I remember when I first started telling people about the odd “weather” accounts about 9 months or a year ago, and I was told by all but one person: ‘Nope, nothing to see here, everything looks totally normal.’

... and here we are.
It goes far beyond weather, too. Verified accounts, including local govt accounts, are wrapped up in this, too. It’s a huge mess with implications that I don’t think anyone can really conceptualize yet.

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22 Sep
As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, I think we need to prepare to deal with a silent maternal/child health crisis that likely won’t be fully visible for years. We can wrap our heads around figures like “200,000 #COVID19 deaths,” but the tragedy is so much bigger than that.
As many of you know, I’m 7 months pregnant. My mom is a PhD-level maternal/child health (MCH) epidemiologist, I’ve studied MCH for over a decade, & I’m preparing to defend a dissertation focused on behavioral health during pregnancy. So I’m not new to this area. 2/
I say those things not to show off or put myself on a pedestal, but to emphasize that if I‘m having trouble navigating the healthcare system & accessing adequate care during my own pregnancy (I am), there are likely countless women quietly falling between the cracks. 3/
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21 Sep
Last September, the Trump administration proposed monitoring the smartphones of people with mental illness as a (misguided) way to predict violence. Any updates on that proposal?
bitchmedia.org/article/white-… ImageImageImageImage
Just wondering what tools and resources they discussed here... ImageImage
This also happened.
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14 Sep
It’s mind-boggling how many times a day I see someone post a video or picture w/ a caption saying “LOOK AT THIS GUY DOING XYZ THING [a thing he’s not actually doing]”, yet still get retweeted 5,000+ times.

Can we all commit to being more careful, given the stakes? Please?
By “more careful”, I mean let’s commit to look more carefully at what content we are sharing — and why. If you’re retweeting out of anger/disgust/etc, that’s a good cue to step back for a second and make sure you aren’t letting your emotions override facts & common sense.
Another thing to consider before sharing content on Twitter & other platforms: Who is it helping?

Right now, fear-mongering posts about rigged elections and violence in the streets are more likely to help Trump than anyone else. *Fear* is normal, but *fear-mongering* won’t help.
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6 Sep
Self-help books can be great, but when you take a hardcover book and throw it as hard as you can at someone’s head, knock them into deep water, and stand there watching them drown ... you’re not helping them. You’re traumatizing them. Some people just need love, not tough love.
There is, in fact, a science to this stuff. It’s still being refined and it’s actually the focus of my current work, and while it’s not settled science yet, one thing we do know is that behavior change efforts will almost always fail if you fail to meet the person where they are.
Find out a person’s psychosocial history, up to present day. Figure out the barriers they’re facing, & identify their strengths. Target your approach to those things. If it doesn’t work, don’t assume it’s the individual’s fault — rather, consider what *you* could do differently.
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4 Sep
So, Twitter siphoned up my data and decided I was interested in (wait for it...) *472* different topics, some of which (like gaming) I am not only NOT interested in, but actively despise. Others were completely random topics that I’ve never engaged with or expressed interest in.
This little section is a small but amazing example of how terrible this system/algorithm is. I literally hate everything checked off as an interest here (except fruit. I mean I like fruit, but I wouldn’t exactly describe it as an “interest”...).

And there were 467 more of these.
I don’t know what’s going on here, but IMO it sure looks like Twitter is manufacturing outrage by targeting people with topics and people they strongly dislike to keep users on the platform by evoking anger and encouraging ongoing conflict. Just a thought.
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2 Sep
I regret to inform you that this photo looks like it was manipulated. A few things that jumped out to me (circled in red):

-The much-discussed shoes seem to be two different shoes entirely. The one with the heel is pointier, has laces, & is made of dull leather. 1/
-His thumb is totally flat like paper.
-There appears to be a face on his index finger; other fingers are abnormally skinny.
-One pant leg has a crisp crease; the other is flat & baggy, like a sailor’s uniform.
-There are remnants of what looks like a pocket on his sleeve.
I’m mainly hung up on the face on his index finger.
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