I am watching/listening to @HillaryClinton introduced by #AmyPoehler on a virtual fundraiser with @KamalaHarris - Madame Secretary says 100,000 of us grassroots folks are here for it. She just said the Woodward tapes are stunning. Yep. “I’m here to support both Joe and Kamala!”
Hillary wants everyone to vote. Go to IWillVote.com - ask your friends and family how they plan to vote. Identify your local polling place if you are planning to vote early. Ask for your ballots EARLY if you are voting by mail! Let’s step it up and get it done!
Kamala Harris is thanking all of us who are here. “Breaking barriers involves breaking things, it is painful but it is worth it.” She gave an extraordinary appreciative shout out to Hillary. And she said all of us are showing what democracy is. “We will fight for our country!”
First question is what advice would Hillary give Kamala going into the VP debate in 3 weeks. Since she did 38 debates she says Pence will try to subtlety undercut Kamala, trying to put her in the box of an inexperienced female candidate. She has to be firm rebutting him!
Second question from Amy for all on screen- how do we keep our sense of humor and is it important to have one? Maya says going through a pandemic with children is amazing because they are resilient and “we are trying to laugh throughout.” Amy says humor can unite us.
Hillary: “Amy makes such a good point about being able to laugh at yourself. You gotta find those moments during the day to laugh at yourself. It struck me that Donald Trump has no sense of humor. Part of the meanness that we see from him is because he has no sense of humor.”
Kamala says laughing is also about kindness. “Find a way to be kind to yourself. (She would tell that to anyone who is suffering) and laughing at yourself is a kindness. She says the pandemic has caused people to be extra aware of what is happening in our country.
Kamala gets the q - how to make sure people do turn out. “This is the most important election of our lifetime. Let’s talk about healthcare. Your vote matters it can determine the outcome of ACA which Trump has Barr in SCOTUS trying to take away healthcare for 20 million people.”
Kamala is asking Amy and Maya how they work up the characterizations of Kamala and Hillary. “How do you do me?” Maya says she has no amazing technique. But working at SNL required her to work up impersonation. “It starts by trying to get someone’s voice if you can.”
Lightening round: what is the one activity did you pick up during the pandemic? Maya: I made sour dough. Hillary: catching up on 40 yrs of sleep deprivation. Kamala: I taught my husband how to cook!
What do you do to stay entertained? Kamala: watching all the Marvel movies. Maya: exercising 5 days a week. Amy: watching “Normal People” on Hulu and having bee kids learn sign language. Hillary: I’m trying to up the exercise. Because when you are home all day, you have no excuse
Why is this election so important? Hillary: For the future of my grandchildren. For equity, fairness, justice instead of what is being elevated now: meanness, cruelty, and disrespect. Kamala: for the babies. These moments are about duty.
Amy: it’s about Mother Nature and all moms. What is the plan to vote: Hillary: going to vote early at my local place, wearing a mask. Maya: I requested my ballot, in by Oct 20. Amy: shout out to all the postal carriers.
Kamala concludes: on day 51 we don’t want to have any questions or doubts that we did everything we could. We want to tell our children and grandchildren that we got the vote our early. Maya’s wrap up: best zoom call of my life! I second that emotion!

• • •

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20 Sep
.@JoeBiden is speaking now in Philadelphia to those Senate Republicans who know what the right thing to do is about appointing a Supreme Court justice. Biden says Trump is trying to strip away healthcare with the ACA case before SCOTUS. People are choosing their future right now. Image
“If I win the election, I should be the one who names a replacement for Justice Ginsburg!” “Healthcare in our country hangs in the balance” in a pandemic where 6 million people who have #coronavirus will all have pre-existing conditions.
Biden is asking a few Republicans to follow their conscience (he still believes a few Republican senators have a conscience?) “Let the people speak.” “We can’t continue to live with scrambled norms.” Biden says the final wish of Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be honored by the Senate
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Wtf? Has Stephen Miller aka #SatansSnotRag ordered immigrant women held at the border to undergo sterilization? While denying all other medical care like flu shots and #covid testing. Are we Nazi Germany?
The women were taken at the border but “operated” on in Georgia. The whistleblower is a nurse. “The nurse, Dawn Wooten, was employed at the Irwin County Detention Center (ICDC) in Georgia, which is operated by LaSalle Corrections, a private prison company”.
The reality that these women have had their bodies permanently altered at the direction of our government is so appalling I can barely breathe writing this. It is criminal. Period.
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China is against Trump. Russia is for Trump. Other countries are messing with us big time. abcn.ws/2F3Uyuj
Iran is in it, too. “We assess that Iran seeks to undermine U.S. democratic institutions, President Trump, and to divide the country in advance of the 2020 elections," Evanina wrote. "Iran’s efforts along these lines probably will focus on on-line influence...”
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23 Jul
The day Trump was inaugurated he started running for re-election. He has run through caging children, a pile of scandals where he personally pocketed profits by using his position as grifter-in-chief. He has run through 20,000 documented lies. He has run through Mueller’s Report.
He has run through impeachment. His only interest is improving his brand, monetizing the office. He will do anything to keep power, protected by an entire party of enablers. Now he is running on the corpses of 145 thousand Americans who didn’t have to die from #covid.
He is running on fueling anger and hate- it is who he is on the inside, expressed on the outside. He is running being willing to sacrifice our kids in schools on the altar of his ego, on his fear of consequences when he is voted out. He is running, encouraging foreign meddling.
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“Operation Legend” will be noted in history as the embodiment of fascism in America under Trump. politico.com/news/2020/07/2…
“DOJ plans to announce this week that the operation, which involves agents from the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration, will expand into more cities, a DOJ official told POLITICO. “We are seeing success in our Kansas City operation”
“The president’s threat is wrong on many levels,” said Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, warning that any such move would represent “a politicization of federal resources” that would impede the work of local governments and exacerbate tensions further.”
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What is Chad Wolf doing in Portland? What political theater is Trump trumping up here? “Gov. Kate Brown accused..Trump of deploying federal officers to Portland to crack down on protesters as a way to boost his flailing reelection prospects” wweek.com/news/2020/07/1…
“I told..Wolf that the federal government should remove all federal officers from our streets," Brown said. "His response showed me he is on a mission to provoke confrontation for political purposes. He is putting both Oregonians & local law enforcement officers in harm's way.”
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