I have hardly any audience on here but I don't care, I'm going to start posting my art.
First up, the Kākāpō, a flightless fat boi that is critically endangered due to predators and also low fertility rates. In June, there was a recorded measly 210 left.
I don't know how to twitter, do I make a whole new tweet or do I reply to my own post? I'll try this way.
Here is a Hoiho, also known as a yellow-eyed penguin. Their te reo name translates to 'noise shouter' due to the noises they make during breeding season.
Undoubtedly one of the most iconic birbs of Aotearoa, the Kererū lets you know they're there by the big flap-flap noises as they haul themselves through the bush. They help spread native tree seeds via their poop. Their numbers are stable, for now...
The Weka, one of my favourites and definitely one of the cheekiest. Looking like a mini dinosaur, they have powerful beaks to forage and also to steal your camping food. Apparently, they poop their body weight EVERY SINGLE DAY.
The Pīwakawaka or Fantail is often thought to represent the presence of death. They actually don't live very long themselves, the oldest recorded being 3 years old. They are still thankfully rather common, due to the fact they breed 2-5 times a year.
So I have also drawn a couple of non-birds. Here is a Longfin Eel, known as Tuna in te reo. Their numbers are declining due to loss of wetlands and they are getting smaller, back in the day they weighed up to 40kg, but now are only around 10kg. They can live up to 100 years!
For those interested I do have a prints store, I can ship anywhere in NZ tracked or internationally untracked.
The Kea is an endangered alpine parrot found in the South Island. They are very well known for causing damage to vehicles, buildings and property. They are apparently as smart as a 4-year old child and have been known to use tools!
Kākā live in heavily forested areas and have extremely strong beaks for foraging. They are close relatives to the Kea and are known for being extremely chatty. Habitat loss due to deforestation has had a massive impact on population and the Chatham Islands Kākā is extinct.
The Kororā or Little Blue Penguin is the world's smallest penguin, they weigh around 1kg! Dogs are their greatest threat and coastal development is contributing to their declining numbers. Their colouring makes them hard to spot in the water by predators and they are nocturnal.
Another non-birb, Hector's Dolphin is one of the smallest species of dolphin in the world and are easily distinguishable by their rounded dorsal fin and short snout. They live in small herds and have been known to blow bubbles to show aggression.
Not to be confused for a fat Pūkeko, the Takahē live in native grassland and were thought to be extinct at the end of the 1800's but thankfully were rediscovered. Today thanks to efforts of the Takahē Recovery Programme there are around 400.
My favourite of this series is the Tūī and are easily identified by their white tuft on their throats and their beautiful melodies. They have a sweet tooth and feed on nectar and insects. Predator control has resulted in increased numbers and so are not a threatened species, yay!
There are five species of Kiwi that call Aotearoa New Zealand home. They have the tiniest wings that are essentially useless however they make up for that with their excellent sense of smell. They can live for up to 50 years, but only 5% hatched in the wild make it to adulthood.
The Blue Duck, or Whio in te reo is a very special birb. We might see it all the time our our $10 dollar note, but there are less than 3,000 left. They live exclusively on fast flowing rivers, have excellent diving skills and help keep the aquatic insect population under control.
Well, that's all I have for now. You all have no idea how it feels to have so much support on here! I've always been an artist but have always found it difficult to post my work. I have had many suggestions for other birds/animals which I will happily do drawings of.
Again, here is my shop for prints: chooice.co.nz/store/kareena-…
And keep your eye out for more art coming soon!
Thanks to many of you I've learnt that 210 Kākāpō is actually a great number thanks to conservation efforts! Measly wasn't the best choice of word so I apologise, long live the Kākāpō❤️

• • •

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