The Q group/team is an NSA + military intelligence unit.

2/14 That team, led by Admiral Mike Rogers - NSA's 17th director (Q = 17th letter of the alphabet) began (in Nov 17) a backchannel that has been releasing military intel to the public via political message boards in an attempt to create a civilian/military alliance to assist with
3/14 info. dissemination in order to root out global corruption and downright evil amongst politicians, entertainers/celebrities and other people in positions of power...posting as 'Q'. Over the past 3 years, there's been 4600+ Intel drops that contain a ton of revealing truths.
4/14 There have been countless q p r o o f s . Com that they've released that prove the people posting as Q can only be insiders that are close to POTUS. NSA collects all data across every mode of communication... a handful of top military intel generals/admirals recruited
5/14 Trump because they knew he was uncorruptable and began this directive 1 year after election. The first drop was the same day U.S. Atty John Durham was appointed and tasked with criminally indicting all of the bad actors who have been screwing our country over for decades..
6/14 Q Anons are simply anonymous researchers that have been on that message board disseminating and researching all of that intel/info for 3 years now and then spreading out to civilians on social media, etc. Its worldwide now and that spawned what they call the QAnon movement.
7/14 patriots of all nations who have awakened to the reality that the Deep State has tried to destroy our country and turn us into a 3rd world socialist/communist country.

So, it truly is a plan to save the world...

8/14 Its not conspiracy OR theory.
Adm. Mike Rogers was 17th Director of the NSA (17th letter of alphabet = Q). He was head of ALL 16 intel agencies under Obama. Obama was a puppet Prez and installed by the CIA to start a 16 year plan to destroy our country...
9/14 They wrote a manual on how to create an insurgency to topple nations. When B.O. found out that Rogers was working in coordination with Gen Flynn (his specialty is counter-insurgency) to form a civilian-military alliance to stop/counter their planned:

10/14 (what we are witnessing now [antifa, BLM,& Corrupt Dem Governors/Mayors/Politicians/Entertainers/Media]) actively diving the citizenry, riots, looting, arson, attack of White House) Obama tried to FIRE Adm. Rogers (see headlines).That was Nov 20, 2016 (after election)..
11/14 Adm. Rogers went to Trump Tower to meet Trump without authorization/without telling Obummer. Trump immediately moved his transition team's HQ from Trump Tower to his NJ property bc Rogers informed him (gave him the heads up) he was being wiretapped/illegally spied on!
12/14 (Think Carter Page, Flynn, Papadopolous, Trump himself)... there were DOZENS of assassination attempts on Trumps life between election and inauguration, alone.

The rest is history and public knowledge. Story has been playing out in the background..justice coming soon.
13/14 Gen Flynn speech: "We have any army of digital soliders...citizen journalists...who have taken over the idea of information. B/c we have a media in our country who did a disservice to themselves by displaying an arrogance never seen before."

14/14 #WWG1WGA

Adm. Roger has NSA take oath:

Q/NSA enlists Digital Soldiers to take oath (image)

@GenFlynn takes oath for affirmation:


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