It's gonna be weird when the Republicans are a Latino Catholic Integralist Party & the Democrats are a Black Protestant Evangelical Party.
In the future white america will be divided on its allegiance to Latinos & Blacks.
The Anglo-American elite is very dead & right now we're living though the struggle over what elite will replace it. Anyone thinking a return to the Anglo-elite is remotely possible is delusional imo. The demographic ship has long since sailed.
Jews are part of the Anglo-American elite btw-- sorry if this offends anyone but it's not exactly a secret. Antisemitism is sort of a faulty proxy for anti-anglo-elite sentiment-- which is why the Catholic-Latino faction & the Black Hebrew Israelites/Evangelicals are antisemitic.
There's this mythology in the Castizo Futurist crowd about how Jews are part of the Ellis Island wave-- which isn't exactly entirely true considering that Jews have been in America for a very long time, largely represented in the same internal Anglo-Elite splits, on both sides
The way I see it, the Republicans will be considered the party of White Supremacy *because* it will be the party of White-Latino alliance against the Black-White-Asian Democrats, which will represent a larger diversity of ethnicities, which isn't defined by proximity to Whiteness
"Latino" is already being "deconstructed" by this future coalition as a problematic identity (like "White") for being essentially a term for "Off White"-- or "Almost White"-- & containing within it the Spanish casta system of blood purity. Latino reaction to BLM exposes this.
Already seeing this on a Pan-American scale where American Republicans are now more interested in Latin America (& vice versa) while the American Democrats are more interested in Asia+Africa. I could see the USA annexing Mexico-- while the Democrats would rather we annex Canada.
The people who called for a Wall in 2016 are going to be the ones who call for annexing Mexico into the USA in 2040 or something-- the way I see it.
American Republicans are gonna be like: "We have to save our Latino brothers from Socialism!"

• • •

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25 Sep
Read books-- honestly-- it's the only cure for memetic psyops-- people these days post quotes from books they haven't read & infographics of books they haven't read & prop up books they haven't read as "proof" for things they don't even understand. Just read the books man.
There's no simple "wrap up" to explain the world-- it's an extremely complex confluence of the entirety of history & some cheap heuristical meme isn't going to give you a nuanced understanding of reality-- it will only orient you toward engaging in certain actions-- that's the pt
The whole point of psyops-- all these memes ppo replicate over & over-- is the THOUGHT TERMINATING CLICHE-- the goal is to keep you instrumentalized within a specific paradigm to orient your actions to the ends implied by the paradigm itself.
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24 Sep
The Nazis, the Soviets, the Anglo-American Elite-- were just three technocracies manned by technocratic elites cultivated in secret societies whose geopolitical interests were at odds & they happened to choose different aesthetics to present themselves as. That's it.
You could move from operating a communist cell to organizing fascist putsches to british imperial propaganda easily-- it's the same set of meta-skills speaking different languages & deploying different symbols. There is no reason to "choose sides" when they're all the same shit.
The radical "shifts in ideology" that make Stalin an ally to Hitler, then an enemy, then an ally of America as Uncle Joe, then worse than Hitler-- only reflect the changing geopolitical incentives of the technocratic elite at the time.
Read 9 tweets
24 Sep
The reason why so many secret societies end up collaborating is not because they're all "controlled" top down-- it's because they're all from the financial class & their "esoteric doctrines" are all the same ideological mystification covering for their rapacious interests.
They have their disagreements & internal strifes the same way Goldman Sachs, Bridgewater, & Morgan Stanley have "internal disagreements" but come together to support their collective interests when it comes to lobbying for specific policies.
You don't need to posit the "Conspiracy Theory Model" of a pyramid operating from the shadows-- it's really much more banal than that-- "it's just business"-- "always has been"-- none of them are on "your side" unless you have as much money as they do.
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24 Sep
Cops on the Street & Cops on the Tweets

I don't see any difference personally.
"Discourse Policing" serves the same purpose as police-- & might be worse because, as Jesus said, Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead, fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.
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24 Sep
Stop doing whatever you think is important & read the collected works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, George Chapman, Philip Sidney, John Donne, Ben Jonson, John Milton, William Wordsworth, William Blake, Lord Byron, Keats, Shelley... you're welcome.
No one is keeping culture from you-- English Literature is ubiquitously available in collected form-- for free-- compiled in comprehensive folios, in library editions being sold for pennies, some for free (paying shipping only), & no one is stopping you from this.
If you do this-- if you read everything written by all of these poets-- you will be better educated than any PhD in English Literature. Not a single one has read all of these things. No one reads all of this anymore. It's too powerful-- it's more consciousness altering than DMT.
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24 Sep
There are white supremacists but theyre a minority & the majority of the “far right activists” code themselves as “Christian Identitarians” & draw from Templar imagery & Latin American style clerical fascism not Teutonic Aryan Esotericism
"Marxist-Leninist-Maoism isnt a problem because whatever violence is going on doesnt correspond with the particular anachronistic image of a maoist redguards or the KGB i have in mind"

You’re getting dunked on because it’s the same sort of wide brush that the “right” uses
It’s best to be hyper-specific in these cases because conflating Christian Identitarians with White Supremacists is a hermeutic that leads to silliness the way conflating radlibs with maoists does. They operate on different presuppositions & have totally different goals.
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