"There Were Mass Hysterectomies"—

This is why I get so furious about the abortion wars being waged on the backs of Black and brown women.

It's about increasing white birth rates and finding "creative" ways to suppress Black and brown birth rates.

Maybe now people will listen.
Conservatives will keen about Black genocide—trotting out their Candace Owenses and Kanye Wests to propagate this white supremacist lie—and they'll pass abortion laws because 'OH NO BLACK GENOCIDE."

Meanwhile, they'll slowly eradicate us while white women repopulate the earth.
You're a FOOL if you believe any of this bullshit about black baby lives matter.

You're a FOOL if you think conservatives want more Black and brown people to thrive in this country.

They want to imprison us, use us for slave labor, or eradicate us.

Fuck around and see.
This mass hysterectomy scandal really makes you wonder exactly why the government was tracking these immigrant women’s periods.

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19 Sep
It is baffling to me that people think that RBG should’ve retired a decade ago when she was 76 years old and that her not doing so was somehow arrogant or egotistical.

Do you honestly think it was ego that kept her on the bench? Listen to yourselves. You sound ridiculous.
Sotomayor and Kagan became justices in 2009 and 2010. Why in the fuck would Ginsburg retire in 2010? When she was the only woman who could guide these new justices who were new to the liberal wing? HER wing? It doesn’t even make sense.
It wasn’t fucking ego you dingbats.
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19 Sep
This is not a surprise.

The real question is how much fight do Senate Dems have in them to stop an impeached, compromised, and utterly incompetent president from replacing RBG with some 40 y.o. Federalist Society ding dong he'll claim is a feminist just because she's a woman.
Yes, I know they are in the minority. That’s why it’s time to get fucking creative.
My creative idea?

Senate Dems should march right up to Nancy Pelosi and demand that the House impeach Barr AND impeach trump again and halt all appointments.

Slow play it for the next 47 days. There are definitely grounds for it.

Think outside the box.
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11 Sep
Julian Assange is a white nationalist.

Pass that shit on.
He complains about identity politics.

He whines about the decline in the health and longevity of white men.

He formed an alliance with white nationalist groups in Australia, one of which stated their goal as abolishing multiculturalism.

And he’s white leftists’ god king.
Why do white leftists like playing footsies with white supremacists? Occam’s Razor: Because they too are white supremacists.

It’s wild to be yelling about FREE ASSANGE while you’re talking down to Black voters and accusing them of supporting EVIL because they’re voting for Biden
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3 Sep
She may have lied to the American people every day but boy howdy did she attend meetings sometimes
I don’t even understand how you write something like that with a straight face.
She was a mouthpiece for creeping fascism but sometimes she said some stuff
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31 Aug
I'm reading an article by Ida B. Wells. She throws the most delicious shade when explaining the basis for slavery:
"The younger sons of the British were miserable failures as pioneers. They would not do the work necessary to wrest a livelihood from the bowels of the earth and they could not make the Indian do it for them."
that's really the rub, isn't.

White folks were so lazy and incompetent, they couldn't figure out how to even stay alive without literally kidnapping people.
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26 Aug
if trump is reelected, he’s likely getting four more SCOTUS appointments.

Breyer and RBG won’t make it 4 more years. Thomas and Alito might bounce to make room for younger more right wing conservatives.

By 2025, 6 of the 9 justices could be trump appointees.

Marinate on that.
We literally cannot let this happen.

We just can’t.

Those 6 justices will make sure that NOOOOOOOTHING progressive gets done. No healthcare. No Green New Deal. But religious people will sure as hell be able to discriminate against pretty much whomever because religious freedom.
I’m literally begging people to just think about what is happening right now and what the consequences are going to be for fucking around.
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