President Trump said that two of America’s allies called him and expressed concerns about the declassification of documents related to Spygate.

I think it’s most likely those two nations are Australia and Israel.



Here’s why:

Peter Strzok, in his book, writes that while he would love to discuss his August 2016 London interviews, he can’t because those 302s have not been released.

We also lack the transcript of the FBI’s initial interview of George Papadopoulos (his interview was recorded, not the norm for the FBI)

I suspect that both the Downer/Thompson 302s and the PapaD transcript confirm that the meeting between PapaD and Thompson was initiated by Christrian Cantor, an Israeli embassy official.

While we don’t have PapaD’s transcript, in his book PapaD writes that it was Cantor who reached out to him about meeting Thompson.

It was on May 6th that PapaD allegedly told Thompson that the “Trump Campaign had received indications from the Russian government that it could assist the Campaign through the anonymous release of the information that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton.”

PapaD met with Downer on May 10th.

I believe that Downer told Strzok what he told a television interviewer: PapaD started ‘blabbering’ about the Russians having “dirt,” unprompted.

Additionally, I suspect Downer claimed the Australians did not initially reach out to PapaD to meet; it was Christian Cantor who reached out to them to set up a meeting.

If you believe the “Push/Pull” theory (Mifsud pushed information about the Russians having “dirt” on HRC into PapaD and Downer pulled it out), then you would have to believe the Israelis are involved as well.

Because PapaD repeatedly writes in his book that Cantor set up the meeting between him and Thompson.

PapaD claims a “high-profile reporter based in Washington” told him that Thompson and Cantor were intelligence officers.

According to PapaD, Cantor was one of the people “vetting” him.

On twitter, PapaD has also stated that Cantor introduced him to Thompson, and even seems to suggest Cantor was there for the May 6th meeting.

Some of his tweets come off as vaguely threatening.

PapaD has gone so far as to implore President Trump to ask Israeli PM Netanyahu about Cantor.

He claims that Downer said the Israelis told him to spy on PapaD.

I have never found where Downer has stated such a thing.

Also, we have Maria Bartiromo’s timeline which states that Downer said the Israelis sent PapaD? Did PapaD tell her staff that? 🤷‍♂️

I’m not sure what Cantor’s role was in Spygate, but I’m confident his name is in the Downer/Thompson 302s and the PapaD transcript.

Did Strozk interview Cantor as well? If not, why not?

There could be conflicting claims between officials of two of American’s closest allies and both their versions could be different than PapaD’s.

Then there is the problem of Strzok as the author of the 302s. Can we trust him? How accurate was his interpretation of what Downer said in his interview?


It’s a mess. I don’t expect a declassification on the documents in questions. It’s not worth the potential embarrassment for the parties involved.

I have seen it suggested that declass could be held up because of Durham’s investigation. I'll be pleasantly surprised if that's the case. Otherwise, I'm not anticipating seeing Downer's 302 anytime soon.


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