We have AMAZING respources available to us to validate and corroborate most anything we want.


Here are some of my tweets on the topic, the first one being an example where I used LinkedIn to ...

... confirm that the Secretary of the Environment in CA is a fraud ... I thought, "Dude's a complete BS artist!"

I was correct.

One of my favorite go-to's, the @fec website:

That, combined with OpenSecrets will give you some REALLY good information on politicians:

LinkedIn & Wikipedia are also great places to go to get answers, but also leads to other information or terms to use to search for more & better information.

Here's a list of other sites from my -m admittedly meager - blog:

Then there are the disclosure sites for House & Senate:

Clerk for the House (go to the "DISCLOSURES" tab on the home page:

And the Senate:…

The more you dig, the more you find, all out in the public realm, hiding corruption & influence-peddling in plain sight.


Counting on us to be lazy!

Let's not be lazy!

Happy hunting!

• • •

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More from @mpukita

15 Sep
Many here on Twitter have no idea how many "trolls" operate in support of the Democrats and the Progressive Left.

There are at least 100's of thousands if not millions of fake accounts being used to harass and/or silence conservatives. Some are paid, some are not.

Those paid are likely funded by something like the @DNC, @davidbrockdc, &/or myriad Soros operations.

Dems & their NWO allies fund this crap.

Before seeing how they operate, please remember to think about their duplicity before you vote 11/3!

Now, on with the show.

I was challenged to a bet on whether @JoeBiden shows up to the debate on 9/29 by a random Twitter account:

Read 14 tweets
11 Sep

Do you realize you can check on who is donating to which candidates, through an online system? A system that you ultimately pay for with taxpayer dollars?

Give it a shot!

Go to:

Then, up in the search box, you can type in a name.

I'll use mine.

Since we're looking for my "individual contributions", select that option from the dropdown menu:

(more) Image
You'll get a new screen that looks like this:

(more) Image
Read 7 tweets
23 Aug
Why is it that ALL OF A SUDDEN the Post Office is such a hot topic?

Think back a month or 2.

Was anyone screaming how much we depended on & needed the USPS?



Because the post office has become so insignificant in the daily lives of most of us.

The uproar ...

... is completely fabricated. Every knee-jerk, out-of-the-blue, Democrat-proclaimed, crisis or critical issue, is.

They lie with impunity.

This time, they likely got the idea from the Postal Union, which is part of the AFL-CIO, a corrupt, dishonest, criminal ...

... organization that owns Democrat politicians.

The $25B House Bill passed yesterday is a bribe to the Union, a bribe with your tax money!

For more on how poorly-run the USPS really is, see:

Read 6 tweets
12 Aug
I want to summarize what I read in Peter Schweizer's book, "Profiles In Corruption" about @KamalaHarris / @SenKamalaHarris.

She's one corrupt, unethical, human being.

I previously did the same for @JoeBiden here:

This will be a long thread.

2) “Harris is widely admired in Progressive circles as the female Obama.”

“She has worked hard to cultivate a celebrity mystique, while fiercely guarding her privacy.”

“... has a taste for expensive Manolo Blahnik shoes and Chanel handbags.”

3) She portrays herself as a hard-working, gritty, lawyer who is smart on crime, and wrote a book by that very title.

However, her rise in her career has some VERY troubling aspects, as we’ll see.

Read 29 tweets
7 Jul
BLM will now go to small towns trying to get people whipped into a frenzy, have one or more people (in the heat of a confrontation they didn't want & didn't ask for) ...


⚡️ “Hundreds Of Bikers Crashed An Ohio Village's Black Lives Matter Rally”…
... spout off, get videoed ... then the video is edited in a dishonest manner, and all of a sudden there are racists everywhere in "flyover" country.

Of course, this was publicized to get outsiders to come, as many strong as possible, to stage the theatrics ...

... to make it look to the rest of America like there were many more people supporting BLM than there actually are.

This is the dishonest crap corrupt, lying, incapable, selfish, incompetent, impotent, losers do because they can't make a rational & logical "pitch" ...

Read 7 tweets
22 Jun
There is no such thing as "systemic racism". It's made-up by Liberal, Progressive, New World Order (NWO) types trying to take advantage of POC to stealthily advance Marxism disguised as a solution to racism.


Marx believed institutions make people who they are.

It's why we're seeing the destruction of historical monuments, because Marxists know that people can be inspired by monuments. Monuments remind us of our beliefs, promises, successes, and failures. They ground is as a society.

This is especially true in the US of the CROSS & our FLAG.

If you don't believe the Marxist anarchists & fascists are ultimately coming for them, you will be sorely disappointed if you don't do anything.

Patriotic, levelheaded, US citizens realize that ...

Read 7 tweets

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