I was going to write a thread later, but @MidnightFunkNWS
gives me a good opening.

I challenge this psychotic hater of @realDonaldTrump to do two things that it WILL NOT DO: Image
1. Prove you're a veteran.

All you need to do is give us your branch of service, dates of service, unit, MOS, ranks, and overseas deployments, if any.
2. Tell us why nationwide martial law is better than the Stafford Act, which Trump invoked in conjunction with declaring a nationwide state of emergency.
Now that I've gotten rid of THAT thing, I need to address an irritating shortcoming among too many of my readers.

LIKE THE DEMOCRATS, you refuse to grant Trump AGENCY.

The ability to act.

You say armed citizens must go out and engage in vigilante justice.

Have you not seen that Trump can end violent rioting in an entire city in ONE NIGHT?

Are you aware of what happened in Minnesota?

One night, the governor said that there wasn't enough law enforcement or National Guard in the state to stop the rioting.
There were PROFESSIONAL URBAN TERRORISTS from foreign countries SHOOTING AT FIREFIGHTERS and using something like thermite grenades to start fires in seconds.

They wore body armor and had aerial overwatch that allowed them to avoid cops.

The governor asked for help, and THE NEXT DAY, the cops found all the cars filled with weapons.

The terrorists were nowhere to be found.

Here's what you people DO NOT understand.




Intelligence gathering.
All the fighting men and women INFILTRATE INTO THE CITY and wait.

They don't "stand by" in Louisiana.

They go in and hide. When they're given the "Go" signal, THEY"VE ALREADY IDENTIFIED THEIR TARGETS.

You people are talking about "hunting."

They already know who to get.

As Trump says, it's over in MINUTES.

There's no way in hell that blundering armed civilians can do that.

This is happening in BLUE CITIES.

You've been debating them for decades.


Of course not.

Their position was NOT RATIONAL.

NOW they don't have the luxury of being irrational.

And you want to swoop in and SAVE THEM?!
Guess which type of call cops hate the most?

Domestic violence calls.

Someone is cutting up their spouse with a hatchet.

The cops make the hatchet wielder stop, and the bleeding victim gets a gun and shoots the cops.
Did you see how pissed off Kenosha business owners were at armed outsiders who came it to "protect" their stores?

People stood in front of piles of charcoal and sighed, "This was so unnecessary."

You "help" is NOT WANTED.

The rioters are THEIR PEOPLE.

Let THEM work it out.
Portland was PISSED at the Patriot Prayer folks who came to the city.

MOST of Portland is with the rioters.

That's why when the Delta Force or whomever goes in, they take care of business SECRETLY and in ONE NIGHT.
Too many of you want Götterdämmerung, a translation of Ragnarök, a catastrophic battle between good and evil.

But you know the result?


Let's see a show of hands:

Who wants the "good guys" to inflict the apocalypse on us?
Accept your limitations.

You are NOT the Delta Force.

Stop refusing to accept Trump's ability to influence and change current events.


You won't even KNOW if you're being targeted by death squads.

Somebody trained THEM.
The sectarian assassination of Aaron "Jay" Danielson in Portland was flawless.

And both the cops and county DA stepped in to cover it up and get the gunman off.

He was going to plead defense of two nonexistent black men.

And the Portland jurors would acquitted him.
And we have fake witnesses to the final confrontation.

Remember what I told you:

The article says that the cops gave two different stores, but THEY DID NOT.

The article PROVES they didn't.

As for the fake Facebook and Twitter accounts, all you have to do is look AT THE PHOTOS.
"Witnesses reported 2 SUVs pull up beside Michael and immediately fired 30 to 40 shots into his vehicle."


Two cops cars block him in.

He got out and fired at both of them.

His car is on the left. ImageImage
He ran, and they dropped him in front of the apartment mailboxes. Image
This is the Satan's Melange we're living in:

Stupid, crazy terrorists acting out.

