaraLeaTrump at the Trump campaign office in Omaha.

More masks than last time.
Former Bellevue Mayor and NEleg candidate Rita Sanders leads off by talking about the effect President Trump has had on retirement investments via the economy.
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Quite a few folks near 42nd and Grover to see Officer/Investigator Herrera off to Lincoln. ImageImage
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#NESen debate coverage will look and feel different this year, because @NETNewsNebraska decided not to let outside reporters beyond their panel in, for #coronavirus concerns.

But stick with @OWHnews for a quick turn and morning story.

Let us know anything we missed.
The debate between @BenSasse and @CJSenate2020 starts at 7 p.m. and should be aired live on NET and online. C-SPAN is another option.
The @NebraskaDems have said they will announce a write-in candidate the state party will support in the coming days. @janekleeb issued this statement before the debate:
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