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You deserve to know this information. I’ve talked about the stupidity of wearing facemasks in non-clinical settings. I’ve talked about the list of failures we’ve had to endure because of our government’s abysmal policy. Now, I’m going to shine a light on vaccines. Brace yourself:
Imagine this - the @US_FDA has 50% of its budget from various vaccine companies - 50%. The @CDCgov has a budget of 11.5 billion dollars. 4.9 billion of that is allocated for buying, selling & distribution of vaccines.
Does that shock you? It should. Because that effectively makes the CDC a profiting company. It owns almost 60 vaccine patents. Owning those patents means it can turn a profit on every single sale of a vaccine it owns & sells.
The @NIH owns hundreds of vaccine patents. In fact, NIH owns half the patent for the novel Moderna vaccine that’s being developed right now.
This should disturb you to your core. The top scientists at @NIH are allowed to take home 100’s of thousand of dollars in *royalties* on the sale of any vaccine they have personally worked on.
That’s right. You read that correctly. @NIH incentivise their best scientists with a financial reward for selling & distributing their vaccinations.

In case you don’t know why that is a very bad thing, you should look up what a “conflict of interest” means.
If that isn’t a revelation out the pits of hell to wake you up, then I don’t know what is.
Regrettably, we have discovered that these regulatory agencies are not regulatory agencies at all, but instead nothing more than profit-making vaccine companies.

This is a scandal that stinks to high heaven. But it gets worse. And the kickers are coming. Stay with me.
The scientist who holds the most senior position at the @CDVgov, is also the author, & co-author, of every single major study the CDC has ever produced, especially as they relate to the *safety* of each vaccination they manufacture.
His most notable study; the one that‘s been on most people’s lips, is the study that illustrates there is no relationship between autism & vaccinations - the scientist I’m referring to is Dr William Thomson.
A few years back, Dr Thomson came forward; he said, & I quote, “We have been ordered to *fake* all the science over the last 10 years on autism.”
He added, “We were in a major study called DeStefano 2004, & in that study we found that one ethnic group who received the MMR vaccine had a 340% greater chance of developing autistsm than those who didn’t.”
In his admission, he also said he was asked to attend a board meeting, along with all the data relating to his findings, which outlined, in detail, a significant high risk of developing autism, caused by their vaccine, & that he needed to present it to his boss at the CDC.
His boss looked at the data, then ordered Dr Thompson to destroy it, inside the CDC headquarters.

This effectively erased all evidence of the vaccine damage caused by their vaccinations.
Dr Thompson was then asked to publish an alternative document, stating there is no relationship whatsoever between their vaccine product & the autism that children began to develop.
It seems the @CDCgov is an agency gone rogue. A law unto itself. An agency which was created for the purpose of regulating the study of vaccine safety, has now instead become a vehicle for generating as much cash as possible, even at the expense of human life. Crazy.
We’ve all heard it before. The love of money is the root of all evil. Well, ladies & gentlemen, look no further for the embodiment of that scripture, because the CDC is that embodiment.
What‘s equally disturbing, is now we have many, many mothers coming out publicly - mothers who make up your community, my community; all our communities, ringing the alarm bell.
They’re ringing the alarm with regard to what has happened to their children, & they’re being mocked, ridiculed & scorned in one of the most heinous vilification campaigns I’ve seen the press embark on.
Why? Because they dared to share their experiences. Because they dared to tell the truth. Because they dared to tell people like me, & you, about what has happened to their children as a result of the damage these vaccines have caused.
My friends. It is one thing to be culpable in a crime of this magnitude, but it is another thing entirely to then actively engage in an information war; a propaganda war, labelling these poor innocent mothers as liars, & deceivers.
Labelling them so that they take on the burden of a national humiliation - When in actual fact, it is the vaccine organisations they trusted to protect their children who are peddling the lies. All in the name of pursuing a higher profit margin. It’s enough to make you feel sick.
That is just a very brief history on the vaccines of the past. Now, it’s time to address the new vaccine the world awaits in regard to Covid19.
This is an alarm call to the entire world. I’ve spent hours analysing the pro’s & con’s, & I can tell you that in no uncertain terms this is something you should be deeply concerned with.
This new vaccine that’s being proposed is nothing like any other vaccine in medical history.
This is something totally different. This is something completely brand new. This is literally an experiment on the human race. What’s more, is this isn’t just about a new vaccine.
This is about a technology that has never before been seen, or used, & it will be introduced in conjunction this new vaccine.
Not only does this vaccine have the potential to change the way we live, but it is sure enough to change the very essence of what makes us human.
Now we go down the rabbit hole: A company by the name of @moderna_tx is tipped to be one of the front-runners for the Covid19 vaccine.
You should know that Moderna was founded by a Harvard graduate called Derek Rossi. His most notable “success” was taking modified RNA, & using it to programme a stem cell in the body, which changes
the function of the stem cell.
That means he genetically modified the stem cell; proving it’s possible to modify a living organism using modified RNA. So, Derek founded Moderna on this principle/concept:

ModeRNA = Modified + RNA (Moderna). Simple to understand, yet easily overlooked.
Some more important details you need to know: Moderna isn’t a brand new company, however they are the new kid on the block in comparison with their counterparts.
Moderna has never made a vaccine before, & they have never even made any medicine before. This vaccine will be their first attempt at producing any kind of medical product.

