1. Could things have been different? Could sanity have prevailed with covid? Hindsight is always 20/20. And it's very easy to armchair quarterback. Still, some tentative conclusions may be useful to discuss.
2. At the beginning, it was understandable that authorities would err on the side of caution and take a "wait and see" approach. It contradicted past pandemic procedures, but I sill get it. But once the spring and summer of 2020 rolled around...
3. ...there was enough data to know what was going on. But by then, the panic had become too embedded in the popular mind. The president should have set up a special information task-force to counteract the propaganda being spewed by the MSM. It would have helped.
4. This was information warfare. And the battle was lost early on by INACTION at the highest levels. The playing field was conceded to the enemy (the MSM). Their lying narrative was allowed to go unchallenged for too long. And at some point, I think the president...
5. ...simply gave up. He sensed on a gut level that trying to oppose the narrative was a wasted of time. I don't agree. The dissenting covid voices on Twitter (Berenson, El Gato Malo, etc.) should have been deployed and weaponized on a large scale.
6. This strategy would have done much good. Instead, nothing was done. The result has been catastrophic. The lesson: never abandon the field, and NEVER neglect the importance of information war. It is a true dimension of conflict.
7. Specific things that should have been done:
(a) Televised presentations by someone explaining the realities of covid. Ross Perot style infomercials.
(b) Immediate, amplified refutation of MSM lies (by CNN and Washington Post.
(c) Assign teams to refute lies on Twitter.

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4 Sep
1. In the movie "The Exorcist," there is a dialogue where Father Karras asks Father Merrin "why this girl, why was this innocent child chosen to be tormented." Merrin says: the idea is to make us lose faith, to break our spirits with the senselessness...
2. ...of the victimization of the innocent. This very same idea appeared, I noticed, in the Denis Villeneuve movie "Prisoners," (2013) a much underrated film. There is an evil couple who kidnap and murder innocent children. When caught, the woman explains that she was...
3. ...conducting a "war against God" and that her goal was to make good men and good women despair and lose all hope. I used to think this theme--evil as an instigator of despair--was just an abstract thing. Recent events have made me re-think this view.
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1. Thread.

I want to talk about an oft-forgotten piece of legislation that Joe Biden was instrumental in forcing through Congress: the Orwellian-sounding "Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act" of 2005.
2. I have practiced bankruptcy law for 20 years, and am experienced in consumer and business cases. This bill was enacted to benefit the big banks and credit card companies, not to help the country or the people. And Biden was directly behind pushing it.
3. The first thing: the entire bill was premised on a lie. The lie was that there was some rash of abuse in the bankruptcy system, and that the average person was "taking advantage" of the system. That is a lie. Most people and businesses file cases because of some...
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My personal list of favorites films of the past 20 years. In no particular order, except the first one, which is my all-time favorite.

And here...we...go....
1. The Lives of Others (2006).
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2. Un Prophete (2009).
A crime drama so engaging, so realistic, that you can't take your eyes off the screen. An adrift young man is transformed from a petty crook into a mafia boss.
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