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14 Sep, 13 tweets, 5 min read
I mean to make a response thread to this a month ago, but sloth and work (mainly sloth) prevented me from doing so. But I’m finally getting around to it.

Thread: why the gig economy actually sucks
One: it’s extremely atomizing. The spoils go to the ones who make the app in the first place, the ones who actually work get virtually nothing. If you oppose mass immigration/outsourcing because it lowers native workers’ wages, you must oppose the gig economy on the same grounds.
Two: it’s even more dehumanizing than serfdom or slavery. At least there, one can have a good relationship with one’s master. In the gig economy, all the negatives of serfdom are present but without any human connection whatsoever, making trust levels in society plummet.
It’s an even colder form of relationship that one will never hope to gain more pay or status in due to competition. It’s why lib elites imagine low skill immigrants as being their domestic servants.
Three: there’s no ability to negotiate for better conditions or pay. Even if you’re not employed by the gig economy, you’ll still suffer as you can’t compete with so much cheap labor. The worst part is that these businesses actively flout labor regulations, forcing their clients
to work massive overtime without minimum wage or overtime. While this may seem good at first for those who can’t be traditionally employed, most of these workers earn virtually nothing as they make long commutes and rely on starting bonuses from the company which quickly dry up.
The businesses that are regulated, interestingly enough, like the horse carriage industry in New York or the cab industry fifty years ago, had liveable wages for their employees. The gig economy replaces traditional stable jobs and forces everyone into a rat race for the worse.
And if you think the gig economy is good because there’s no “forced corporate diversity training” for employees, oh booooy let me tell you you don’t know HOW wrong you are.

Case in point: uber.com/newsroom/being…
The same people who start the companies that do the gig economy are the same people creating these diversity and racism seminars in traditional companies. It’s even worse too, since you can’t team up with others to stop it. You just have to sit there and take it.
As for the gig economy rewarding merit instead of “social capital”, consider the fact that those permanently hired at the companies like Uber who control the gig economy ARE the ones with social capital, while the rest of the proles are forced to fight for scrap with “merit”.
It’s a modern day labor aristocracy. For more reading about how you can’t escape the fact that those with “social capital” will get rewarded more than those with “merit”, even in a “pure free market”. I’d recommend Nitzler and Bichler’s Capital as Power

The book itself is probably the greatest BTFO of liberal (classical and modern) and Marxist economics. Probably one of the required reactionary textbooks on economics, if such as thing were to be made
Also if you have time and want to see a critique of the gig economy (or its 1800s equivalent) and the solution as the polar opposite of the gig economy (literal slavery), read George Fitzhugh

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