Stupid, crazy politicians and law enforcement enabling them.

Stupid, crazy media defending them.

Stupid, crazy public supporting them.
Am I getting through to you?

Do you see that you wading into the middle of it with your guns makes everything WORSE?

Trump and the Delta Force and their peers have seen and dealt with FAR WORSE.

YOU have not.

So enough with the talk of vigilante justice.
The most patriotic thing you can do is VOTE IN PERSON and leave this to Trump and the forces he commands.

This is a nationwide domestic dispute between spouse batterers and their spouses and children.


The spouses will either leave or stay and die.

Time to be as unemotional and rational as you can be.

Do the right thing.


Of course I had to block the fake veteran.

When a "veteran" refuses to give you even his BRANCH OF SERVICE, he ain't a veteran.

I never served because I KNEW I WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH.

No shame in admitting that.

I admire people better than me. We need them.

• • •

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20 Sep

One more thread.

This is a great scene. Very true to life.

Denzel Washington has just saved a kid from being jumped into a violent gang.

The kid was told he had to murder in order to be a member.

So Denzel plucked him out at gunpoint.

Denzel's a killer.

He's trying to atone.

The SEQUEL was pretty much ruined by the director. It gave in to cliches.

But I still recommend both The Equalizer and The Equalizer 2, only because of Denzel Washington.
I've always wanted to tell people what I know.

Poseurs like Antifa.

Fake veterans on Twitter.

But I'd need that...implement that Denzel had in his hand, and I wouldn't do that.

Still, it's nice to see someone capture so faithfully what goes on in my head.
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20 Sep
Leftists refuse to admit that mental illness is an UNDESIRABLE DISABILITY.

The reason I worked so hard to mitigate the effects of severe PTSD, anxiety, and depression was that I HATED BEING UNHAPPY.

I accept that happiness is beyond me.

But I've achieved peace of mind.
Leftism encourages normalizes mental illness in its adherents while claiming that political dissidents are mentally ill.

In the US, this started in earnest in 1962, with the publication of Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Americans began taking all their social cues from HOLLYWOOD.

The narrative became, "Those who we call mentally ill are actually the sanest among us."

Even though THE SAME PEOPLE attack political dissidents as mentally ill.
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19 Sep

Please go to @LindseyGrahamSC's thread and thank him.

The Senator KNOWS that @realDonaldTrump is genuine.


The Senator is angry at the Democrat's debasement of the Senate and their treatment of Supreme Court nominees.

To make my thread register, I need to add a few more tweets.

@robreiner is flat-out wrong, of course. Image
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19 Sep

Dear Democrats:

YOU DID IT! Many thanks.

@realDonaldTrump will replace Ginsburg before the election.

I know what I'm saying will not penetrate, but the worst thing you can do TO YOURSELVES is threaten Trump.

He doesn't take kindly to it.

Since you went insane BEFORE HE EVEN SAID A WORD, you forced his hand.

There was no way for him to NOT fill the seat after your threats.
So now we see:

Will you follow through?

This is the GUARANTEED fallout from that action:

1. You deliver all 50 states into the Trump column on election night.

2. You meet THESE people face to face. Image
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19 Sep


For everyone who's forgotten @RussTamblyn, he was a dancer in West Side Story. Image
Who knew that deep within this tremendously gifted, happy young man there lurked an ancient, violent psycho?

Russ, I feel a responsibility to tell you two things:

One, Trump has invoked the Stafford Act.

Guess who he calls in to stop your little war? Image
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19 Sep

Well, @rezaaslan just made @realDonaldTrump's decisions for him.

Now Trump MUST replace Ginsburg before the election.

The US can never give in to terroristic threats. Image
@senatemajldr said they'll quickly confirm a nominee.


These people need their asses kicked.…
We've been watching them burn their own stupid cities for months, but now they're threatening the entire country.

Trump has no choice now.


This will take away the last possible reason to vote for Biden.
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