I highly doubt this “whistleblower complaint” is true. I don’t doubt the complaint exists; I do doubt its accuracy. Color me skeptical. lawandcrime.com/high-profile/l…
Update: public video, posted yesterday. I believe it speaks for itself. m.facebook.com/story.php?stor…
Congratulations to everyone who spread this “story” with comparisons to Mengele and Nazi Germany without doing one minute’s worth of fact-checking on the credibility of the source.
“Blood transfusions are bad and the work of the devil and I prefer the Blood of Jesus” righty-ho, thanks for that.

The “whistleblower” also makes many videos while driving. This is a mostly public account at the moment and I would advise readers who still give one ounce of credence to this ludicrous story go check it out for themselves while it still exists.
On May 31 of this year, the “Mass Hysterectomy” “Whistleblower” shared this doctored image by “Rhonda Antifa” [sic] that was censored by @Facebook. The notice explained it appeared to be a church engulfed in “demonic flame”.
My apologies, “Anita” said it was a police station engulfed in demonic flame, but Facebook an apartment building. A reader rightly corrects me. You can never tell where fake Demonic Flame will be spreading, frankly.
Update: as of two hours ago, when I posted the video, the “mass hysterectomy” “whistleblower” has changed her location from Georgia to Bangladesh.

I think I’ll leave this one there.
It is worth noting that the complaint, here, in fact contains not a single direct account or complaint of a “forced hysterectomy” on any woman. Not one. Nor even the hearsay of one.

The complaint is almost entirely about other matters. When one reaches the ‘hysterectomy’ section on page 18 of 27, it is short, and consists of three parts: 1 Two inmates who have not had the procedure saying that their opinion is it is too frequent and women are “confused”
These women ***do not even allege that a single woman has told them they did not want to have the procedure***. Even in the hearsay, they do not allege any compulsion. The “I think it’s a concentration camp” comes from a woman who never had the procedure or ever saw this doctor.
Part 2 of the short “Hysterectomy’ section of the complaint is the “Whistleblower” and “Minister / preacher”, who, as an LPN, never set foot in the operating room, giving us **her opinion** that the gynecologist should not do these surgeries.
Frankly, given the in my opinion insane religious videos on the “Whistleblower”’s facebook page, which have now been taken down, the “uterus collector” line from her reads, in my opinion, like religious prejudice. The important thing: NOT ONE PATIENT complains in this document.
Finally, in part three of the brief and delayed “Hysterectomies” section of this complaint, we come to a direct complainant. This woman, too, does NOT complain that ANY forced procedure of ANY kind was performed on her.
Instead, the SOLE DIRECT COMPLAINANT in the “hysterectomies” section says she was given confusing and contradictory information about a proposed procedure, said ‘it’s not for me’, and was shouted at by a nurse.
Therefore, for those saying “Nazi Germany” and “Mengele” this complaint AT NO POINT, not even via alleged hearsay, suggests that ANY WOMAN was forced into a hysterectomy against her will. NONE. ZERO. NADA.

Read the section (on page 18 of 27) here. Ends. projectsouth.org/wp-content/upl…

• • •

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25 Sep
Chris Steele did not have a “primary sub source”.

I’m unsure why people keep making this claim, but it isn’t correct. Because Michael Horowitz, who was forced to amend his inaccurate report, calls somebody a “primary sub source” doesn’t make it so.
It is particularly wrong to reiterate claims by Danchenko as if they were true.

Why did Horowitz have to revise his report? Because it initially relied on statements by Danchenko that were false and which Orbis could refute, presumably because they had him on tape.
Yet far too many American commentators are regurgitating Danchenko’s comments as though they had any validity. They don’t. The idea of a “primary sub-source” who does all the work is embarrassing. Not how it works.
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23 Sep
The Hunter Biden “probe” was a bust. The @EricTrump probe won’t be. wp.me/p7VhVF-2wZ7
While I don’t know the specifics of this state probe into @EricTrump, I would imagine that @NewYorkStateAG will be considering the shell companies around Trump Hotels, which Donald tried to remove @IvankaTrump from. patribotics.blog/2017/06/17/dau…
Please note that @EricTrump may have to answer for why @Trump refused to patch the Russian malware rampant in Trump hotels that stole credit card data. @patribotics has reported on this for some years now; please note the date and the hashtags on this tweet.
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20 Sep
How ‘bout no #phishing
Don’t click one of these, people
You do not have an unclaimed package from @USPS, everyone.

They will leave a physical sticky note on your door. They don’t text you. Check the URL.
Added the above as several readers are replying saying they have received similar texts telling them they have “an unclaimed package from @USPS”.

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19 Sep
The Trump justice is over.

Trump says they can’t confirm before November 3. Don’t tell me not to donate to Amy McGrath. She can absolutely win, and even if she doesn’t, she can keep Mitch employed at home in October so he can’t confirm 1/2
2/ after November 3rd, @JoeBiden will be President-Elect. VP-elect @KamalaHarris will be working her magic in the lame duck. Trump will have no more power. No means to threaten GOP senators. Biden will have patronage, and lots of it.

You think the likes of Lindsey are loyal?
3/ hell no. The Vicar of Bray, aka the Remora Fish, aka @LindseyGrahamSC, *if* he retains his seat, will immediately start smarming up to Biden in the hope of some bipartisan boondoggle. I can almost write the statement myself
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18 Sep
THREAD: 1/ Spent several days maintaining that the false “forced hysterectomies” story was false. @AP fact check contains this mind-blowing admission

“But a lawyer who helped file the complaint said she never spoke to any women who had hysterectomies.”
2/ “Priyanka Bhatt, staff attorney at the advocacy group Project South, told The Washington Post that she included the hysterectomy allegations because she wanted to trigger an investigation to determine if they were true.”
3/ I was repeatedly told ‘lawyers will have checked these allegations to see if they are true”. Yet @projectsouth KNEW that NONE of the women they spoke to ever claimed this. Not one. Yet “Minister Preacher”/“Whistleblower” called this doctor “The Uterus Collector”
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18 Sep
This is very misleading. Lawyers representing the US have accepted the claim that @DanaRohrabacher *said* he could get Assange a pardon.

They have absolutely NOT accepted that Trump, or the administration, in fact offered one, only that Rohrabacher claimed this.
Astute readers may have noticed that Julian Assange did indeed (falsely) deny Russia was the source of the hacked emails, and in fact he and @Wikileaks sadistically smeared Seth Rich as the source.

No ‘pardon’ was forthcoming. Which is why #Assange is in the dock today.
Just terrible reporting here, I’m afraid:

“Rohrabacher said he followed up the meeting by calling then White House chief of staff John Kelly to discuss the pardon. However, the ex congressman said he never spoke to Trump about it.” - in fact, John Kelly refused that to him
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