The question he asked by the response embedded below is a good one to explain. Here's the reverse chronology answer, starting at step 8:

8. genocide happens.

7. billionaire distributes exceedingly detailed individual-human profiled identities to his network of hate-groups.
6. The pro-nazi-ideology analytics team selects targets based on identifiers such as family lineage, physical features in photos, ethnic music "likes", hair and makeup products and brands bought, websites visited, etc.
5. rando neo-nazi-ish billionaire meets with the online service's CEO and flashes a briefcase full of cash while whispering: "hey, you got any of that 'bigdata' I've been hearing about?"
4. types and amounts of data collected are increased dramatically as correlations and behavioral profiling research begin profitably driving advertising choices.

3. entrepreneurial entity realizes that the service's voluminous data can be profit instead of burden.
2. voluminous data naturally results and is at first a nuisance.

1. entity begins offering a service and it is successful.

It's a chain of events which must be fiercely broken.

• • •

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24 Sep
Remember when I tweeted this image back in June, 2018?

It shows one of the configuration files used by "Ripon", the software Ted Cruz's presidential campaign paid Cambridge Analytica millions of $ to make (CA then sub-contracted the actual development work to AggregateIQ).
The red underline part with the arrow shows that one of the segment category options which voters could be categorized under is titled "Disengagement Target".

Christopher Wylie testified before members of the US Senate that "disengagement" means "voter suppression" in CA's work.
When asked specifically about the "Disengagement Target" label by Canadian Parliament's Ethics Committee, AggregateIQ's CEO and CFO claimed it was nothing nefarious. The pair of AIQ execs said the label merely indicated a voter the campaign no longer wanted to interact with.
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23 Sep
Listen up. If you are confused and wondering "how did this all happen?" or "why would they ever do that?", it's not that hard.
The answer is similar to the only way a single human can tear a phonebook in half- one small tear at a time on each individual page in succession. Image
Which means:
1. A bunch of jerks spent 1-2 decades convincing everybody else that it's totally safe to give the most intimate private details imaginable to complete strangers you will never be able to identify (you get to pay money to the jerks for this service, too. good deal!).
2. Then, because the jerks are a bunch of frauds and greedy a-holes driven by pure profit and dumbfckery, they treated your most intimate private details and conversations like garbage. They couldn't care less about your privacy or contractual obligations. They scammed you.
Read 6 tweets
20 Sep
I've thought about it over the past day and realized the situation is far worse than my previous tweet.
By initiating a ramming-through of a new scotus appointment mere hours after Justice Ginsburg's passingband within 47 days of the next election, Sen. McConnell has acted with prima facie bad faith in executing the duties of his office, which is an overt and repugnant[...]
[...]violation of sworn oath and draws into question the validity of each and every official act he has been a part of at least back to the point of Justice Scalia's passing.
(when Mitch refused to allow a vote on confirmation of a duly-nominated scotus candidate)
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18 Sep
reality check- When someone types a URL into a web browser or clicks a link, they are not in any way entering some company's physical property. That person is merely saying "if something exists at this web address and is configured to send responses, I would like a response."
Then the website hosted at that address sends a collection of files back to the person who requested that response.

To be clear:
Doing so is malicious hacking at its core. Claiming that it is for e-commerce purposes does not make it any better. That actually makes it worse because you are committing criminal acts for profit with the intent to further and continue the illegal conduct.
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17 Sep
Malicious entities are attempting to distort Section 230.

The reason for Section 230 existing in the first place is to allow the most basic fundamental building blocks of the internet to exist. It is not an invincibility shield for profit funneling offshore shell companies.
Section 230 was created so that your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) can send internet signals (packets) through the physical cabling to your house without the legal liability triggered by whatever those packets may or may not contain when they arrive at your house/device.
That is why it exists. If a random home subscriber can sue a blogger for defamation, or a badguy-haxxerdude for "hacking" the subscriber's home computer, then it means...
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16 Sep
The North Carolina State Board of Elections (@NCSBE) appears to be quadrupling down on statements about all files contained within being intentionally public. Even going so far as to put this notice file within it: Image
Got it. I can read.
I've tried for 2-3 years to explain in multiple ways, to multiple NC officials, privately and publicly that they are not appropriately managing the access controls and content placed in that bucket.

And they are being very clear that all of it is intentional.
(intentionally made public by ncsbe)

Here's a screenshot showing the interface (marked For Official Use Only) included in one of the powerpoints they are intentionally making public. I've redacted the phone numbers and email addresses for elections Security Operations Centers. Image
Read 7 tweets

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