@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews @HouseIntel @DHSgov I hope these new revelations aren’t a surprise to ANYONE. The deliberate efforts by Adam Schiff and these rogue House Committee “leaders”, who having been running partisan witch hunts into the Trump administration for the last 4 years, to hide the underlying “evidence”
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews @HouseIntel @DHSgov to support the predication of those investigations is because they are based on LIES and DECEIT! They run the same playbook through the media by placing fairytale stories [“BOMBSHELLS”] using “anonymous sources” or “according to those familiar with the matter”
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews @HouseIntel @DHSgov The second the underlying evidence is throughly investigated, 99% of these accusations crumble under the weight of the lies they were built upon. How about what the Democrats and media did to Brett Kavanuagh? The unjust, immoral and downright evil accusations that were thrown at
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews @HouseIntel @DHSgov him are moments that I will never forget. They were willing I fundamentally destroy this poor man’s life because they were worried about the power of the Supreme Court tilting towards judges who believe in interpreting the Constitution as written. Once Dr. Ford’s story was
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews @HouseIntel @DHSgov put into public view, it was thoroughly debunked by any thinking person. Let’s not forget this is also EXACTLY what they are doing to @GenFlynn - Where is the original FBI 302 interview note describing their ambush meeting with him in January, 2017? Why were they listening in
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews @HouseIntel @DHSgov @GenFlynn on his calls in the first place? The cover-up is always far more likely to get you caught than the crime and these third-rate crooks have been SLOPPY! It’s long-past time for Justice to be served. 🇺🇸

• • •

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20 Sep
@CBS_Herridge 1. Might as well tee-up another tweet in your drafts for when the always worthless [and spineless] @MittRomney releases a statement that he will ALSO oppose the nomination and confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice. You know it’s coming. Fortunately, we don’t need any of them
@CBS_Herridge @MittRomney 2. to confirm a new Justice thanks to [Democrat] Senator Harry Reid’s short-sighted 2013 decision to implement the nuclear option to confirm circuit judges. Mittens, Collins [who was great on Kavanugh] & Murkowski can all sit-on the sidelines and ruin their political careers for
@CBS_Herridge @MittRomney 3. for all I care. As far as I’m concerned, I’m glad these leopards have finally [and openly] chosen to show their spots over the past few years. This also goes for any other “Republican” who may make the [foolish] decision to join them. @realDonaldTrump and the Senate will move
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19 Sep
@CBS_Herridge @SenSusanCollins @CBSNews 1. It is the height of irresponsibility for Susan Collins to abdicate her constitutional duty to move forward with the confirmation process if/when @realDonaldTrump puts forward a nominee. In an election in which the Democrats are 100% planning to challenge the validity of the
@CBS_Herridge @SenSusanCollins @CBSNews @realDonaldTrump 2. results, Susan Collins would be making a decision that could have disastrous consequences by sending the nation into a full-blown constitutional crisis w/ a potentially gridlocked Supreme Court [4-4]. Due to how polarized our politics have become it is of the utmost importance
@CBS_Herridge @SenSusanCollins @CBSNews @realDonaldTrump 3. for Senator Collins to reconsider her position on this issue. In 2016, then President Obama was a lame-duck, with a Republican controlled Senate without the necessary votes to have a nominee confirmed. In contrast, @realDonaldTrump is in the first-term of his Presidency and
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19 Sep
@CBS_Herridge @alanhe 1. 70.8 days might be the average, but there is historic precedent for moving much faster with the nomination and confirmation process for the Supreme Court. When RBG was nominated by Bill Clinton, the length of her confirmation process was 42 days. There are 45 days until Nov. 3 Image
@CBS_Herridge @alanhe 2. There have also been many other Justices who have been confirmed even faster than the 42 days that it took to confirm RBG. For example, Sandra Day O’Connor was confirmed in 33 days and John Paul Stevens was confirmed in 19 days. With the Democrats all but GUARANTEED to Image
@CBS_Herridge @alanhe 3. to challenge the results of the 2020 election, @realDonaldTrump and the Senate Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, have no choice but to move forward with a swift nomination + confirmation of a replacement on the court. Refusing to do so could lead to a constitutional crisis
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19 Sep
@CBS_Herridge RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is in a much better place after YEARS of fighting multiple cancer diagnoses.

I always felt that she would step down or pass away just before the 2020 election. I pray that our country handles the process of replacement with fairness, grace & respect.
@CBS_Herridge However, after watching the absolute travesty of justice, honor, decency and immorality from the media, Democratic Party and their allies in Hollywood, I have a feeling that they will being scorched earth between now and whenever the confirmation process begins for a replacement.
@CBS_Herridge Senator Harry’s Reid’s introduction of the “Nuclear Option” means that the Republican Senate can legally move forward with the nomination and confirmation of a SC Justice with a simple 50-vote majority. Ironically, Mitch McConnell and the Republicans warned Senator Reid that this
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17 Sep
@CBS_Herridge THIS is how you counter the dishonest media & politicians [with FACTS + PRECEDENT] who doing everything in their power to discredit the Trump administration, by attacking Bill Barr and the DOJ, because they are terrified of their crimes being uncovered & who these investigations
@CBS_Herridge might lead to. Democrat leaders from the local level [DA’s, mayors] all the way up to the Speakership [Pelosi] and Senate Minority Leader [Schumer] have DENIED and covered up the existence of widespread riots and unrest in the city streets, because they believe its politically
@CBS_Herridge popular and will benefit them at the polls. Only when the Democrats saw the polls flip MASSIVELY for Trump after months of endless unrest, are they just NOW attempting to condemn the arson, looting, vandalism, violence & murder that they’ve denied for over 100 straight days. I
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17 Sep
@CBS_Herridge This is fantastic news. What resulted from Portland DA’s and mayors abdicating their responsibility as public officials to uphold the Constitution and protect their citizens was a travesty in every sense of the word. Portland has been plagued by riots, vandalism, violence and
@CBS_Herridge now what appears to be a coordinated public execution of a Trump supporter by an avowed member of Antifa. Not only has Antifa and unrest been allowed to fester in Portland over the past few years, but the precious 100+ days have become ever more violent, including attacking
@CBS_Herridge [or threatening] the mayor himself, @tedwheeler who is now FLEEING from his home due to these anarchists and rioters wreaking havoc at his apartment complex. The conscious decision of the local District Attorney to quickly release all of the criminals who the police gave arrested
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