And it was worse than I thought 😂🤣
Arraignments. Tried to convince me that every PD pleads everyone guilty @ arraignment (without ever having received discovery) because it’s necessary to “keep things moving”. They could not grasp my refusal, kept trying to explain their “process” to me in a different way.
“They” are the prosecutor, clerk, court reporter, and probation. LOST. THEIR. SHIT. Telling me “the PDO will have to send someone else, you’re not going to work for us.” Yelling, talking shit “behind my back” but in front of my face, huffing and puffing, & pacing.
It was so bad I went to discuss with the judge and explain my refusal to plea people without ever having received & reviewed discovery among other things. ALL OF THEM INSISTED TO BE A PART OF THIS CONVERSATION.
And after explaining to the judge, they all took their turn explaining to the judge WHILE FREAKING OUT- ruining the flow of their docket and going to cause a crazy trial date. The judge: “for 20 years we have always had a PD that is able to follow our rules and process here.”
Judge incredulously looks at me— so you are going to plea everyone not guilty at an arraignment?!
Then made some comment about withholding their court’s funding from PD and he doesn’t know why my boss would send me when I can’t do what this court needs done. Then says “we will need someone else.”

So, I think I was fired today by the ADA and Judge 😂
To clarify— I am not actually fired because they do not have the authority— I do not work for the judge or ADA. The withholding funding comment was meant as a threat to my boss should she not assign someone else to that court. For now, they are stuck with me and I with them.
My comment about being fired was only to mock and poke fun at the preposterous notion that an ADA, Judge, clerk, etc. has any say in my advocacy and their audacity for thinking I would believe they did. Or if they mentioned being replaced enough I could be bullied into it.

• • •

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16 Sep
Just a reminder that calling for criminal prosecution of cops is only a first step and a short-term victory.

We do not talk about prosecutor’s role in police violence enough or how the prosecutor-police codependence enables police misconduct.
Many prosecutors around the nation have a toxic, co-dependent relationship with police. Prosecutors and police are more than just institutional allies in law enforcement; they are often partners in the police’s crimes and will be as long as it remains mutually beneficial.
Police exert significant control over prosecutors in both formal and informal ways. Prosecutors often receive overt pressure to comply with police culture of silence and violence, making it normal and all but required to look the other way when police misconduct is present.
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11 Sep
Focus on women lawyers' attire is driven by the need for men to control women...and yes, women will police other women for them. Women who have spent three years and tens of thousands of dollars on their graduate education are smart enough to pick out their own wardrobes w/o help
To those who complain about women's courtroom attire, I say: you may not agree with her choices, you may not like them... but unless you really think a woman did not intend to present the appearance she does
(there's a run in the back of her tights, she has chalk on the seat of her pants, she is missing a button, or her skirt is hiked up in back) then keep your thoughts to yourself. Why not focus your energy on, oh... something that matters?
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23 Aug
I’m going to finish, I swear. I’m just falling asleep and to do the remainder of the story justice I need to finish it in the morning, so stay tuned.
Ok so let me finish this thing— at this point in the story it’s about 9:30am. The ADAs call me back to tell me that since the police who attempted to execute the warrant (agency 1) won’t give any information they have called the District Attorney to help it figure out
The DA places a call to the Chief of another police department that was there to execute the warrant (agency 2) but he tells him that his officers were never at that location and they know nothing about executing a warrant this morning.
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23 Aug
Thread about my retaliatory arrest:

6 police units arrived at my mom’s house at 5:30am, 3 different police agencies showed up, all exits from my mom’s house were barricaded, had officers surrounding the house, 1/6
my mom saw through the ring speaker that two officers were sniffing through their license plates under the carport. Mom “may I help you?”thru the ring. They said they had a warrant for me but refused to say what for. Mom told them that I was a public defender and at court. 2/6
I immediately leave my house so not to put my husband or my dog at risk should they get the right address. Driving on the road, I’m anxious that I’ll be targeted and stopped to execute the warrant.
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23 Aug
Just another example of what police can do without impunity. Because I don’t trust police to not shoot my dog for fun— I have a “safe plan” should the police ever come to my door— my husband running the dog to the back of the house and kenneling him in an empty closet.
For all those thinking the fact that I have this plan is weird— it was born out of an attempted arrest at the wrong address. Had they gotten the address right they would have shot my dog, I know that. So after that and knowing this may happen again due to my job—
I came up with a plan and made my Husband promise not to worry about me just take the dog and run.

The point of saying this is— THIS IS REALITY. And it’s over a dog. Think about the reality for Black humans.
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29 Jun
Had three juvenile cases where officers called an ambulance to administer something against child’s will, strapped him down, had the drug administered. The children were so drugged (eye rolling back, vomit, incoherence) the detention home wouldn’t accept them from police chstody.
After an hour long argument (in one case and longer in others), cops were forced to put the drugged children back into their car and transport them to the hospital where they were admitted for overdose of ketamine. They of course were charged with resisting a police officer.
All the children told me they only remember being hysterical because they couldn’t remember their name or who they were. Not a single child was told what they were receiving medications for or what that medication was. They were just forcefully restrained & administered a mystery
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