They have no history that we can look at, & that’s very important for us to understand.
Moderna has made controversial news recently. Why? Because they fast-tracked their vaccine, rushing from phase 1, to phase 2, very quickly.
In fact, they’ve now gone from phase 1, to phase 3 with their experiments, from March of this year, to where we are currently. That is unheard of. That is *far*too quick to move between phases.
How do we know that? Because all other vaccination companies, even with their unscrupulous reputation, take around 5 years to get to the same phase-level - that’s the benchmark.
It’s actually remarkable when you think about it. How are they able to pull this off, with the necessary safety checks, & with the efficacy data that we need? Well, that is *exactly* the problem. They’re just not doing that.
So, what was the result of their phase 2 trials? Well, they experimented on 45 human beings, & with their high-dose vaccine group, 100% of their participants got systemic side effects - yup, 100%.
That’s all of the 45 people involved. Keep in mind that’s only the short side-effect profile that they’ve captured so far.

We have absolutely no idea what the long range side effects are because enough time hasn’t elapsed for us to find out if there are any, & what they are.
This is a crucial point that is of great consequence: some adverse side-effects take years to develop. Years.
Are you willing to play Russian roulette with @moderna_tx? Or @BillGates? Or Anthony Fauci? Or Chris Witty? Or @MattHancock? Is that something you’re willing to do?
Are you willing to expose your children to that level of danger? This may be a good moment to pause for thought.
What do we know for sure from using this kind of RNA technology on animals? Studies indicate we can expect increased cancer rates. An increase in mutagenesis (or what most of us know as mutated genes).
We can also expect auto-immune diseases, damage to lungs, fluid in the lungs, problems with the liver, to name a few.
What we *don’t* know, is the data for humans, & we won’t have full access to that data for years to come, yet governments around the world expect us to take the vaccine in 12–18 months when they say “it’s safe to roll out.”
Now, here comes the kicker. How do they plan to administer this vaccine? At it stands they plan to use what’s called a microneedle platform.
It was developed at @MIT. MIT said it can be mass produced very easily, which is one of the reasons they’ve proposed it. Ok, sounds fair enough.
They also say it can be administered by yourself, so you won’t need a doctor or a nurse. But whether you do it yourself or have a doctor or nurse do it for you, is neither here nor there.
How does the delivery system work? It uses tiny spicules which were designed after a Viper snake bite. They claim you won’t feel much, but inside the tiny snake bite needles is a material known as “hydrogel”.
Inside the hydrogel is a new type of enzyme known as a “Luciferase”, as well as the vaccine itself.
The idea is that the micro-needles puncture your cell membrane, injecting the synthetic RNA, which is a code for a part of the Covid19 virus. Once injected, it finds its way into your nucleus.
When in your nucleus, your body begins to read this code, & from that point begins to replicate more of this part of the virus.
Why does it want to make more of this part of the virus? Great question.
The idea is that the more it replicates, the more your body would get used to seeing it, & so therefor it can produce more antibodies, which means your body would have an improved t-cell response. In theory that makes sense.
But the problem with that is, in order to work it requires a process called “transfection”. Transfection is a method we currently use to make GMO food - think fruits & veg. They’re not as healthy as the organic variety.
They’re not natural by any means; they often come with all sorts of defects, & are nutrient deficient because of that process. That‘s partly why they’re cheaper to buy.
What happens if we extend this same methodology to human beings? What happens if we now become genetically modified? Would we not also be as healthy? Do we become a cheaper version of a human being?
At any rate, we do not have any long term studies, so for governments to push so aggressively with this programme before we do is, quite candidly, insane.
The vaccine manufacturers say unequivocally it won’t alter our DNA, but that’s just one of the many lies they’ve told us.
Because if we use this same process to produce GMO food, how do they know for sure it won’t have the same effect on human beings? It’s a very important question to ask. And the short answer is, they don’t know.
So, why is RNA potentially extremely dangerous? - because if the change in your cells become stable, & your genome accepts this change, it will begin to replicate along with your genome.
Meaning, it is now a permanent part of your genome - that’s the chance you are talking if you choose to accept this vaccine, & you would have no idea until years later, by which point it is far too late to do anything about it.
And at that point you are now a genetically modified organism; susceptible to all the diseases mentioned above; a lesser, weaker version of yourself.
To summarise: we have a vaccine that can alter our genome. The delivery system is patented & named “Luciferase”. The patent number is 060606. That’s right - 666 once we remove the numbers with no value.
The enzyme is called Luciferase because it has bioluminescent qualities, which means it can produce light, & all of this goes under your skin - it cannot be seen - it’s not visible to the naked eye.
I don’t know about you but I don’t like 666, & I don’t like anything named after Lucifer being a part of my genetic makeup.
Here’s the ultimate bombshell for those who are really switched on: Global government’s are keen on using the 666 patented Luciferase enzyme because the light source can be scanned.
In other words it provides a way of detecting when someone has been successfully vaccinated.
That means they do not trust medical records. They do not trust you saying that you’ve been vaccinated. They want to make sure, without any shred of doubt that you are a successful transfection.
If an iPhone, or special app on another special device scans over the mark where you were vaccinated, it will be able to identify whether or not you have received the mark, or not.
It will give you a digital code. A digital imprint. A digital pattern. It will hold your entire medical record.
It also gives you an ID. A number. A barcode. A branding. Whatever you want to call it, it will be entirely unique to you.
This will be your real “Covid Pass”. Mark my words, the day is coming, very soon, when you will not be able to go to work, travel, or even buy or sell without this mark.
Even for the most sceptical among us it sounds a lot like the mark of the beast that’s described in the Bible - when God warns that those who do not receive the mark of the beast, cannot buy or sell.
You can draw your own conclusions on that. But just remember these things:

1. LUCIFERase Enzyme
2. Delivered by a snakebite delivery system
3. With a 666 patent number.
I could go a lot go further but this thread is already long enough.
For now, what I’d like you to take away is this: we are in the midst of an information war. And I want you to remember that the first causality in any war, is the truth.
Keep fighting the good fight. God bless you all, & may you all wake up soon to what’s going on around us, if you haven’t already.



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